A joint-venture with the US military, Pine Gap is arguably the most secretive location in Australia. Furthermore, it is synonymous with UFO activity and has been for decades. The base officially came into existence in 1970, but some researchers believe witness statements suggest it was operational since the end of the Second World War.  Although there are huge domes (radomes) on the surface, the vast majority of the working base is underground. Sitting pretty much in the middle of Australia, south of the MacDonnell Ranges and to the west of Alice Springs, it is a perfect place to get a signal in and keep other signals out.  In truth, the desert lands of mid and south-western Australia have always had its fair share of strange phenomena and bizarre sightings. However, upon Pine Gap’s construction, this activity would increase dramatically. For their part, the Australian government did their best to avoid any talk of the facility. That was until December 1989 when a strange sighting received, albeit limited, coverage in the mainstream news.

The Pine Gap Hunting Trip Sighting
While returning from an all-night hunting trip, at around 4:30 am in the early hours of 22nd December 1989, three men would be witness to a surreal encounter. While roaming through land near to the Pine Gap facility, sudden activity in the grounds of the base would catch their attention.  A camouflaged door suddenly opened before them, revealing lights and movement behind it. From inside this hidden enclosure, a metallic, grey disc emerged. No sound accompanied its movements, and aside from their own breathing, all around them was silent. Suddenly, but still with little sound, the disc shot off at an amazing pace, certainly beyond anything any of the witnesses had ever seen. The door then calmly shut, hiding its presence once more in the process.  The report would arrive with UFO researcher, John Lear, via a university professor. In it, he mentions that “all of the witnesses are reliable though understandably rather reluctant to discuss what they saw!”  He would also state that “this state has more UFOs coming and going than anywhere else in Australia!”  Given the claims from some researchers that “contact” has already happened, might Pine Gap be one of the alleged alien-human bases around the planet? Or might the disc-shaped craft that emerged from the hidden door be the result of military back-engineered technology.  Investigations into the area would soon reveal plenty of similar sightings on record.

A Hive Of UFO Activity
For example, in 1980 while searching for a missing child, two Northern Territory police officers would report a “camouflaged door” suddenly opening. Objects they would later describe as “bathtub-shaped” left from this doorway and calmly made their way over the base. To their amazement, a “black hole” opened in a hillside, and each of the objects vanished into it.  Five years previously, in 1975, a small private passenger plane was flying near the base. As most on board were already aware of Pine Gap, most would witness the “large white object” zoom into the air and vanish out of sight in a flash. Shortly after landing and making a report, officials would visit the pilot and the crew. They were told not to talk about what they saw.  One of the strangest incidents occurred in 1973. A cartographer, working for the Australian government, was parked near to the Pine Gap base. It was late – just after midnight. Out of nowhere, a strange but intense “vertical shaft of blue light” came from the confines of the base.  Giving in to his curiosity he drove his vehicle closer. He was shocked to see a disc-shaped craft hovering around a thousand feet in the air over the base. He raised his binoculars to his eyes. As he did, another blast of cold, blue light, emerged. It was coming from the center of the craft and heading down to the domes of the base. After several moments it went off. Then, a similar laser-like light extended from somewhere on the ground to the disc above. This went on for over thirty minutes before the disc began to spin rapidly. It then shot off into the night sky at great speed.

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Researcher Warren Aston has just released details of an amazing UFO cover-up attempted by U.S military personnel based at the top-secret underground Pine Gap base in Australia.  Details have now been released of how two Australian policemen unwittingly foiled an attempt by two U.S military personal to cover-up UFO activity over the nearby town of Alice Springs.  Many Alice Springs residents reported fast-moving lights flying over the central Australian town on the evening of 26th November 1996. Police were numbered among those making reports of the strangely maneuvering lights.  At least one video of the object was captured by a policeman and is now undergoing analysis in the U.S.  A little over an hour later that same evening, two policemen on patrol (who have requested anonymity) witnessed a number of hot-air balloons slowly bobbing over the town. At the same time a call came in asking them to investigate suspicious activity by a car on an isolated back road in the dessert east of the town. Suspecting a link with the balloons over the town, the two officers sped off and they quickly apprehended a station wagon full of plastic hot air balloons in various stages of construction, including one on the side of the road ready to be sent aloft.  The two men in the vehicle had North American accents and at first refused to answer question, but when threatened with arrest they reluctantly produced ID cards identifying them as personal from the massive super-secret Pine Gap facility located nearby. Under agreement between the Australian and US Governments, personal at this American-run base is virtually immune from legal action. Eventually the men, claiming to be merely a geologist and an engineer, were allowed to drive off into the darkness, leaving behind many unanswered questions.  Why would staff from a secret American base in Australia be involved in setting off hot air balloons outside a nearby town? . Clearly, they were attempting to confuse the UFO sightings made earlier that evening. Where they then going to claim that these reports were only hot air balloons? And if so, as seems likely, WHY?  Pine Gap base, hidden in the remote and geologically stable Australian about back, has long been linked to covert U.S military/ Intelligence activity concerning recovered Alien craft and secretly developed military programs. Among other things, Pine Gap has been linked with white disc’s seen flying from hidden access points on the base, and with the beams of “energy” fired into space which caused a fast moving UFO to reverse it’s course in full view of the shuttle Discovery’s cameras in 1991. This latest development will do nothing to quell the growing suspicion that PINE GAP is crucial, perhaps even central, to these covert efforts.