Colombia: Three Alleged UFOs Over Plata (Huila)

On March 3, 2017, starting at 3:00 p.m.,

A phenomenon was recorded over Plata (Huila) that left locals looking for answers. Three mysterious UFOs were sighted in the skies over the community. According to eyewitnesses, the objects remained static most of the time and as evening grew closer, they flew toward each other quickly until they vanished.  A witness to the event remarked: “Three unidentified flying vehicles remained static most of the afternoon until dusk, then flew quickly toward each other until they vanished,” according to Lucas Martinez.  UFO sightings over Colombia are on the rise with many more cases reporting everything from small lights to possible structured craft flying over towns, municipalities and even some of the nation’s cities.  Photo shows white object, clearly  from the witnesses.

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APRIL 18, 2017   ………… UNIONTOWN // KENT  OHIO

Hello…. I hope you are having a good night, I am the fianc of a marine who’s MOS is Mechanics for large helicopters and planes. I am familiar with a lot of air crafts because of it. I live in Ohio.  I was traveling from the Kent University campus to my parents house in Uniontown, Ohio. I was taking a lot of back roads and highways that cut through the countryside, it was mostly corn fields and trees with the occasional house. Neither of which was lit.  I had been on the road for about 5-6 minutes after leaving the Kent campus when I saw the ufo. I first passed it off as a plane with its headlights towards me (the ufo was a fair distance away at this point so it looked small enough to be a plane) The only thing that initially made me think its flight path was weird was that it almost seemed to be hugging the tree line from far off, I thought that was low.  I was stopped at a stop light at the time, and I made a choice to ignore it. But when the stop light turned green, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the object shoot across the sky at a speed I’ve never seen before, and it stopped about what I’m guessing gave it about 5 miles of distance between me and it.  That fast movement scared the crap out of me. I immediately gunned it and took off down the road. I would occasionally glance around at the sky to see if it followed me because it scared me, but I thought I lost it for a while. I didn’t see it again till I turned onto the road called Switzer street in Uniontown. It was sitting dead ahead of me all the way at the end of the road. It looked like a very bright light at this point I couldn’t make out the shape of the craft because of it. I just saw the giant ball of light. At this point it was about half the size of a full moon.  I gunned the gas again and made it to my parents house and ran inside. They knew I was coming so the door was unlocked.  I didn’t tell my parents about it initially. I didn’t want them to think I was crazy but when I was leaving the house later, I asked my dad to walk me to the car because I was still unnerved. He agreed to. As we walked it showed up again between the tree line. This time my dad saw it first and told me to look in its direction.

What ((words deleted)) is that my dad asked, as he walked a bit closer to the edge of our property.  I think its probably just a plane.  I responded. I really didn’t want to call it a ufo at that point, I was honestly freaked out and was trying to explain it away.  That’s not a plane, it’s just sitting there not moving. Planes don’t do that.  He said, exasperated.  No sooner did he say that did the air craft slowly start moving so it swung around and stopped above our back yard. Still at the same far distance.  My dad was spooked at that point and told me to go back in the house with him. I refused, I wanted to get back to Akron. I did not want to stay in the country side anymore. He argued with me, but eventually let me go, if I promised to call him as soon as I got back. I agreed and climbed into the car and locked the doors. I watched dad run back inside. When I looked up at the sky again the ufo was gone. It was a clear sky tonight.  That shouldn’t of been possible for it to just disappear like that.  I felt a pit in my stomach I did not like what was going on one bit. I pulled out of the drive way, paranoid, and still watching the sky. I took off and turned on to a road called Cleveland, Heading back towards Akron.  It was a few minutes before I hit my first stop light. It was a red light again.  That’s when the ufo showed up again this time it was close! It was directly above the power lines that were running up the side of the road. It turned out its big light and it was replaced with a bunch of small red and blue ones that traced the length of it. It was very long, almost cigar shaped but thinner. The lights were evenly spaced out. Thanks to the lights I could see the ship was about as big as two commercial planes put together. It had to be at least be 1000 feet in the air still. Which only leads me to believe it If it had landed, it would have been a crap ton bigger.  I gunned a red light to get away from it. I didn’t see it again till I was merging on the highway. At that point it was around 10:40pm ish. I saw the same bright light as I did before, only this time it was at the same distance as it was when I first saw it.  I nervously watched it, it moved out of my sight again, just as I was getting on to I77. I did not see it again.  I called my dad when I got home and explained everything that happened and he gave me your organization’s number and told me to report it.  I was also asked by the man I talked to on the hotline to give the ufo’s point of elevation. I am not sure what that is, but I will ask my fianc when he is off duty. He is stationed in Japan right now, and they are 14 hours ahead of us, so he’s in the middle of his work day. But I will include the point of elevation in an email along with a drawn picture of the ufo. I just need to find a printer to scan it into. I was unable to get a physical picture of the ufo because I was driving for most of this sighting.  I hope this was helpful! Have a Good night!  NOTE: The above image is CGI.



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At 7.30pm on Monday, 12 February 1996, I received a ship-to-shore telephone call from a fishing vessel in the Denmark Straight, off the West Coast of Iceland. The caller told me that a huge triangular craft had appeared and was hovering low in the sky close to his boat. At that precise moment the transmission was cut off. Approximately fifteen minutes later the caller rang again to say that all electronics on the ship had suddenly failed. He told me that he and the rest of the crew had seen the triangular object move away from the boat then suddenly descend into the sea. The moment it had disappeared all electronic power was restored. At 9.00pm on Sunday, 18 February 1996, a further call was received from the boats at sea. On this occasion the caller told me that the whole crew was terrified because three huge black triangular objects, accompanied by three independent red balls of light, had come out of the sea and were hovering silently in the air close to their boats. I asked if the balls of light were connected to the triangles and he said, No they are totally separate and independent. The caller was asked if the triangles were showing on the ships Radar. He replied, No the Radar is not picking them up, the whole crew is standing on the deck watching them. Were the objects close to the boat? Yes, they are hovering near the port bow, we are all scared. Asked if he could hear any sound coming from the objects, he replied, No there’s no sound coming from them. Were there any lights on the triangles? Yes there are small lights on different parts of them. He then said, The whole crew is out on deck watching them. Suddenly the transmission was lost and the phone went dead. A short time later the connection was restored and the voice at the other end said, The objects have now gone, they all descended and went down into the sea. At 3 am. On Monday, 19th February, 1996 a call was received in the middle of the night, from a fishing boat at sea, off the coast of Iceland. The caller said, We have just been watching a gigantic sphere, hovering in the air, not very far from our boats. It slowly moved away from us and then descended and disappeared into the sea. We have no idea what it was. 

An hour later the telephone was ringing again and once again the message was from the fishing boat.  There are now large florescent tubes like objects hovering in the air close to our position; they are a blue color and not making a sound. All these strange things are making the crew very frightened, we don’t like all this. At 10.55pm. On Tuesday, 23rd. April, 1996, a further telephone call was received from a ship which was fishing 200 miles South West of the coast of Iceland. The caller said, You are not going to believe what we have just seen. We were fishing fairly close to a group of American Warships and suddenly there was a blinding flash of light and one of the warships just disappeared in front of our eyes. I know it sounds crazy, but I can assure you it happened a short time ago. Soon after this an American boat came over to us an ordered us and other fishing boats to leave the area immediately. Our Captain didn’t need any telling, he told us to get our boat out of the area as quickly as possible and to return to our base in Iceland. We are now making our way back. The incident has upset us all, particularly the Captain, he has retired to his cabin with a bottle of whisky. On Sunday, 19 January 1997, a large number of UFO-related events occurred off the south coast of Iceland. Reports were received of large numbers of UFOs gathering over the sea. I can assure readers that these reports were coming from ships at sea, witnesses on the ground and from airline pilots.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.



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