JANUARY 1994 ……………………… FRANCE

An intriguing incident can be found in the files of GEIPAN (the official UFO department of the French government) that took place in Fleury Sur Andelle. At just before midnight on 4th January 1994, a local resident was watching television at home.

He could, however, see clearly out of his window and noticed a strange “orange light” seemingly heading towards his property in a “to and fro” motion. This description of how the craft moved, incidentally, is a detail that shows up in many other UFO encounters.

As he moved to the window to see the object fully, he noticed it was a cone-shaped craft that appeared to be “turning on its own axis” as it approached. He would notice that several different colors appeared to emanate from the object.

Then, it suddenly shot off back into the distance before returning once more to right outside his property. It was around this time that the witness began to feel a sense of fear run through him, as well as the feeling that whoever, or whatever, was inside the craft, they were watching him. This made his retreat a little way back into the darkness of his room.

After several minutes, the witness would hear movement outside his property, as well as noticing several flashes. Even more bizarre, at the same time, he noticed a strange “contraction” feeling in his legs and back.

The next thing he knew, the craft was gone. He was, however, extremely disturbed by the incident. Perhaps even more chilling is the previous evening in Ecouis, an almost identical object was witnessed. And what’s more, it behaved in the exact same manner, approaching a house from a distance before hovering outside for some time.

The Humanoid Encounter In Tronville en Barrios, 4th January 1994

On the same evening in Tronville en Barrios, an entire family, who were just about to go to bed for the night, would witness a “bright light” hovering over the road which cut through the two fields which ran along each side of it.

As the four witnesses continued to watch, they noticed the lights decreasing in brightness. So much so that they could soon see a “bowl-shaped” object with a “transparent dome”. A little more unnerving, though, were the three “human-shaped” figures they could see inside the dome. They each had on a shiny uniform, and at least one of them appeared to have a head much too large for its body.

The family would alert their neighbors, who would also watch events unfold with fascination. Even more so when a door at the side of the strange object opened and one of the humanoid figures stepped out momentarily. He would appear to be examining the ground, which he did with a torch-like device for several moments.

He would then return inside the object which subsequently took off into the night sky. Following this close encounter, several other residents of the area would report a glowing red object overhead.

Bizarre Luminous Objects Sighted Over Nouzonville, 9th January 1994

According to another GEIPAN report, at around 7:30 pm on 9th January 1994, only five days after the cone-shaped incident, in the Nouzonville region of France, two witnesses – a young woman and her friend – would witness and report a “luminous rectangular” object in the skies overhead.

So enthralled with the bizarre object were the witnesses they would stop their vehicle in order to view it clearer. They could see that white and red lights appeared to surround the edge of the craft but it would suddenly become lost in the clouds.

They would quickly get back in their car and continue on the road, all the while looking for the strange object to appear once more. When it did, the pair once more brought the car to a stop and stepped outside in order to watch.

However, this time, instead of a glowing rectangular object, she could see an oval-shaped craft, once more with an outer edge of red and white lights. Whether this is the same object or a second craft is uncertain. There are, though, many cases on record of objects changing shape, sometimes right in front of the witness’s eyes.

The pair would watch the craft until it too disappeared. They would further notice how silent it was. They would report the incident. However, no explanation was ever provided to the pair and the incident remain unresolved. NOTE: The above image is CGI.





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