JULY 23, 1993  ……………  SALINE ARKANSAS

I was driving back from hot springs. It was close to 10pm. Just outside of Benton AR,  I came around a gradual curve on what was a rural area of the highway (mostly farms and fields. I noticed several cars pulled over on the inside shoulder of the four lane divided highway. As I slowed I noticed the passengers of these vehicles were standing at the concrete barricade next to their cars and were all looking toward the field to the left of the highway. As I pulled up behind them I noticed a very large dome shaped object in the field no more than 100 feet from the highway. I got out of my car about 20 feet behind the last car and realized this was not a building when underneath this arena sized object were four cylindrical stilts coming straight down from the object and on the inside facing surfaces there were these enormous lights that at first were white and then red. Now let me be very specific about these lights….. when they were white they slowly erased from darkness to almost too bright to look at and dimmed at the same rate.   They brightened then when the light dimmed to dark they all turned red and brightened and dimmed at the same rate and then repeated brightening and dimming in alternating white and red patterns. I didn’t time it but the cycling was very slow….about a minute from darkness to full brightness and the same to dim to dark and repeat in the alternate color…. Im unsure exactly how long I stayed and observed this but I remember that just before I left,  I felt it was very creepy that I was one of at least 20 people looking at this incredible event and nobody else was talking or looking around at anyone else. I seemed to be the only one there that had the presence of mind to leave before something regrettable happened to them.   Everyone else was entranced or hypnotized by these lights and they did seem to have a calming effect but I have had an interest in ufos my whole life and I know they do have a reputation for snatching people and this one could easily have snatched all of us and a thousand more as big as it was. Anyway I wasn’t  the last to get there and the first to leave. I have only seen one other ufo since then and it was flying over my neighbors house for about thirty seconds. Pretty cool but nothing will ever compare to this.   Sorry I waited so long to report it.  Maybe somebody else saw more….NOTE: The above image is cgi.