On January 25th, 2021, I hit the road from Newburgh , NY to Fishkill, NY to pick up my wife. She gets out of work at 11:45 PM. I picked her up and we got back on the road. I was driving the vehicle and she was sitting next to me. We have a Kia SUV. I was driving on the right lane about 50 miles per hour speed. This highway is known as Interstate 84 west. Two lanes going east and two lanes going west. Around 11:55 pm, an object suddenly passed from the right front corner of our vehicle to the left front corner with a tremendous speed. The object looked like tube-shaped, and fluorescent in color. It passed with a tremendous speed and left behind a flutter. It looked like this flutter was the replaced atmosphere that was visible through our headlights. We passed through this flutter. Next, my wife said what was that? She said was that a deer? I said I have never seen a tube-shaped, fluorescent white deer that travels with the speed of light. She said it could be a bird. I repeated myself and said it was not an animal, plant, or human. My wife and I communicated perfectly up until that point. Next, I looked at my left mirror and what I saw shocked me. There was an object about the size of a dumpster truck, gold in color, disc shaped with a huge majestic platform in the middle was flying at the left rear corner of our vehicle. The object positioned itself over the left lane and was travelling (flying) in the same direction with us. I said ” I see it. There is an object behind us. Oh my God! What is this? This cannot be a bird. It is too big and not flapping wings. ” Later my wife said she never heard me saying this. I clearly remember making this statement out loud. The object got closer and it was almost parallel to the rear seats. So , I said ” It is getting so close !” I said this last statement out loud in panic and shock. My wife later said that I have never said that. Apparently , my wife and I were disconnected for some reason. In those seconds, I have the following thoughts in my mind : ” I have been put into this situation against my will. Now, I have to deal with it, and manage the situation professionally. I should be a good boy and do not do anything wrong. ” Next, my thoughts were to pull over to the side of the road and stop. However, my instincts then said not to because the object might stop in front of us and we might end up evacuating our vehicle, and what if they did the same ? At this moment, I felt everything like very slow motion.

I really could not tell if our tires were on the road and if I was really driving our vehicle. I wonder if time was really ticking at that point. All I saw from the left mirror was the surface of the object. Therefore, the object totally blocked my left mirror view. The surface of the object was gold in color and it looked porous. After these agonizing moments, the object began to distance itself from our vehicle. The object had done this very very aesthetically. While the distance between us and the object was increasing gradually, the object was increasing its altitude gradually as well. Finally, there was a rightward curve on the road and I checked where the object was from my left mirror. In this final moment, it was over the medium at the left of the left lane. It looked like it stopped there in midair. This was the last time I saw the object. I said ” the object disappeared” out loud. My wife later said that she did not hear it either. We travelled a little bit and I said to my wife ” call police”. She was able to communicate with me at this point . She later said that after the conversation about deer, it was the only statement I made. Of course, this was not true. Because I made numerous statements after I spotted the object behind us till it disappeared. Anyway, my wife said why are we calling the police. She said let it go. I said we cannot let it go. Because there was so many other vehicles on the road and someone might get hurt or worse. I said we do our share to inform police. Since my wife forgot her phone at home that day (which is very unusual), she tried to use my phone. Next, she said she cannot call because there are no icons on my cell phone, not even a single one. I asked her if she could text message someone but she said no way. I said forget it. There were only a couple of miles until we got home. Finally, we got home and I parked our vehicle. After I stopped the engine, I asked my wife if she may try to call the police again.

This time all the icons were there, She called Orange County police department. They transferred her to Dutchess , and Dutchess transferred her to NY State police. Finally we informed NY state police about what happened that night. After that I did not want to get out of our vehicle of my fear that what if something was beneath the vehicle.. After I said this comment to my wife, she said don’t worry. There cannot be anything under the vehicle. Next, she opened the door and stepped out. It was my turn to open the door slowly and step out gently. Next day, we were contacted by someone in Washington DC. This man introduced himself, his phone number, and address. He wanted us to write this incident separately including any drawings and mail it to them. The object was able to go in one direction and then the opposite. It was easily changing its altitude and speed. The object managed to come to a full stop in midair over the medium at the left of the left lane. I did not have a chance to see the bottom of it. I did not see any lights either. Apparently, my wife and I were disconnected within the time frame between the conversation about the deer (we both remember) and the conversation about calling the law enforcement (again we both remember). However, anything said between these two time frames were somehow not heard. The disconnection between me and my wife coincides with the time frame the object positioned itself to our left till the object disappeared. One last observation: I did drive there today. I recorded where we got chased. I noticed that the object chased us in some very interesting part of the highway. This part of the highway towards east is covered by long and high hills from both sides. It is like a corridor with walls at both sides. Therefore, east and west bound vehicles cannot see each other in this part of the highway. We did not see any vehicles ahead of us in this strip that night. Likewise, I did not see any vehicles behind us in the strip either. Apparently, we were the only vehicle passing through this part of the highway. An excellent place to hunt. The object disappeared almost where the strip ends. Afterwards, we travelled a couple of minutes where east and west bound vehicles were able to see each other. At this point a semi-truck passed us. NOTE: The above image is CGI.









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