The case was first reported to Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center. Peter and WA MUFON Director of Investigations have now interviewed three witnesses. I contacted Robert A. Fairfax and asked if he had some more details on the elk abduction by a UFO on February 25, 1999. Fairfax writes, “We are currently arranging interviews with more witnesses.” Filer asked, “I’m particularly interested in the description of the craft itself? Fairfax answered, “So am I; this is one of the areas we will try to nail. So many people just have the hardest time describing or drawing what they have seen. There were two flashes described as the craft wobbled. A fluorescent magenta (top) and a white (bottom). These were apparently not lights but seemed to be areas on the surface. These were seen intermittently but again we will need to pin the details down along with many others.” Filer, “What was the direction of flight and the last known direction of travel.” Fairfax answered, “It was first seen in the SE traveling toward the NNW. It departed slowly to the NE, and then made near vertical ascent into cloud cover.” Filer asked, “Was there any insignia on the craft?”

Fairfax responded that none was reported. Filer asks: “Did they notice any kind of a plasma, lighting, or electrical effects around the craft?” Fairfax answered, “Possibly, the two bright color areas. The craft seemed in increase in size as it was capturing the elk. We’re trying to clarify that.” Filer asked, Did the craft tilt as it changed direction? Fairfax stated, “Wobbling was reported that was more pronounced before direction changes, but we need to verify with more witnesses.” Filer asked, “Did they notice a hum or whine sound?” Fairfax indicated, “There was no sound.” I suggested,” The sound would likely occur as the craft attempted to climb with the elk.” Fairfax felt that distance may have to be factored in for low sound level. I suggested that, “The wobbling infers the craft did not have a particularly powerful propulsion system and may not be an interplanetary craft.” Fairfax responds, “Probably, but larger craft have been reported wobbling in a similar manner.

It may have to do with shape/size and function — probably does — but this is surmise.” Filer, “Did you notice the height of the trees or the approximate height and distance from picking up the elk to the top the trees?” Fairfax, “Yes, but no precise calculations have been done. It had plenty of room to maneuver and climb, see illustration on NUFORC site of UFO path.” Filer, “Of course its possible the craft had plenty of power, but that it was flown too close to the trees” Fairfax: “This may have been an “unmanned” (unaliened?) remote that had less smarts.” Filer, “Did they notice any windows?” Fairfax, “There were no windows.” I asked, “Is it possible the craft came from a base some where in the vicinity and have there been other sightings?” Fairfax responded, “Anything is possible, however this is a remote area and so far we have not uncovered further reports of activity in this vicinity.” Filer stated, “Many witnesses describe UFOs entering and leaving mountainous terrain in Northern California. I have read similar reports in the St. Helen’s area.” Fairfax responds, “Yes, we have reports from the general Mt. St. Helen’s area. Remember, a large mountain and surroundings covers quite a bit of territory.

(Due to constraints by the company, we are not to release the exact coordinates and location of the incident.) I would suspect an area north of me — Granite Falls area — as a base site. There are reports of all kinds — from Indian legends to present. No specific activity that would indicate a base in either case.” Filer asks, “I have also noticed a silvery powder, possibly sand or glass like near the bodies of some dead animals. Did you happen to notice any white or silvery powder when you found the elk on the ground?” Fairfax said, “None was seen.” Filer, “Do you know if the elk had its blood drained or heated to a powdery form?” Fairfax responds, “We were not able (because of imposed constraints which I cannot go into) to cut into and examine the insides of the elk. There were no exterior signs of mutilation; no black light fluorescence found on hair samples. The only possible indicator was the fact that the elk had been lying there in the open for 5 days and there was no predation or scavenging. Also, the dog ticks had not left the body nor did they show movement when touched — we presumed they were dead also. We have been told that when an animal dies, the ticks leave the ‘sinking ship.’ Thanks to Bob Fairfax for this e-mail interview and Peter Davenport for the original report. Editors Note: Apparently, the abduction of a thousand pound elk occurred on a large piece of privately owned land. The company wants the exact location, and their name kept confidential.



U-TUBE KEN PFEIFER https://youtu.be/2pP0vw-nlpY