I saw a black saucer shaped UFO with spinning flashing red yellow orange and blue lights hovering slowly over our house in the Sky at night. I was 8 or 9 years of age. My step brother saw it too. I saw it slowly hovering over so I went in and got my brother to come and see. We were standing on the steps of our porch. My brother went back in but I was amazed at what I was seeing, for at least 20 minutes I watched that thing come over our trees and hover very slowly then stop and it started flashing the lights then it just kept going over our house. We lived back in a hollow a dead end one way road house. That’s why I couldn’t see it anymore after it passed over the other side of the house and forest behind the house. I know it was not an airplane it was very low hovering slowly and quiet and those flashes of light came from no modern aircraft. I’ve always felt different since then like all I want to to is study the Universe and figure out the secrets of Life. Ive had abduction experiences all the time in my teens like I was paralyzed in my bed but aware of them. Everytime I go back there I have these mind experiences like I’m one with everything like the forest the trees are apart of me. Which is where I’ve been trying to get a peice of land from family it is a family hollow. I was and still am antisocial. It started in my teens. I have pictures taken a few years ago when I was 24 of the sky and if u switch the color to negative U clearly see a Grey or Tall White aliens face. I have more photos. My thoughts are they have been watching over me and I’m not scared I embrace it. They are our God’s and they pick out certain humans at a young age. I think they want us to surpass religion and become our own “Gods”. I’ve always had a problem with my left inner ear I thought about how they could put an Implant inside to track you. Left side side if my brain tingles sometimes. I wish to meet them not afraid at all. We are all Universal Beings. Why would someone keep an eye on Earth? I only had one bad experience. I was 20 years old staying in a motel room. U know how when ur falling to sleep but u end up falling then suddenly wake up with a deep breath? In my dream it was pitch black dark and I was watching a door slowly opening with light shining through in the same room I was sleeping then all of sudden a dark figure darted straight at me then I woke up sat straight up deep breathe and I was stuck looking straight for at least 3 mins. I felt different I looked in the mirror I saw me but It was like I was outside my body for a min then I was ok. I thought about the beings and I said to myself “possession they tried”. I’ve always been more Universal and life over Societal Life, I despise it. I will show u the photos and explain more about my life and these Beings. Maybe after a phone call or something u understand.. BTW there was an old man who had a farm over the hill from us when we were kids we use to Explore the area one day we found a cow that looked just like a cattle mutilation. Surgical and no insides..  NOTE: The above image is CGI.