After leaving Nice, Air France Flight AF-3532, piloted by Jean-Charles Duboc was on its way to London on the afternoon of 28th January 1994. At just before 1:15 pm, after being in the air for around 20 minutes and at an altitude of just below 12,000 feet, the flight attendant informed the co-pilot, Valerie Chauffour, of something similar to a “weather balloon” a short distance away.

The weather conditions were perfect for flying. And consequently, visibility was equally good. After viewing the strange aerial anomaly for several seconds, the Chauffour would inform Duboc of the strange craft. He too had no trouble seeing the object, and although he would initially log the object as “an airplane turning at a 45-degree tilt”, he and the rest of the crew knew the object was unlike “anything they had seen in their flying careers.”

The object itself was described as having a “variable form” and of “immense” size. Furthermore, it was a “dark red color” with “fuzzy edges”. Duboc would estimate the object was at a distance of a little over 25 miles from the left side of their plane. Later analysis and discussion would lead Duboc and investigators to estimate the craft was approximately 1000 feet across.

The object itself remained in sight for around 60 seconds. However, during this time, the bizarre encounter would take another strange twist. A twist that might prove to be one of the, if not the most important detail of the whole encounter.

A “Merging With The Environment!”

As Duboc and the crew continued to watch the strange object to their left, they noticed how it was seemingly “merging with the environment”. In short, it appeared it was fading away into nothing.

Duboc would further describe the object “becoming translucent, transparent (and) diluted in space”.

This is a detail to shows up in many other UFO reports, although ones most often witnessed at night. Does this suggest that the object was not a solid, nuts-and-bolts craft and was some kind of mirage or hallucination? Or might it have been utilizing some kind of portal or interdimensional technology? One that took it from our realm of existence into another. Might the technology have even been some kind of cloaking device that rendered the craft quite literally, invisible?

Following the craft’s disappearance, Duboc would radio a report of the incident to the Rheims control tower. However, Duboc would have reservations of producing a written report of the incident, such was the “incredible” nature of it. In fact, he would ultimately refuse to write an official report for “fear of ridicule”.

Perhaps unknown to Duboc at that time, was that the radar of the Center of Air Defense (CODA) had tracked an anomalous object for around 50 seconds in the exact same location as the Flight AF-3532 plane. What’s more, records would show that there should have been no other object in the area at the time. We will return to the radar data shortly, as it is within here that another key point resides. One that, while only speculative, might begin to shine a light on this and other cases like it.

A Three-Year Delay In Reporting!

When Duboc read about a sighting in Paris at the same time as he and his fellow crew members witnessed the strange object from their plane, he would make the decision to come forward and speak publicly of the incident.

He would submit a report to the French Police (Gendarmerie Nationale), who had a dedicated department to examine and review such UFO incidents. From there, several leading UFO bodies (such as SEPRA) would pick up on the case. And what’s more, they would appear to take the testimony of Duboc extremely seriously.

There were some intriguing details that surfaced from the encounter and the data available. Perhaps not least the radar tracking data. For example, Duboc would claim the object was a little over 25 miles away from their plane at the time of the sighting. However, radar data showed the distance to be barely a mile.

Is this a technical issue on the part of the radar data? It is unlikely. Nor, however, is it unlikely that Duboc is mistaken. Perhaps, then, we are looking, once more, at some kind of technology that distorts radar. While that is only speculation on our part, it is perhaps something to consider.

One other point to consider is that the object that Duboc witnessed and the object tracked on radar was, in fact, two different crafts. If this is the case, was the object that Duboc and his crew saw merely a distraction? Remember, it “faded” away as opposed to physically moving off. If this was the case, then for what purpose might such a distraction have been created? Indeed, that is where we will turn our attention next.

A Sudden Rabbit Warren Of Possibilities

If there were two objects in the skies that afternoon – one which Duboc could see and one that he couldn’t – then this opens up several avenues of possibilities. Not least why the intelligence behind such an act – wherever that intelligence resides – would carry out such an exercise.

We know, however, that many UFO researchers state that these strange crafts can be visible to one person and invisible to another. And what’s more, it often appears that it is the decision of the mysterious intelligence behind such crafts as to who does and does not see such otherworldly vehicles. This is an interesting observation in itself as many UFO witnesses – particularly those who have had repeat sightings – often speak of something similar to a telepathic-type communication of where to look overhead, and when.

Even investigators would suggest, at least the possibility that both the object and the radar data were the result of fake electronic readings. One aimed specifically at the radar, and one a visual manifestation for Duboc and the crew to see? While such things are perhaps possible to achieve (at least unofficially), who would be behind such an act, and why?

If this was the result of alien intelligence why would they project artificial images and radar readings of themselves? Unless, of course, such incidents are a way of testing our response. Perhaps to see if we might act with hostility or intrigue? Would we be aggressive or welcoming? And, as uncomfortable a question as it might be, depending on our potential extraterrestrial visitors’ agenda, what might our response mean to such an intelligence, if anything, somewhere at an unknown date in the future?

A Need To Consider Even The Outlandish Possibilities?

There is also the possibility, as suggested by Duboc himself and as we highlighted above, that the object he and the witnesses could see was very real, and that the object the radar was tracking was the result of the UFO giving a “fake data” out to the radar in order to disguise its location.

This wouldn’t be that much of a stretch of the imagination, even for our own modern warfare tactics. Indeed, electronic and electromagnetic warfare are growing businesses. Might this, then, even raise the possibility that the object Duboc (and the radar operators) witnessed that afternoon were not alien in nature, but very terrestrial and part of a top-secret military experimental vehicle?

If this was the case – and we would have to truly ask if the world’s governments would indeed endanger hundreds of passengers’ lives in such a way – for what purpose would such a move serve? Is this technology – one that would appear to have been purposely made to look like a “typical alien craft” – being used to set up some twisted and fast-approaching end game?

Are, for example, such seemingly outlandish (to some) notions as a “faked alien invasion” in order to usher in a ruling elite of the entire planet not as outlandish as we might think? It is a concept that even many in the UFO and conspiracy communities find hard to lend credence to. And they could well be correct in their assessment. For the sake of covering all bases, however, and certainly so as not to be caught “off-guard”, it is still a possibility we should retain in our minds.

The Nuclear Connection!

Another detail of interest is that the area below where the incident would unfold in Taverny is home to the “strategic nuclear command center of the French military”. We have noted on several occasions that UFOs – or the intelligence behind them – appear to have a particular interest in nuclear facilities, whether they are power stations, weapons storage areas, or command centers.

While the Flight AF3532 incident remains unexplained, there does appear to have been a very serious effort to investigate the incident on the part of the French authorities. In fact, the visual sighting, multiple witnesses, and the radar confirmation would lead the French government to all but state that “something” was real about many of the UFO sightings that were being reported. Of course, what that something might remain a mystery. NOTE: The above image is CGI.