I came home from college around noon. I went inside picked up my sister then remembered I needed something from my car. I put my sister on the car hood got my bag then looked above my house and saw a white glowing egg shaped object flying by. It looked like it was giving off light, I thought to myself that it looked like a white glow stick (at this time there were only green glow sticks so it stuck in my mind). It flew over the house at a slow speed I would guess 30mph in a south to north direction. It was higher than the power lines by about 50ft. I thought “what the heck was that!”, I looked around to see if anyone was outside because it was mid day. There was no one out. Before it got out of site it stopped and returned hovered descended to the height of a power pole above my house. It hovered for probably less than a minute, turned hovered then a helicopter appeared from the south above it. The helicopter felt like it just appeared but after noting it I noticed it was not as loud as I have heard others to be. It was black. The object turned from having the small end toward me pointed west to pointing north again. Then it flew north came back and hovered next to the helicopter. The objects size was the same as the helicopter side by side not including the blades. The sliding door on the helicopter opened and I could see one person inside. while this was happening I started to yell for my father and anyone inside the house to come outside. While looking at this display I thought to myself that whomever came up with the ship in the movie “The Navigator” really got the color wrong but got the shape of the ship almost right, then I thought that the one in the movie changed shape before it took off. As I thought that, the object changed shape becoming more triangular and speed off north. The helicopter began to follow it and two other helicopters where a few seconds behind the original one then 4 others, black also. At this time my older sister finally came outside I told her what I saw. I don’t think she believed me but then a formation of about 8 black helicopters flew over heading in the same direction. My thought about that is where the heck do they keep these helicopters and how could I be the only person who saw this thing. Anaheim is a busy city and I lived very close to Disneyland. I just thought if anyone else saw this thing my siting could support them.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.