I am 31 years old. I live in Sebring. I believe I have seen the same UFO twice in my life, it’s hard to say if it was the exact same one. Once, I saw it in the evening, flying towards the west as the sun was coming down, it was a V shaped craft, silver/gray, no distinct features, just a simple aircraft in the shape of a V, the point of the V seemed to be the front of the craft. Once again, I believe I saw the same UFO, this time, ten years later, but at night, flying extremely low, a V shaped craft flew over my apartment complex, while me and some neighbors were sitting outside, I saw one light coming up over the woods, it looked like an orange streetlight but it was moving towards us, just above the tree line, as I was watching it, wondering what I was seeing, two more lights appeared behind it, then two more, and two more, until we were looking at a V shaped craft with lights underneath. As soon as me and another neighbor jumped up to get a better view, it immediately changed direction and disappeared as it flew away, we chased it down the woods, past a couple of buildings in our apartment complex, trying to get into a clear spot of trees so that we could see it clearly, but it was gone. I am certain that it was the same type of craft both times, if not the same one. The first sighting was in 2010, over Avon Park, FL. flying in a direction away from the private airport, low enough for me to make it out clearly, but high enough for people to basically ignore it (I, however, have always been interested in stars and space exploration and am ALWAYS watching the skies). For years, I tried to research what I saw, and came to the conclusion that I must have seen a top-secret military craft. There is an Air Force Bombing Range in Avon Park and we do hear them practicing out there, and see them flying over the whole county, all the time… The second time, however, was in Sebring FL and I do have a witness to that encounter. Me and my neighbor were stunned and chased it to get a better view, which was impossible. We continued to joke that we saw a UFO, but he looked scared at what he saw, whereas I had already encountered something similar and did my own research and thought I was seeing something of man-made origin. However, it made a 90 degree turn and flew away faster than anything I had ever seen. It sounded like a gust of wind, several neighbors heard it, saw lights, but didn’t see it clear enough to form their own opinions of what it might be. Both of us know how man-made aircraft fly, what’s considered normal and what is impossible. Can a man-made craft turn at a perfect 90 degree angle, perfectly evade detection as soon as we set chase, and accelerate to top speeds in the blink of an eye? Both times flying “under the radar”. I’m willing to accept whatever it is, whether it was of alien origin, or man-made military. I just need to know what it was that I saw. NOTE: The above image is CGI.





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