It was seemingly just another ordinary day, and my cousin had just come round for a visit. I got two cold Pepsi’s out from the fridge, and I handed him one, and we then went in to the lounge to have a bout of Halo on the original X-box, which we always used to enjoy playing together every time he visited. I placed my Pepsi down on the table right beside me, and while playing Halo something very peculiar happened. The can of Pepsi flew up from the table where it just levitated in the air as if it were being held up by an unseen Unnatural force. My cousin just happened to glance over and see it levitating there, and he shouted out “Holy shit John look at that!” I suddenly turned my head just in time to see the can of Pepsi fall down onto the floor where it annoyingly spilled out onto the carpet. I was rather quite surprised by this as I had firmly placed it on the flat table surface. It was very unusual as we had both been holding clunky old “Duke” X-box controllers at the time, and there was clearly no way either of us could have thrown it up into the air like that. I immediately put down my X-box controller and got up from the sofa and then went straight into the kitchen to get a cloth. I then went back into the lounge, and quickly began to mop up the puddle of Pepsi while talking to my cousin. I asked him if he had seen what had happened. He told me that he had just glanced over and seen the can of Pepsi hanging in the air as if it were being held up by an invisible string.

It was very strange, and we were very perplexed, and really could not understand how it could have happened. Later on that day when my cousin had left I walked into the kitchen, grabbed a glass and went over to the fridge where I poured myself out a fresh chocolate milk-shake. I then took it upstairs with me, so I could soothingly sip it while I was on my computer browsing the internet. I sat down at my computer, and slowly took a sip of this excellent thick chocolate milk-shake, which I then carefully placed down on the desk right beside me. I thought to myself “That’s the best darn chocolate milk-shake that I have ever tasted.” A little while later I was browsing the internet on my computer with my attention solely focused upon the monitor, when I heard a loud bang like something had fallen onto the floor, and I immediately turned to see what it could be, and to my horror I saw that my milk-shake was no longer on the desk. I looked down on the floor only to see two trails of chocolate milk-shake along the carpet with the empty glass right across the other side of the room on the floor upright against the skirting board.

I was at a real loss to understand what I was seeing. How on earth had the glass travelled all the way over there across the room like that. It was very strange the trails of chocolate reminded me of the two flaming trails left behind by the DeLorean car in back to the future, and while examining these chocolate trails I could see that they also went across the other side of the room where I have a white extension plug with many sockets in it. The strangest thing though, was the fact that there were no sign of milk-shake on any of the socket’s or plug. I picked up the extension socket, where I was really shocked to see that the two trails continued on directly underneath it, which was very odd, and I was totally perplexed as to how this could have occurred. It was like an invisible object with evenly spaced wheels had knocked it over and gone across to the other side of the room along with the glass. I was really annoyed by this, as it was such a lovely milk-shake, and it was now sadly wasted on the floor in two thick chocolate lines that ran parallel next to each other across the carpet, which I now had to clean up. It really is strange to experience two events like this happening within one day, and I have since learned that it’s not that uncommon for Ufologist to have poltergeist activity a day after a sighting, which is what I believe was experienced here, what with the can of Pepsi levitating in the air, and the milk-shake flying off the side like that. There is definitely a paranormal connection here, and an unseen unnatural force at work. These incidents happened one day back in 2002, at Newton Abbot Devon England.
All the best John.

KENS NOTE: John Mooner is the Chief Investigator for www.worldufophotos.org and has submitted countless case files and alien craft photos from his area in Newton Abbot Devon England. John is a true professional and has some incredible sightings and close encounter experience. See Johns web site here >> John Mooner Ufologist

John Mooner’s Bizarre Stories – Kindle edition by Mooner, John. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.



"The Black-Eyed Kids" Creepypasta - YouTube

The Unexpected Visitor,
I was on the downstairs computer typing out a report, when all of a sudden there was a loud knock on the front door. I wondered who it could be, as I really wasn’t expecting anyone so late in the afternoon. I got up from my chair, and went over to the front door and cautiously opened it only to see a young woman dressed all in black clothing, wearing dark tinted sunglasses just standing there looking right at me. She didn’t say anything, so I said, “Can I help you?” She said, “Have you got a computer? I replied, “I may have, why do you ask?” She then said, “I really need to come in and use your computer. I replied, “I’m sorry I don’t know you I can’t let you in.” With that she stepped closer to the door, and said, “You don’t understand I really must come in.” I said, “Listen lady I don’t know you, so you ain’t coming in!” She then insistently said, “I need to come in right now”, and she then lowered her shades, revealing her jet black eyes which had no visible signs of pupils. I was completely shocked by this, and she then let out a loud growl like a wild animal, which sounded very unnatural which made me fill very unsettled so much so that it immediately made me slam the door shut and promptly lock it. I could see her silhouette through the frosted glass in the door as she just stood there looking through it.

I shouted, “Go away!” She then put her hand through the letter box and started to claw around like a wild ferocious animal. I shouted out “Be gone!” and with that she pulled her hand out from the letter box, and it slammed shut. I then watched as she put both of her hands up against the frosted glass and then let out a blood-curdling scream. I ran up the stairs to look outside from the hall window, but when I looked out there I could see that she had completely vanished. I really was shocked by this as I had only just seen her silhouette through the frosted glass, and she could not of gone anywhere in that short amount of time. I thought to myself “That’s rather strange.” I then hesitantly went outside shutting the door behind me. I had to see where she had gone. I walked up the path and looked up and down the road, but strangely she was nowhere to be seen, so I turned around to go back in the house, where I was shocked to see her standing on top of the porch. She looked right at me and started to growl like a wild animal once again, so I immediately ran back inside and shut the door and quickly locked it once again. I thought that she must be on some type of narcotics acting like that, but that really did not explain her other-worldly black inky eyes, and her strange ability to seemingly jump up on to the porch like that.

I instantly ran upstairs to observe her from the bathroom window where I peered out from it to see if she was still standing on the porch, but once again she had seemingly vanished, but this time I was definitely not going to go and venture back outside to see where she had gone. Who on earth was this strange unexpected black eyed female visitor, and why had she knocked on my door anyway. It was very strange and I really couldn’t explain it. The next day I told my best friend Simon about this strange encounter, and he said, “Well mate that sounds very odd you know how women can be very depremental.” “It was probably just her time of the month or something!”, he then laughed. While that may of explained her rather odd  behaviour, it really did not explain her other-worldly inky black eyes which had freaked me out so much so at the time. This bizarre encounter took place back sometime in 2019, at Newton Abbot Devon England.



Hi Ken : Take a good look at this photograph, which I took many years ago. I was zoomed in with my Sony HX-300 camera looking at an unidentified flying object, which was just silently hovering high above the town centre in a stationary position. I could see a large window, which I solely focused my attention upon, and to my complete surprise an entity suddenly walked up to the window, and looked out from within. The alien entity seemed to be observing the town directly below, and I was completely gobsmacked by this, as I could clearly see that this creature was not human, although it did seem to be humanoid in nature. The creature looked somewhat snake like in appearance and had a long thin neck which looked very peculiar fixed upon its humanoid body. After taking this incredible photograph, and successfully capturing a close up facial shot of this alien entity, the craft cloaked, and promptly disappeared from view. It seemed as though the alien entities on board the craft somehow knew that I was observing them from far away. I could not believe that I had actually been fortunate enough to get a close up shot of this alien entity. It completely blew my mind, and certainly proves without a doubt that these craft are either extra-terrestrial or extra-dimensional in origin. These craft are not Russian or Chinese, they are clearly piloted by intelligent organic entities that seem to have many forms, as if they have been genetically manufactured rather than birthed in a natural way that we as humans are a custom to. They are clearly not of this earth, but are indeed from somewhere else. These alien craft regularly intrude upon civil and restricted airspace, and fly dangerously close to any aircraft that just happen to be within the vicinity. There have even been mid-air collisions between aircraft and these U.A.P’s. It’s very curious why they get so close, and why these incidents continue to occur around the world. These alien craft have also been known to fly over U.S warships in grouped formations as if they are trying to provoke a response from the U.S naval force. It’s very peculiar, but at the same time very compelling. These craft have also been known to turn off nuclear weapons in the US, and activate nuclear weapons in Russia. They clearly seem to be toying with us testing our resolve, and gauging our response to their presence. These incidents are clearly being carried out by alien entities that are not human. It would appear that some of these entities are friendly while others are completely hostel. Com-part-mentalized sections of the shadow government are well-aware of the alien presence, and are working alongside some of these entities in clandestine operations that are purposely kept hidden away from the general public. These alien entities all seem to have differing agendas, and no one seems to know their true reason for being here on earth. The U.S government has finally come out and publicly admitted that UFOs are real, and with a slip of the tongue they have admitted that these craft are “off world vehicles not made on this earth.” This is absolutely astounding, and should have garnered a lot more attention than it actually did. I am really tired of people in the mainstream media misleading the public with their narrative of falsehoods and lies on the UFO topic. They are clearly obscuring the truth about who is really piloting these craft. There really are alien entities out there, and people clearly need to wake up and demand answers from their government. I hereby call upon the U.S. government to come forward, and admit that we are not alone in this universe, and that we are clearly being engaged by an outside alien force. I of course know that the government will never be forthcoming and admit to the alien presence because they are clearly engaged in a cover up, that has been ongoing ever since the 1940s. Their pathetic cover up and prosaic explanations for alien encounters won’t last forever, as UFOs and aliens are a reality and anyone who tells you otherwise is clearly lying, and has an agenda to hide the truth from you. This incredible genuine photograph of an alien entity was taken at 1:26 AM on the 1st of January 2014, at Newton Abbot Devon England. All the best John.



Mars was once a thriving civilization which was a perfect utopia, before it was sadly destroyed with thermonuclear weapons, two hydrogen bombs in fact. These bombs were dropped by a species of insectoid aliens that are completely hostile towards any other civilization within the universe, and will purposely go out of their way to destroy any other forms of life in order to remain the dominant species within the solar system. The human race actually originate from Mars, which is in fact Earth, and the planet that we all currently reside upon is in fact called Terria. We humans were once a very advanced civilization, and once possessed clean energy and resonant frequency technology, which enabled us to cut and levitate huge stones which weighed thousands of tons, but they could be moved around with relative great ease, allowing us to build huge megalithic stone structures such as the pyramids and other large structures all of which are now just ancient ruins. Remnants of these ancient structures still remain hidden under the ocean waiting to be one day re-discovered by mankind. There once was another planet within our solar system which was occupied by a species of humanoid aliens that were our closest neighbours and allies. They helped us build the pyramids which were in fact power stations that also functioned as interplanetary relays that were connected with their planet, which aloud us to frequently communicate with them. There is only one known pyramid that is still operational and fully functional underneath the Antarctic ice sheet. This last working pyramid is unable to connect with the interplanetary relay as the other pyramids have long since been destroyed and no longer work. Our alien allies were an ancient race, but due to an ancient war with a power full enemy parts of their world were left ravaged and partly decimated. They had managed to successfully repel, and defend their planet against this invading insectoid alien force, but unfortunately they were slowly dying from a genetic defect within their DNA, due to a biological weapon that was used against them, and we were desperately trying to help them over come their genetic adversities, so we combined our technologies which advanced our cultures, and over time it allowed us to prosper together within this part of the milky way galaxy, but unfortunately the hostile insect aliens returned in ever greater numbers and set out to destroy us. We were not expecting an attack, and we were totally caught off guard by them. We had no way of defending ourselves against the vicious onslaught of the insectoid aliens, what with their tremendous weaponry. Our home planet Mars was destroyed using thermonuclear weapons killing all life on the surface area leaving Mars completely decimated. Our allies planet was targeted for total annihilation, and was hit hard with thermonuclear weapons, which were so powerful that it caused their planet to break up into pieces becoming the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter which we see today. Our allies were totally annihilated from the history books. The insect aliens also attacked Terria destroying Atlantis, where our elite council presided at the time. The explosion was so large that it caused the land to split apart into many different land masses, forming many of the continents that we still see today. The sea rose up which in turn caused a catastrophic flood which few would survive, killing million’s of unsuspecting people in the process. The surviving humans that were left behind on the separated continents formed isolated cultures over time and forgot who they truly were generation to generation, forgetting the once great treasured technologies and their true home planet Mars. It was not easy they suffered great cataclysms due to the large explosion. The human race once believed in a universal religion, but due to the isolation on the formed continents they formed their own beliefs and made there own separate interpretation of the one universal religion, and that’s why we see so many forms of religions on the planet today. The truth is far to alarming for some people to except, and that’s why there is a protective layer of truth that has been put in place, and our modern society is founded upon lies. We are not alone in this universe, and the universe and life itself is not exactly what we once thought it was, and people will only learn the truth when they are ready and willing to accept it.



Hi Ken : I was in the local Tesco supermarket picking up a few things when a man approached me. He looked somehow familiar, but I couldn’t place him. He asked me if I knew where the oven chips were located, and I said, “There just over there buddy”, while pointing towards them in the chiller, and with that the man then completely vanished in a blink of an eye. I couldn’t believe it, I had been looking directly at him the whole time, and now he was gone. I stood there for a moment looking around for him, but strangely he was nowhere to be seen. I then looked around the next aisle, but he wasn’t there either. “I thought to myself, “What on earth just happened, where the hell did he go?” I then noticed a group of people that were standing at the opposite end of the aisle, and they were all dressed in matching black suits with black bowler type hats, and they looked as though they were all wearing a select fashion range from the 1940s. They totally looked out of place within the store. They were just standing there intently staring at me like they could see right through me. I thought it was rather rude of them staring at me like that, so I stuck up my middle finger and flipped them off, and with that they turned their heads and looked at each other, before they all then  stormed off together. I thought bloody tourists. I shrugged my shoulders and then walked over to the fish counter to buy some cod as I always had fish for tea on a Thursday evening.

I asked the woman at the fish counter for a fresh piece of cod, and while I was waiting for her to wrap it, a man walked towards me and then stopped a short distance away from where I was standing. I turned and faced him, and he raised up his right arm and touched the middle of his forehead with his fingers like he was trying to psychically connect with me. I thought he was going to ask me to pick a number or something. I just looked at him totally bemused, and with that he just suddenly turned and walked away. The woman behind the fish counter said, “That was strange… do you know him?” I replied, “No I have never seen him before in my life”. She then handed me over the wrapped cod, and I thanked her and then walked straight over towards the checkout to pay. On the way home I had some rather peculiar occurrence’s happen, which I really couldn’t explain. I saw a car approaching on the opposite side of the road, and the man and woman inside it seemed to be in a trance, and they were clapping while looking at me as I stood there on the pavement observing them. The man wasn’t touching the steering wheel at all, but the car perfectly navigated along the road and seemingly turned around the corner.

This was years before self driving cars, and I really couldn’t explain how the car had turned on it’s own. I thought to myself “Why were they clapping at me, and how on earth did their car turn under it’s own steam like that”. I then carried on walking along, when I noticed a large round inflatable paddling pool within the rocky hillside directly beside the road. I wondered how it had gotten there. I thought to myself “It must of blown down from someone’s garden and ended up settled there”. A car then passed by me, and with that there was a freak gust of wind that launched the inflatable paddling pool up in to the air where it flew in to the road and struck the passenger side window of the passing car and bounced off returning back to it’s original position on the rocky hillside. I thought to myself “That’s rather odd”. I then continued walking on up the road trying to understand all these strange events, and as I got further along the road I saw a yellow squash ball rolling along the pavement heading towards me. The ball came rolling right up to me and I stepped over it as it passed. I turned and watched the ball as it went around the corner like it was seemingly being controlled by an unseen intelligence. It really was strange, what on earth was going on this particular day! It really did seem like an unknown trickster intelligence was messing with me causing all these inexplicable events to happen. I really didn’t know what to think about all these strange occurrence’s. It was just another typical strange day for me at Newton Abbot Devon England. All the best John.


Text: Ramon Carbó-Dorca
Emeritus Professor of the UdG
Illustrations: Robert Llimós
Painter and Sculptor

Literature and reports are available on what was once called Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and now it seems that they want to turn the page and forget the past by giving them a new qualifier: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs), are immense. Much of this information comes from the publication open to the public of agencies in many countries, one of the most recent the almost illegible dossier, full of declassified CIA documents, now offered to the public in such a way that it is almost impossible to read them, even worse: to know if among the thousands of amended documents there something appears interesting. Recently, probably as an appetizer of what the Pentagon will give us before the end of June, both the United States Air Force and Navy have released several videos drop by drop, where you can see images of objects filmed by aircraft or radar signals, as have never been provided by this military source. It is well known that the information itself, such as the one provided by specialized private agencies, like the American MUFON, or abstracts published in the form of books, are mostly unbelievable fabrications, especially those associated with the class, which we could call abductions and close encounters. Like the improbable stories of so-called hyper-secret base workers, revealing fantastic cases, or the mind-boggling stories of people living in desert places in New Mexico or Arizona, where it seems that alien visitors have portals to allow to greet the inhabitants of this planet. The phenomenon has been taboo from a scientific point of view. Especially since the so-called Condon report, published in 1969, which after analyzing the most interesting cases so far, concluded that there was no reason to do any further studies a posteriori. It must be said, however, that the Cold War was alive, and it must also be known that the Condon document was funded entirely by the United States Air Force. So, the military could officially disregard the matter forever, or almost, because fifty years have passed without us being told anything really interesting. Burying what was going on everywhere was hard though indeed. True, false, or doubtful cases have been accumulating despite Condon’s conclusion. In such a way that if before the Condon report, intellectuals like Jung were interested in the phenomenon, without reaching any conclusion, even if it was blurred, later, no matter how much people like Vallée made a remarkable effort to describe cases studied in situ by himself, they also failed to go much further. Leaving the scientific aspect of the problem, as always, hazy,

The sociological, psychological, medical, astronomical aspects, … that the one who writes this knows so far, have not been studied in-depth as the UAP phenomenon merits to have been studied. Because, even agreeing that it consists of a collective delusion, forgetting what Jung thought of a world-class contemporary religious substitution, it is nevertheless interesting to note that there are virtually no such scientific studies, or they are very scanty in this respect. To the Pentagon, therefore throughout the Atlantic Alliance, it has appeared that the avalanche of information from all quarters about UFOs was a security threat, provided that in a time of collective hysteria the systems of defense could collapse and cause the area associated with American interests to be at the mercy of potential enemies. But it is also recently evident how the air security system can be easily circumvented by UAP’s, which on the other hand are well observed by cameras and radars. That is to say, the huge sum of dollars spent on sophisticated defense systems to prevent modern warfare is completely useless, at least for the few moments, which we are told so. Leaving aside the discussion of useless military spending, which could be devoted to more interesting purposes such as alleviating world hunger, for example, or being used to eradicate poverty and uncontrolled migration. The report the Pentagon is supposed to make public by mandate of the Congress must tell us something about modern
observations of unidentified elements in the airspace. An attempt will likely be made to eliminate in the military narrative the panic factor, which modern society with all the channels of instantaneous diffusion can develop, if the conclusions indicate to us that we are being visited by objects of which we know nothing, nor even where they come from, except that they are recorded from time to time, behaving unconventionally.
What they cannot deny is that objects or phenomena have been observed many times. They can argue in the report that UAP’s are a consequence of natural elements, of course. Because if we look for other alternative explanations, these can be very varied.

1) They are vehicles from other worlds, they may say, but then the theory of relativity, which seems well proven and used even by mobile phones and location, should be
rethought, or re-formulated in some way. 2) They are vehicles of travelers in time, that is to say: they come to visit us from the future, and they must be our descendants, the result of our evolution. In this case, if this is true, we can be happy, because it may show that we have not done our best and destroyed the planet.

3) They are travelers of the Multiverse, who in one of the copies of the space-time in which we are living, have discovered how to move from one Universe to another and among them to ours. 4) They are holograms, as a friend of mine says, but if so, how can the radar capture them? Who creates them and from what place are they generated? Why do they appear and evolve in front of warplanes and ships? 5) They are objects from here and made by someone, with secret technology, to use them for purposes that are not clear … There may be even more possibilities. It may be the Pentagon’s compulsive document leaves us out of doubt, but I am afraid everything will remain the same as it was. We will stay in the dark, just like we are here, now.




Ufologist John Mooner’s alien encounter.

Hi Ken : I was conversing over email with my friend and colleague Ken Pfeifer, and he was asking me if I could talk to a woman who seemingly thought she had been abducted. Ken had just published one of my reports on his website. I had originally emailed Ken to thank him for publishing it, but while I was in the process of typing a reply email, all of a sudden an alien’s head appeared just off to the left of me, and I saw it within my peripheral vision, and I instantly turned and looked directly at it, and with that it just completely vanished away from view. Even though I only caught a quick glimpse of it, I saw that the head was bulbous shaped in appearance with pale white skin. I tried to tell Ken what was going on, but I had seemingly lost my internet connection. I quickly got up from my chair to have a look and find out what was wrong with the router. I could now see that it had just over heated, so I unplugged it for a moment to let it cool down. I then went outside to have a look around the sky, and see if there were any UFOs present within the area. I looked around, but I couldn’t see anything, so I went back inside. Once inside I plugged the router back in, and then tried the internet once again, and fortunately it worked, so I logged back into my email account, and immediately emailed Ken and told him what was going on, and that I was concerned that I was going to get abducted once again. He instantly emailed me back and said, John, I really don’t know what to say, “I read that by possibly chaining yourself to your bed at night when you go to sleep, it may hinder them from abducting you. It sounds crazy, but put a long chain around your ankle and bolt it directly to the floor. All I can tell you is go to Mufon.com where they have a form that you can fill out, and it’s for experiencers, people who feel they have been abducted. I immediately replied to Ken’s email and said, “I’m not scared Ken, I have no need to put a chain around my ankle, as the aliens know me”. “They have allowed me to take many photographs of their ships flying around purposely showing themselves to me, which I am very grateful for”. “If they meant me any harm then I wouldn’t be here”. “There are friendly intelligent alien entities out there ken, so I fear not”. I then thought about what had occurred, and I set up many different hidden camera’s around the house, and I had my Sony camera with me at the ready just in case anything else occurred.

It was a strange incident, and I had come to the realisation that every time ken published my reports on his website, the aliens seemed to know, and I would get translucent spheres showing up within the house, and I could see them moving around in whatever room I was present in. It really was remarkable, and it proved to me that kens website was being monitored by an unseen alien force. The only real question that remained within my mind was, whether or not they were monitoring the internet from space or a location somewhere here on earth. This really is quite remarkable, and proves that an alien presence clearly has access to all the available information on the web. This incident took place at 1:10 PM on the 12th of January 2022, at Newton Abbot Devon England. All the best John.



I had gone to Torbay hospital to get a bad tooth pulled, as I didn’t have a dentist at the time, and the hospital was the only available place where I could go as an emergency at such short notice. I went there by taxi, and when I finally arrived outside the hospital I paid the taxi driver, and then got out, and went straight in there through the main doors. I walked along a corridor which seemingly led to another corridor. I was like a mouse within a maze, as I walked around looking for the dental area before I then realized that I was lost. I then came upon a door that had a sign with the word “Morgue” written on it, and I jokingly thought to myself “Well it’s definitely not in there!” With that an attractive busty blonde nurse came out through the door, but strangely she didn’t seem to see me standing there, as she just floated on by. I thought “That’s rather strange why didn’t she acknowledge me.” I shrugged my shoulders, and then began to try and find my way back to the main entrance, which I eventually manage to do. As I went out through the main door I saw a paramedic walking towards me, so I politely asked him where the dental area was located, and he told me that it was in a separate building just across the other side of the car park. I thanked him and then made my way across there. I then went straight into the building, and told the woman sitting behind the counter at reception that I had an appointment to have a bad tooth extracted. She looked on her computer screen, and then said, “Oh yes I see your appointment now Mr Mooner.” “Ok just walk through there and take a seat in the waiting room sir”, I said, “Thank you”, and then walked right in there and took a seat. I was twiddling my thumbs waiting patiently, when the female dental assistant then came into the waiting room.

She told me that I would need a dental X-ray to see which tooth was bad, so I followed her into a small room which had a large X-ray machine situated in the middle of it. She then started messing around with the X-ray machine and accidentally knocked part of it off on to the floor. Realizing her mistake she quickly picked it up from the floor, and then placed it back on the machine. I said, “Will that be alright?” She replied and said “I accidentally knocked it off that’s all, it will be fine.” She then handed me a lead lined vest, which she told me was to protect my body from the harmful x-rays, so I put it on. She then instructed me to bite down upon part of the machine and stand completely still while I had the dental x-ray taken. She then left the room, and I had my x-ray. She then came back into the room and took the lead lined vest away from me, and then asked me to wait outside until my x-ray was ready. She told me that it shouldn’t take too long, and she walked off down the corridor and went around the corner away from view. It was unusually cold as I sat there waiting, and I thought to myself “They obviously don’t like to pay their heating bills here at the hospital, because they definitely haven’t got the heating on! After a while of sitting there just staring at the floor, she came back and said, “The dentist is ready to see you now.” She then escorted me to a room where the dentist was sitting looking at my dental x-ray on a computer monitor. He said, “Take a seat”, so I did. He then said, “Looking at your dental x-ray I can see that all your teeth need to be pulled.” This came as quite a shock to me, as I knew this was completely false as I had been routinely looking after my teeth. I turned and looked him directly in the eyes, and said “Are you completely out of your mind?” “You can pull out one and only one, preferably the tooth that is giving me grief.” He replied, “Ok then, I will only pull out one.”

I then followed him into another room which had a dentist chair in the centre of it. I walked over to the chair and sat down. I then noticed a large one tonne polypropylene bulk bag that was completely filled to the brim with teeth. I thought to myself “Damn that’s an awful lot of teeth! I immediately asked the dentist why there was such a large bag of teeth in the corner of the room like that, but strangely he would not answer me. I had the distinct feeling that they had been pulling out people’s healthy teeth unnecessarily for some unknown reason. I then hesitantly had my bad tooth pulled, and I made sure that he only pulled out that one particular bad tooth. I really did wonder why they had such a large bag of teeth over in the corner of the room like that. Why were they collecting so many teeth? Were they trying to extort money from the tooth fairy or something? It was very bizarre and I really couldn’t explain it. I went to the reception where the woman receptionist handed me a small piece of paper confirming that I had successfully had my tooth extracted. I thanked her and then left the building. I then walked back across the car park over to the main hospital complex where I remembered seeing a vending machine. I was going to buy myself a can of drink, so that I could enjoy it later on at home, once the anesthetic had finally fully worn off. I went in through the main entrance, and strangely I noticed that the inside of the hospital seemed somehow different. I could now see that there were in fact two vending machines up against the wall. I then noticed that there were coloured markings on the floor showing exactly where to go, which I definitely knew hadn’t been there before, which was the main reason why I had originally got lost within the hospital. The lighting along the corridor now also seemed to be a lot brighter, which was rather unusual as it had been quite dull inside there before.

There were a lot more people about, which was rather odd as I had only seen that blonde busty nurse by the morgue, as the hospital had more or less been empty on my first visit. I was very confused by this, but nevertheless I got my drink from the vending machine, and then I placed it in my coat pocket to take home and have later. I then walked back outside, and thought to myself “I will go back over to the dental building just out of curiosity to see if there is anything different about it.” I walked back over there, and I was completely flabbergasted as the decor had completely changed, and stuff had clearly been moved around inside there. I was really taken aback by this. Strangely there was a man sitting behind reception instead of the woman. He saw me looking at him and said, “Can I help you sir.” I said, “Where’s the woman who was behind this reception area earlier.” He said, “What woman? I’ve been here all day sir. I walked over to the counter, and told him that I had already been for my appointment at 2:30 PM, and I had successfully had my tooth extracted. He just looked at me bemused. He then said, “What’s your name sir.” I replied, “John Mooner”, and he looked on his computer, and then said, “Oh your the missed appointment.” I replied and said, “Excuse me what?” He said, “You never showed up, so we moved the next patient up in your place”, “You will have to reschedule a new appointment with us sir.” I was completely shocked, and I told him that I hadn’t missed my appointment, and that I had already been here, and already had my tooth successfully extracted. I then said, “I have the paper work to prove it.” I reached into my pocket and pulled out what I thought was the piece of paper that the woman had given me. He looked at me like I was completely mad, and then said, “That’s a leaf sir. I looked down, and he was right it was a bay leaf.

I said, “What on earth is going on here!!!” I then dropped it on the floor, and I ruffled through my pockets desperately searching for the piece of paper that the woman had handed over to me before I had previously left the building. Needless to say I couldn’t find it. The man said, “Are you alright sir? I replied, “I really don’t know.” My mouth was now really numb due to the anesthetic that had been administered to me earlier, and I was starting to slur my speech as I desperately tried to tell him about the large one tonne polypropylene bulk bag that was completely filled to the brim with teeth in the dentists room. He said, “You better leave now sir, your obviously drunk or on some type of narcotics.” I thought what a real nerve he’s got saying that to me! I don’t drink and I would never knowingly take any type of illicit substance. I was really left fuming by this, but I couldn’t talk properly, and argue with him, so I just stumbled out of there, and walked down the road towards the bus stop. I stood there for a while, and eventually caught the bus back home to Newton Abbot, but I was pretty shaken up by this whole ordeal. I safely made it home from the town, and I thought to myself “Where on earth had I actually been all that time while I thought I was at the hospital.” Had I got my tooth pulled out in an alternate parallel universe? It really was strange, and I could not explain it. This event was very profound to me, so much so that I never went to the dentist ever again. This bizarre incident occurred some time back in 2007, at Torbay Devon England. All the best John.