In the fall of 2000 I became privy to intriguing information about an Air Force veteran who was stationed at Adair Station (Corvallis, OR) in the early 1960s.  I obtained contact information for the veteran through my communication with other UFO investigators.  Through email I initiated contact with the veteran.  I later communicated with the veteran through regular mail.  The veteran said that he was asked to photograph President John Kennedy meeting with what he now knows was an alien at a secret airbase in September of 1963.  The veteran was an Air Force photographer and was flown to the secret airbase in a light aircraft.  He was accompanied by two plain clothes men in black suits. Click here to read veteran’s Air Force record obtained from the Military Records Center (PDF).

Little is known about the veteran who allegedly snapped the pictures of the President shaking hands with the alien.  I did verify a few more details from the veteran about the Kennedy ET meeting through two e-mail messages and four letters. The veteran has asked to remain anonymous and has requested that I no longer contact him.  I have verified that the veteran was stationed at Adair Station in 1963 and that he was a still photographer.  I also verified all of the details of the veteran’s military career.   

The veteran related that the alleged alien was “a head taller”, than the President, wore a gray jump suit, had large black eyes, and long thin arms.  Based on the veteran’s description I estimate that the alleged alien was about 7 feet tall.  The veteran said that the airfield had a small ground crew and a tower.  The veteran said that he saw a saucer type aircraft with a ladder protruding to the ground. The mysterious letters A-TIPACIL  were on the saucer.  The veteran said that he now knows that this insignia designates a flying saucer type craft.  How he knows this is still unknown. (Recent information obtained from a Navy veteran suggests that the letters may mean “Atomic Testing in Pacific Islands.”)

He observed no other aircraft at the field.  The alleged meeting of the President with the alien lasted about 30 minutes after which the veteran was flown back to Adair Station.  He developed the pictures, and the two men took all of the pictures and left.  One of the men told the veteran that this could never be told to the public.  The veteran speculated that President Kennedy wanted to tell the public and this was the reason that he was assassinated about two months later.  The veteran was told that he would be “eliminated” if he ever revealed this experience.  He says that he is very ill now and it is time to reveal this secret. 

I attempted to estimate where the secret base was located where the President met with the alien.  According to the veteran they drove 45 minutes to an airfield and then flew about 2.5 to 3 hours each way in a twin engine aircraft.  He did not know the direction of travel.  Based on this distance, I estimate that the base could have been located up to 600 air miles from Corvallis, Oregon.  Area 51 (Groom Lake, NV), Edwards Air Force Base (Southern California), and Norton Air Force Base (San Bernardino, CA) are close to 600 air miles from Corvallis.  Several witnesses (unrelated to this case) over the years have come forth with information that flying saucer type craft have been seen at these bases.  Recently a Navy veteran stated that the Kennedys owned (still own) property at Mt Madonna, California. He said that a small airport with a tower is (and was located in 1963) at Mt Madonna. Could this be the airfield mentioned by the veteran? (See map for location of Air Force bases and Mt Madonna, California.)

An investigation was made in an attempt to determine where President Kennedy was in the time period of when the veteran claimed that the “meeting” took place.  Through the Kennedy Library I was able to determine the President’s travels in the September-October, 1963 timeframe (when the veteran recalled that the event took place).  The veteran could not remember the exact date, but estimated the date from the middle of September to the middle of October, 1963.  Through the help of the Kennedy Library, I found that the President was “officially” at the following locations in September and October of 1963:

  • Sept. 19-20 —  New York, NY
  • Sept. 20 and 23 — Quonset Point Naval Air Station (Rhode Island)
  • Sept. 24 — Milford, Pennsylvania
  • Sept. 25 — Grand Forks, North Dakota
                      Cheyenne, Wyoming
                      Billings, Montana
  • Sept. 26 — Salt Lake City, Utah
                      Great Falls, Montana
                      Hanford, Washington
  • Sept. 27 — Redding, California
                      Tacoma, Washington
                      Tongue Point, Oregon
  • Sept. 28 — Las Vegas, Nevada
                      Palm Desert California
  • Sept. 29 — Palm Desert, California
  • Oct. 1 – 3 — Met Emperor Haile Selassie I at White House
  • Oct. 19-21 — Dow Air Force Base (Maine). Hyannis Port, MA, and Otis Air Force Base (Massachusetts)
  • Oct. 26 — Westover Air Force Base (Massachusetts.  Also visited Amherst, Massachusetts
  • Oct. 30 — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

President Kennedy had visited several military bases during the September-October, 1963 timeframe and he was at several locations within a 600 mile radius of Adair Station, Oregon.  (This 600 mile radius is important because the veteran who allegedly took the photos said that the flight was 3 hours. This is assuming that the twin engine aircraft described by the veteran had a cruising speed of 200 MPH.)

What evidence do we have that this story is true?  We have no other direct corroborating witnesses who were at the scene.  However, other stories have surfaced that JFK did observe crashed debris from outer space and had meetings with extraterrestrial entities.  An alleged top secret CIA memo obtained by Timothy Cooper through a CIA contact shows that the CIA had the phones of Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Kilgallen tapped.  Dorothy Kilgallen was a well-known newspaper columnist who had written articles about Marilyn Monroe and also on flying saucers.  The conversation mentioned in the memo between Dorothy Kilgallen and Howard Rothberg (friend of Dorothy Kilgallen) was focused on JFK’s visit to a secret airbase to observe crashed debris from outer space.  The CIA memo also mentioned that Marilyn Monroe was privy to other state secrets like JFK’s plan to kill Fidel Castro.  The memo also mentioned of Marilyn’s frequent attempts to contact JFK and Robert Kennedy, that she kept a “diary of secrets”, and that she eventually would “tell all.” 

Marilyn Monroe was found dead a day after the date on this memo (August 3, 1962).  Marilyn had relationships with both JFK and Robert Kennedy who was attorney general at the time of her death.  The relationship had been severed with the President and was in the process of being severed with the attorney general.  This information was acquired from David Wolf’s book “The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe.”  Was Marilyn Monroe murdered because of what she knew?  

This investigation has generated more questions than answers.   Why would government officials travel several hundred miles to fetch a camera man for a top-secret operation? We also don’t know the integrity of the veteran.  (I did not meet him nor speak to anyone that knows him.)  Why would the President propose the joint exploration of outer space with the Soviets when the U.S. had acquired vastly superior alien technology?  Why would President Kennedy ask for information about UFOs from the CIA when he already had viewed alien spacecraft and had met with aliens?  Did the veteran really see a top-secret aircraft rather than an alien spacecraft?    

We also have evidence supporting the fact that President Kennedy had met with aliens and viewed alien spacecraft.  First, the veteran spoke the truth about where he was stationed and what his occupation was at the time of the alleged incident.  I verified the veteran’s credentials through the Military Records Center in St. Louis, MO.  In subsequent communications with the veteran, he repeated his story with minor variations.  This is understandable in view of the fact that the incident occurred 39 years ago.  What do the letters A-TIPACIL-  represent?  Is this the code word for flying saucer type craft?  According to David Wolf’s book another pilot (Bob Neuman) flew for the Schaefer Ambulance Service.  The Schaefer Ambulance Service used to fly the Kennedys and other top government officials for the purpose of clandestine government operations under the pretext of a medical emergency.  Apparently, Mr. Neuman flew President Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe to a ranch in Idaho in 1961.  Could Bob Neuman have been the pilot that flew JFK to the secret airbase?  We may never know.  Attempts to contact Mr. Neuman have failed.  He was last interviewed in 1995.  Top secret CIA documents state that President Kennedy did visit secret airbases for viewing spacecraft from outer space.  Some people who had knowledge of this incident and other state secrets died under mysterious circumstances.  Marilyn Monroe was threatening to “tell all” to the public the Monday following her death.  Marilyn’s death was listed as a “probable suicide” due to an overdose of Nembutal (a barbiturate) yet no residue was found in her upper digestive tract and no drinking glass was found in her bathroom or bedroom.  Dorothy Kilgallen died over three years later under similar circumstances.  Kilgallen died immediately after a trip to Texas where she interviewed Jack Ruby (killer of Lee Harvey Oswald).  She said that she had new evidence about the Kennedy assassination which she was soon going to reveal. In addition, President Kennedy was visiting the Western U.S. during the timeframe when the veteran recalls the incident. This is a significant fact.

In my last communication with the veteran, he said that he received a post card with no return address with a threatening sentence: “Remember your vow to the Air Force.”  The veteran also related that he had actually escaped with one copy of a photo that he developed from the alleged Kennedy-Alien meeting.  He said that he later destroyed this photo, but that his wife had also seen the photo.  When I received this information, I requested that the veteran have his wife make a statement regarding what she saw.  The veteran has not been in touch with me since.  Is the veteran telling the truth?  Is he delusional?  In the absence of corroborating information, we will probably never know the truth.

I do not plan to work on this investigation any further.  I remain open to new information.  Anyone having any knowledge of the above meeting is encouraged to contact me .  The confidentiality of all witnesses will be honored.  I am particularly interested in talking to any veterans who were stationed at Adair Station (Corvallis, Oregon) in the early 1960s.

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