One night in the early morning hours in 1991, I was woken up by a bright blinding light shining through the window of our bedroom window. I also heard a loud humming sound. It startled me. I had woke up and looked up at the window. My husband didn’t budge at all. I looked back to the room and saw four short grayish figures with big dark eyes standing by our bed. One was standing by me, looking at me. I could see that they were all about 3-4 feet tall. Light grey, big head, small mouth/nose, skinny neck, body was not proportioned with their head size, body was smaller in size, big dark oval eyes, long skinny arms, long skinny fingers.  They made a weird voice type noise, like a soft robotic sound. I could see two more at the foot of bed and one to the side of my husband.  I saw the one by my husband, touching my husbands shoulder. I was frightened and was watching them . I didn’t know what to do . I could not move or scream, like I was paralyzed or something. It felt like my arms, my head and legs were being held down. All I could do was move my eyes to see what they were doing. I tried to holler at my husband but I could not say anything at all. The one that was looking at me was moving its head side to side looking at me like he was observing me or something. I seen its hand come up toward me. Right after that I don’t remember anything else that happened.  Time had lapsed into daytime, hours later. I started remembering what had happened that next night. Bits and pieces but the next day and following a few days later.  Me and my husband noticed that we had gooey jelly type ooze that kept coming out of both of our belly buttons. When we showered  we both had said something about the goo to each other. I told him that I had the same stuff coming from mine to. We did not know what it was.  We felt tired the next day and the days followng that. I didn’t put two to two together until days later after what had happened. It is like I remember what happened the time of seeing them and everything else was blocked. After days going by I kept getting sick off and on, feeling drained. At one time I had to be taken to hospital but they did not know what was wrong with me. I had headaches, dizziness and nauseousness. It was like I couldn’t breathe or something. To this day we don’t know what happened to us both. We have since moved from the area.  It happened again a year later. I am still puzzled about it all but I know what I saw and it was not a dream either.  I am a light sleeper and it was no dream. I was woken up by the bright lights and then seeing those things were terrifying. It was the most frightening thing that happened to me. I was awake and then I saw them.  Then all else was blocked from me. They were there and then gone in a flash. Thats all I know.  I still want to know what happened to us and what the ooze was in our belly button area. We still would like to know what took place with us that night. I still think about it today. I could sketch it but I will not at this time. NOTE: The above image is a rendering.