I tried to take a picture of the tripod night long exposure to the mountains . I took about 3 frames in which during exposure , talk to my brother in law who with a less powerful machine , was trying to capture the moon satisfying. After every shot I took of the mountains which I got checked and in one of them I noticed a little light trail which I considered then that is probably a reflex picture star and considering the likely ” shaken ” by mistake I have made ​​at least one picture hoping to catch pictures as clear . I remember talking to my brother about the fact that I still marvel that I got a light stand that the eye does not see out over the mountains but I did not give more attention to things. But remember that moonlight (which is still up from the horizon ) increases so that the stars who routinely see less become quite visible. In a very short time I heard a noise like airplane approaching. Because it sounded pretty cool , compared to how often you hear that passing over the area where I live , I looked up the eyes to locate the source of that sound. Then I noticed that the lights can not be seen normally can see the planes that cross the line at high altitude in different directions home area .

With camera on a tripod at the hand off quickly and tried to get some shots of those lights but because they use a zoom lens but quite inappropriate for poorly lit shots of objects , we had some delay in setting a trap those lights . Photo surprised me more questions arise because putting lights caused by natural hand movement at maximum zoom but lights and giving absolutely no ” move” at the same time . And the lights ” moved ” seem to be as others that are ” motionless ” . I can say by the sound it was at least an aircraft involved in this experience but after the number of white lights and after I heard sunelelor strength and thus inclined to think that it was probably two planes . And do not think that was the line that seemed to be much lower than that , as I said , often overflying the area at great heights in their various routes. But apart from those specific sounds flights can not say yet clear whether anything could be heard as it was in those seconds my attention toward capturing images as fast as possible up to remove. But I certainly remember that I noticed more lights than usual , not all pulsing . The red seemed higher than white , nor pulse and when we first saw it seemed to be a short distance from the white ones ( they were a little ahead of them) when I managed to catch the bright object that had already been vertically above the place where I was so I got a bit of oarecumva behind. When I downloaded the pictures on the computer and I studied and I noticed that the picture of the mountain landscape is not one shaken and surprised me more than the fact that a simplistic picture processing the purposes of an excess of light , we see that present thin clouds over the mountains were illuminated in the light of that release . That trail of light was positioned between the mountains and the clouds quite Josi . More, it could be a star compared to the mountains and could not move apparently so much during the time in which I took part . More on that experience I do not know what to say but I would enjoy it if you give a logical explanation as those with whom I advised failed to explain the picture in satisfactory manner . Attached photos are original ( big ones ) and the lowest are in the higher slots we applied strictly a surplus of light ( uniform across the image) to see more clearly what is there.








I was testing a 500mm lens to photograph the moon in daylight when I noticed an object flying past the moon. It had a red flashing light, so I thought it might be a UAV. I detached my camera (Nikon D800) from the tripod and tried to follow and photograph the object in the sky. It was high in the sky so I could not see well what it looked like and I thought I’d zoom later on the photos to see what it was. Overall, it was flying a straight path, but it sometimes stopped moving and then resumed moving. It’s when I looked at the pictures that I found out it did not look like a drone at all and the shape of the object was strange. It flew roughly from south/southeast to north/northwest. When it was too far away for me to photograph it, I gave up and as I noticed an actual plane in the sky.  The fact that the UFO was flying downwind makes me thing it might be a helium balloon. However, the shape is weird and it does not explain the red light flashing at regular intervals that first got my attention on the object.