Time: 11 PM The witness had just exited a vehicle he had been riding with friends and was going to walk across a field surrounded by woods to an apartment complex. His reason for not going directly to the apartments what that he did not want someone at the apartments to see him with his friends. As he was crossing the wooded area heading to the field he felt a presence above him. Somehow ‘he knew it was a UFO without looking’. He started running through the woods to escape. That is when he heard a ‘twitching’ noise in the bushes in front of him. He turned and ran in a different direction but no matter which way he turned he would hear the same noises ahead. The noises kept him running in a circle. Then he became paralyzed and could only move in a jerking motion and fell to his knees. At this time ‘God told him not to open his eyes’, he became weightless for a few moments and next he was examined with some device that he called a scanner. As it moved around his head he could hear a buzzing sound similar to a radio being tuned across the band. The device made his hair stand up as it was moved over his head. While lying down (he assumes inside the craft) he hears someone say ‘he is still alive.’ Then he hears someone else say, he needed a transfer and then a string of numbers. For some reason he felt that these numbers were very important and related to future UFO research, that he should be hypnotized to reveal the ‘sequence’. The duration of the incident was about fifteen minutes. He then cried so much that his shirt was soaking wet. When he was returned (to the ground?) he was standing, his arms outstretched, looking up at the sky. The sky had been cloudy before, upon his return the clouds were gone and he could see the stars. He also added that they had scraped his skin in the stomach area he thought that they might have been collecting DNA samples.

KEN PFEIFER WORLD UFO PHOTOS  ………..  Thanks to Phantoms and Monsters



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