I decided to join B.U.F.O.R.A. as an Area investigator, London. This position I had taken up afterwards I got to know – very well, as well as B.U.F.O.R.A. research procedures. I then went on investigations with (redacted) the investigation which was discussed was the strange disappearance of two Enfield children, in mid March 1970. A boy and a girl aged between 11 and 12; the girls name (redacted) was the boys name unknown. The two children lived a quarter of a mile north northwest of the King George the fifth reservoir, which is two miles long and half a mile wide. The two children had disappeared in mid-March and later turned up in June of the same year, dead in a clump of trees, a quarter of a mile North northeast of the reservoir, less than 350 yards from a well lit main road. Police with tracker dogs went over the entire area where the two children had lived, disappeared and reappeared. It seems strange that they should disappear for three months, then reappear next to a clump of trees; which had somehow been scorched from above. You may think that this has nothing to do with U.F.O.s, but I shall now relate the uncanny events that surrounded their deaths, and perhaps I shall be able to show you how I think the two incidents relate. Even though there is a six month period between my U.F.O. sighting and the death of these two children, you will see how the evidence matches up. Meaning that when murder as we know it is ruled out, why then did the local press; The Waltham Forest Guardian Independent print the following:

1) They died from burn marks (possibly radiation or microwaves?)
2) They died from over exposure.
3) It went on to say that nobody knew how this could have happened.
4) Their bodies were not found close together, and one of the girls shoes was missing.

Isn’t it strange that the other shoe the girl was wearing was clean? U.F.O.s have been known to attack and kill animals and leave burn marks (possibly radiation) on them. There is little possibility that the sun could have left such burns. And it is equally unlikely that they should just lay down and die from over exposure. U.F.O.s hover above tops of trees and the ground and scorch the natural vegetation and nothing ever grows there again! This is the case of the trees where the children were found. Also, why were the police in the area for several weeks after the children were found, and why did they take away samples of the ground for analysis. In fact they removed part of the bushes from where the children were found.  If you drop two stones from the air they will not land in the same place or spot. As mentioned (their bodies were not found together). I strongly believe that they came into contact with alien beings, the common denominator being the King George the fifth reservoir. I feel that they died under strange duress and they were found at the time of a strong U.F.O. flap (a sighting every two or three weeks) in the immediate and myself interviewed some people in June-July 1972 at Sewardstone Berry, near where her and her boyfriend were found dead off of Sewardstone, which runs between Chingford and Waltham Abbey, Essex. But to no avail they seemed to be very scared when asked questions etc.


In mid-June 1970 when the childrens bodies were first found (redacted) myself were playing a game of chess at at around 1Opm, suddenly there were at least two to three police cars that came hurling along (redacted) the road. At the time my parents were out and we wondered what was happening. The date I can’t remember, but I do remember we piled into my Ford Popular and followed the police cars to Sewardstoneberry; three miles down the road towards Waltham Abbey, Essex. When we arrived there were crowds of people by the fence in Sewardstone Road; a well lit main road. The police were everywhere, the time being 10.45 pm. The headlights from the police cars could be seen 350 yards away at the clump of trees, where they found (redacted) and her boyfriend dead. As mentioned both police and Wickstead and Nipperead Ministry of Defence were there for sometime afterwards, and the parents (redacted) her boyfriend didn’t get there bodies back for three months after they were found dead?  The Public Records Act states that the Ministry Of Defence Official Secrets Act states that any U.F.O. reports (whether Close Encounters or just LITS) from members of the public should be treated by the department as strictly confidential. As U.F.O. records are closed to public scrutiny; until they become available in accordance with The Public Records Act (section 1 and section 2 of The Official Secrets Act). At the end of a thirty year period of time (covering The Official Secrets Act) we will have to in certain cases look at all the points of view very carefully indeed. NOTE: The above image is a rendering.