I was walking my son on Ring Drive with one of my dogs. My son has a thing for aircraft and pointed out these two objects in the distance. At first glance I realized that these were not fixed wing aircraft.  The two objects were following each other too closely and in tandem with each other. So, I whipped out my camera and was able to video both objects, unfortunately I only have a few seconds of far less than ideal video because the objects started performing odd maneuvers and zipped off before I could get to a different vantage point.  Of what I could see prior to video taping and during the taping was two flattened disc like objects that were very bright and they would move vertically up and down quickly, but with syncronisity to one another. Once I tried to stop video taping in order to gain a better perspective but both objects moved at an upward angle with a very fast rate of climb, interestingly enough neither object tilted during the high rate of climb. I guess my feelings are that we are not alone in this universe.  I’ve been living in Groton CT for a few years and yes we live near an airport but in no way, shape or form was this a conventional aircraft. We see dozens of planes that fly by our house and this looked nothing like any of them. I believe this is a UFO hotspot and have been taking notice for quite some time now; recently, Ive been packing my video camera along for my walks with my son because of all the activity that I noticed. I think that some of the supporting factors for the high activity are related to the fact that the Groton Nuclear Sub Base, General Dynamics and National Gurad installation at the airport.  I’m sure it can be said that historically Groton CT isn’t a UFO “Hot Spot”.  I can’t argue with the facts however it is my personal belief that at this present time, it could be, and maybe someone will read this and start observing the skies whenever they are in this town. On a side note, it would seem that these objects have some sort of curiosity regarding us and after a bit of research I found that technology and nuclear weapons seem to invoke a curiosity or affinity on behalf of these UFOs or dare I say extraterrestrial beings.  Thank you for reading my experience. NOTE: The above image is a rendering.

KENS NOTE: I was involved in a MUFON Star Team investigation a couple years ago in New London.  Groton is right across the river from New London and this area is home of the Coast Guard Academy, Nuclear submarine pens, General Dynamics Corporation and a nuclear plant located a short distance away.  Perfect area for Alien craft to visit.

Thanks to MUFON CMS system.