January 2015 – Abduction I found myself reliving it over and over, at first I was consumed with it and couldn’t get it off my mind, after a day or so I started to be able to let go of it enough that I could function Lol… I was so consumed that all I could do at work for two days was recall what I remember and put it on paper. Speaking of my head, I had a real dull headache all day the day this happened. I woke up at 2am, ( happens often, always 2am). I remember looking at the clock. I felt a presence in my room but was not alarmed at all….more like a feeling of secure. Next thing I knew was walking out back on the porch because I was asked to. There was a figure standing next to me and whoever she was, she felt like I knew her, she did not speak a word, but I understood thoughts coming from her and she made me feel calm. When I looked her way I could feel her smiling at me. She turned my way and then looked up like she was saying, “Look up”. She did this a few times so I looked up …..there were colors and objects in the sky, it felt good to look at them, then a disc what I thought (after going out back the next morning), was about 30 feet in diameter came towards me, no noise….nothing, and I said to her ” Here comes one now” it lowered itself silently into the yard and came to a stop what I thought was approx. 10 feet from the ground, and I felt an……..Energy, attach to my right side, when the energy connected it made my body vibrate, it felt like it was drawing to me like a magnet, there was this force and I remember feeling the draw… and when it attached, it had a hold on me that basically rendered me powerless, it had full control, and the vibrating I talked about was much more than slight, almost felt like electricity but it wasn’t, and it was short lived, zero pain, feeling very calm and secure and floating kind of at a 45 deg angle toward the ship….and this is when time/memory stopped… pain, no terror, actually no emotion that I can remember other than calm. The next thing I remember is floating over my bed for a few seconds then being placed back in it by 4 beings, but could not see who they were or recognize anything about them. I actually could not look at them only see them peripherally in the dark. I was not alarmed…still felt safe, a good feeling. When I touched my bed I remember I was kind of sideways in it, One leg hanging off one side one arm and part of my head hanging off the other, and that bothered me, as soon as I thought this (as though they were reading my thoughts) they immediately re-floated me and straightened me out with the bed so my head was on the pillow, and I felt the covers being placed on me…… I couldn’t move….that’s it. Next thing I realized was the alarm waking me up at 6:30 AM…….All the figures, her, and the short people in my room, they all had the ability to be seen and not seen at the same time… , I’m positive the person out back was a female, don’t ask my how it’s just my feeling. I could not distinguish a face, a form, no hands, no smell…nothing, just a dark grey silhouette about as tall as me. NOW the interesting part…My right hip has itched in the same spot for ever, YEARS, still does periodically. Well it was itching real bad when I woke up, same place as it itched for years and after other…. visits.

I went into the bathroom wondering why I was in a bit of a haze and itching my hip. It itched so bad It made me look at this area in the mirror and I found this on my hip. I had to take a picture of it, I’ve never seen anything like this. I did not hit anything with my hip. Didn’t fall….nothing. You can see a distinct “V” and brusing in the site. It was there for three days and overnight disappeared. This is my most vivid visit, and like the others, have all been good and very comforting, almost like feeling a connection.








I was at home watching TV. Our living room has a huge window that has an impressive view on the sea. From the couch, I can look through the window and see a broad landscape, with no obstacles, just sea and sky. Around 9.30pm, I see an unusual light in the sky, one that looks like a huge star, so I stand up and start to observe. I knew there was the event of Jupiter passing on Venus, but when I checked the time for that specific event it didn’t correspond to what I was seeing. So I decided to take my professional camera to take some pictures so that I would be able to zoom in the image and understand better what was happening, also because the look alike star I first saw, had changed shaped, came closer and descended to a close point to the horizon, above the sea. I start to take some pictures with the camera, sit back on my couch, zoom in the pictures and get absolutely shocked of what I see: – in the first picture, there are two UFO.

One that I didn’t see with my eyes because I was too focused on the light point. It was in a kind of round boomerang shape with some kind of multicolour led lights around it. I shot with a 2 seconds exposure and that object is perfectly sharp, it was static. – the second UFO (the one I saw), that is in all my other pictures, has a very bright light and some kind of green “wing”. I lost sight of it because it simply vanished by becoming smaller and smaller, and appeared again two/three times with about 10 minutes interval. I wrote to my neighbour for her to look outside and see this strange thing and she saw it too. I’m not sure it was the same because it was the 4rd apparition and it was almost an hour from the first apparition and I was feeling very dizzy, confused and drained. I knew I had evidences of what I saw and that was enough to make me feel more calm. I felt like I was seeing something very special and unique, but at the same time I felt scared because I didn’t know what it was and if it could harm me somehow.