I was at hopes nose walking around, and I had just walked from the grassy area down towards the small cliff that over looks the sea. I took a photograph of Thatcher rock, and then took some photographs of the surrounding area looking out towards the sea. I turned around and started to make my way back up to the grassy area, where I saw a smartly dressed man in a black suit coming down the hill towards me. The man stopped right in front of me, and said, “Have you seen anything strange around here”. I replied’, “Not really”. He smirked and then said, “Well-good afternoon to you then sir”, as he tipped his hat, and then walked right by me. I watched as he turned and went around the corner on to the muddy trail that led right to the steps that went up directly to the road. There was something really off with this guy, so I walked back down and looked around the corner where I watched him for a moment. I then took some sneaky photographs of him, as he walked away along the trail.

I turned around and then began walking back up the grassy area towards the road, where the car was parked. Once at the road I Immediately got into the car, and then drove a bit further on up the road where I should have seen the man walking up the steps, but strangely there was no sign of him. I stopped and got out of the car, and then looked down the path, and there was no sign of the smartly dressed man in  black, which was very odd. I looked down over the edge of the cliff where I could see the water crashing down upon the rocks. I then looked back along the trail, before I walked back up to the car, where I got in, and sat for a while browsing through all of the photographs on my Nikon P900 camera’s LCD screen. I was looking at my photographs of thatcher rock when I remembered that I had taken a couple of photographs of the man in the black suit on the trail. I flicked through the photographs until I could see the trail, and strangely to my surprise the man was nowhere to be seen in any of the photographs. I thought to myself “That’s awfully strange how was he not captured within these  images”.

I had clearly taken photographs of him, which was rather perplexing. I sat there for a while looking out from the car window before I then decided to walk along the trail to try and see if I could spot him once again, so I got out of the car, and then walked down along the trail, but the man was nowhere to be seen, which freaked me out, as I knew that I had definitely spoken to someone. I was now left scratching my head wondering how it was possible that he had not been captured within my photographs. It was very strange, and I really couldn’t explain it. A bit later on when I was on my way home I was passing along by the funeral directory where I once again saw the mysterious man in black. He was standing right outside of the funeral directory, and as I passed right by him in the car he tipped his hat and smiled. I looked away for a brief moment, and when I look back the man was gone. He had just vanished into thin air as there was clearly nowhere he could of gone. I was completely gobsmacked by this. I couldn’t stop and pull over in the car because of all the heavy traffic. It was very unusual as there was no way he could have travelled that distance in such a short period of time, and ended up outside the funeral directory especially on foot without a car. I really could not understand what was going on. When I finally arrived back home at Newton Abbot. I looked through all the photographs once again, but strangely the man was still absent from any of the photographs which really didn’t make any sense at all, as I had definitely photographed him walking along the trail. Who was this mysterious man in black that I encountered this particular day? It was very strange, and I’m at a real loss to explain this incident which took place in 2021, at Hope’s Nose Torquay Devon England. All the best John. NOTE: The above image is CGI.

KENS NOTE: John Mooner is the Chief Investigator for and has submitted countless case files and alien craft photos from his area in Newton Abbot Devon England. John is a true professional and has some incredible sightings and close encounter experience. See Johns web site here >> John Mooner Ufologist

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