I believe I had seen a ufo, yesterday, on September 26,2018 @ 5:00 to 6:00 pm. Pasco road approaching Boston road in the South Eastern sky. Sunny, clear blue sky with large white clouds high in the atmosphere. The phenomenon that I witnessed occurred an estimated 100 of feet below the clouds. The phenomenon did not interact with the clouds that we’re well defined in the blue skies. I saw 3 manifestations of this phenomenon, including the sudden emergence, what appeared to be cloaking, a high speed repositioning, a disapation of cloaking like cover,and finally a stationary white cigar shaped object that appeared to be illuminated by sunlight (glow). The emergence of the phenomenon appeared out of no where directly in my front view. I was drawn to the area by a blinding flash, like someone would shine sunlight from a mirror into your eyes. I assumed it was a reflection of an airliner from the suns reflection, I have seen this many times. I looked again to see the airliner as I always do but what I saw appeared to be a very reflective metallic like Mercury object reflecting the sun light off of it but not directly toward my eyes. I was driving in traffic and was mindful of other cars around me, but kept glancing at this unknown. As quick as it appeared it changed, it appeared to look like a fuzzy,dark grey cloud or emmissions, it also appeared beyond this fuzzyness was a more solid object of the same grey color. I then saw this “dark cloud” move quickly to a new location further east hundreds of yards away just below the well defined clouds in the sky. Lastly, I noticed the dark cloud disapating and out of no where to the right of the emmissions appeared a white glowing cigar shaped object. It was no longer reflective like Mercury or a mirror, but solid white and glowing like it was basking in the sunlight. Being in traffic, I had changed direction to West on Boston road and lost sight. I abandoned any attempt of collecting any more information on what I saw and quickly dismissed it by say to myself, “nobody would believe me anyway”, I would like to state, I am not a UFOer, I do believe there are UFOs or intelligent life somewhere out there. I am of sound mind, and was only limited in my ability to observe by the distraction of driving. Thank you for reading. Sincerely  NOTE: The above image is CGI.