I saw this ball of light below my window level moving up towards my apartment window at a speed slower than an average bird. I know it sounds odd but I chose not to look directly at it. I remember thinking it was some kind of visual illusion (like when u stare at the sun or a bright light too long and kind of see a weird relic in your vision afterwards) and thought if I focused my eyes it would disappear–and it was kind of cool! I do think I paused whatever I was watching–it has been many years and I didn’t accept this experience as a reality until fairly recently–so some details just aren’t vivid. Anyway–the ball of light proceeded to slowly fly up and through my window to the point where it was now inside my apartment and maybe 6 feet or so from me, to my right. And at this point, I have looked directly at it and realized it is not an illusion of the light, that I can focus on it. I remember honestly feeling very scared, horrified even.

I remember questioning if it was something like what you see when you’re about to die (think ‘go towards the light!’) and just feeling extremely overwhelmed trying to process this thing inside my living space. The loft had very high ceilings with pillars between the large windows. It’s a converted Santa Fe railroad building that was 100 years old or so. Anyway this orb of light slowly hovers sort of into the corner between the pillar and the window, moving upwards, then proceeds to move forwards towards me on the bed. I am not IN bed remember–I was just sitting atop it. The lights weren’t even out in my apartment. I’m thinking all the thoughts I already mentioned–is this death? It was just hovering above me towards the end of my large king sized bed. I remember feeling absolutely terrified but standing up slowly to face it. I felt like it was my destiny or something. Just transfixed. So I am now standing on the king sized bed, kind of wide-legged like in a nervous fighting stance almost, reaching up towards this hovering light ball. I remember exactly the way it felt as my hand reached closer to it.

It wasn’t repelling me physically, but it was making me feel weakened the closer I got to it, like woozy/light headed. I can say now it is hard to know if I was just feeling my body’s fear response or something physical from the light orb itself–but I continued to reach towards it, touched it and lost consciousness. I came to atop my bed, just as if I had collapsed from where I had been standing to face the orb (in other words not in a seated position or anything as if I had just fallen asleep and dreamed the whole thing up while seated). I DO recall it was around 9:50pm or so by this time. I don’t know if losing consciousness applies to “lost time” (something I have recently learned about) but some time did pass before I regained consciousness. I believe I was in shock and denial and immediately wrote this event off to being a dream or hallucination in spite of never having hallucinated in my life and never having dreams that I can recall so vividly. More like the memory of a trauma. So that’s my story.

And this event popped in to my head over the years and I always wondered “what was wrong with me that I saw that?”. I never told anybody because I was afraid I was hallucinating and didn’t want anyone to know and think I was crazy. But a month or so ago for some reason, I was sitting up one night and the event popped into my head and I googled it for the first time and was shocked to find other people reporting such similar instances of similarly sized orbs of light that show some kind of intelligence or consciousness often written off as “ball lightning”, when I found a you tube video of someone saying he saw one fly through a glass window in Thailand of his hotel room the size of a volleyball. I got a chill. How could me and this person and many others in comments have “hallucinated” or “dreamed” something so similar? Then I found a woman in a clip saying she touched a light orb and fainted. These instances shocked me because I realized I’d been in denial and that this even really did take place. I believe when we truly see something unexplainable the mind does what it can to rationalize it even if its to tell you you’re crazy. Because that’s a more understandable and acceptable truth than whatever the light entity is. And when I reflect now, many changes in my life occurred soon after this even including a period of poor health that has lead to some physical struggles I deal with on a daily basis still. It feels wild to accept that this event happened but I also wonder what could have happened to me while I was unconscious with a strange entity in my home or just from coming into physical contact with it. Now that I’ve accepted this happened, I am anxious to learn more, and provide information to anyone that can help or that it might help.

KENS NOTE: The above photo is real but from another case file.









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