Waldo, Maine – 1968

This is a recount, to the best of my recollection, of events that occurred from October to December, 1968. I swear that the following is true and actually happened.

All of these sightings occurred at a place locally called “The Tote Road.” This was a wood road near Toad’s End on the east side of the Passagassawaukeag (Passy) River, and it ended on a high point of land.

This provided a view of a long field through which high-tension power lines ran. The lines are in a generally east-west direction.

The Tote Road was a place where young people hung out at night, out-of-the way, and a pleasant location to sit and listen to the radio and watch the stars.

I was one of those young people and spent many pleasant hours up on the Tote Road, often with dates and sometimes, just with my buddies.

Sometime in mid-October, we had our first unusual experience.

While sitting in my 1967 Ford, we noticed a lighted object coming along approximately 100 feet above the power line. The object came from the east and when a few hundred yards away from us, it halted, still above the power lines.

We heard no sound and were fascinated by the sight.

While we watched, we saw the object spin about. It was of a basic, elliptical shape. It was lit with red and green lights and appeared to have windows.

As it spun as if on an axis, we noted that small, lighted objects dropped from the object and drifted downward, toward the power lines. We could not discern the nature of the small objects, but they left a kind of light trail, or lighted thread as they descended.

I don’t recall seeing the small objects return to the larger, hovering object. After what might have been an hour, the large object sped off toward the west.

We were sort of shaken by the thing and left soon after the object left. But a couple nights later, we determined to return.

This became a regular habit, and we went almost every night. About half the time, we were rewarded by seeing similar objects acting in much the same way as during our initial sighting.

In fact, seeing these things became routine and we became desensitized to it. In time, we began to bring others with us to see the objects.

On some nights, we would see multiple objects. These each and every one, followed the power lines. Never, did one deviate from this pattern.

Then one night, after watching a (by this time) standard-sized object, we were amazed when another appeared above it.

The new object was giant and dwarfed the other. This was so big that it was plain to see portals, or windows, as it slowly rotated.

This rotating deserves some explaining. It didn’t appear as if the entire object rotated, just the windows. These flashed red and blue light, blinking as they went around the diameter of the object.

The craft was neither saucer-shaped or cigar-shaped, but somewhere in between, something like a elongated saucer.

We strained to see inside the windows but were unable to discern anything in any detail. We did see objects inside, but could not tell what they were.

The large object dropped multiple, small objects which descended in threadlike light trails. This scared us a bit, but we remained, watching. Eventually, the large object, the small object and the multiple small objects sped off and we left soon afterward.

This continued more or less the same through October, November, and into early December.

Then one night, Steve Woodrow and I each had dates. We went to the Tote Road to park with our girlfriends. We had some beer, which was on the back seat with Steve and his girl.

Soon, before it was even dark, an object came down the power line and this one was another very large one.

It hovered, performing the same actions as the previous one. We decided to leave the car and walk down toward the object.

Before leaving, we made sure to put our beer on the floor in back and I took off my coat (it had turned warm that night… some kind of front, apparently, had come in) and covered it, so anyone walking up to the car would not see it.

We walked down toward the object and the girls became frightened and refused to go any further. This was, as I later learned, probably good advice. So we stood there, watching this large object hover over the power lines.

It was huge and the girls were speechless. This was the closest any of us had ever been to one of these.

Eventually, the girls convinced us to return to the car and they and Steve left. But I decided to walk just a little closer. I was able to make out movement inside the craft, although again, the forms were vague and indistinct.

I suddenly felt a chill and became very frightened. So I turned and ran back to the car where the others waited.

Back at the car, we watched the object take off. We left the place and took the girls home. This was on a Saturday night. The next morning, I got up and it had turned cold again.

So I went out to the car to get my coat. But it was gone. I thought that perhaps Steve or his girl had inadvertently kicked it under the seat with their feet, so I stooped down and reached under.

And I felt the arm of the coat and pulled it out. But that’s all there was to it, just the arm. This was a sheepskin-lined, corduroy coat, something like “The Marlboro Man” wore.

And someone had pulled the arm off it… think it was the left arm. Little threads stuck out at different angles, which made me think that whoever did this was very strong.

They had to have simply snapped the arm off. So, I called Steve and told him off. We had an argument over the phone, and I refused to believe that he wasn’t responsible for destroying my coat.

I took the sleeve and kept it in the car, to shove it in Steve’s face when I saw him. He continued to deny any knowledge of it.

After that, nobody wanted to go back up to the Tote Road. So I went by myself.

It was a good place to think, when the objects weren’t around. I went for three nights straight after the coat incident. That third night that I went there, it had snowed, a little less than an inch.

I pulled in and sat there, listening to the radio (I remember hearing the Beatles) and keeping warm with the heater running. No objects appeared.

I hadn’t seen one since the night with the girls. I went home.

I returned the following evening and pulling in, saw that nobody else had been there, the only tire tracks were my own, from the night before.

And there in the snow on one of my tire tracks was a dark form. I studied it briefly and tried to figure out how it got there. There were no footprints or tire tracks.

It was as if the thing had been dropped from the sky.

I got out of my car and walked to the thing and saw that it was what was left of my coat. I picked it up and got back in my car. I was practically paralyzed with fear.

I backed around and left as fast as I could. I have not been back to that place since, although I live only a few miles away.

I took my coat, minus the sleeve, home and showed it to my grandparents, whom I lived with. I had told them about the flying objects.

I had mentioned them before, but not in any detail. Grandpa was nonchalant about it. I don’t think he believed me.

Grandma was a righteous woman and had continually warned me that I should stop going out to that place at night… she thought the objects had to do with the devil. I discounted her thoughts.

Since my coat was ruined, Grandpa took it and went downstairs, to the drive-in basement. There, he kept his beagle hound, “Mickey.” Grandpa took my coat and placed it where Mickey slept, as an extra blanket for him.

Mickey backed away from it and growled, low and deep. His hair bristled, I remember.

Mickey was always gentle and had never before growled at anyone. Grandpa took the coat and burned it.

That is the essence of what happened. I might add that during the time we were visiting the Tote Road, Steve set up a 35mm camera on a tripod and took pictures.

He left the lens open because it was night and all he got were some time-lapse photos, with no definition.

Also, Steve contacted a man who was a UFO expert… he visited with us and took our statements. I don’t remember his name.

I think he was connected with the newly-formed Unity College. Steve may, however. It has been a long time, though.

Shortly after all this, Steve was drafted into the United States Marines and was soon deployed overseas. Steve now lives in either Washington State or Oregon… I think Washington.

Steve visited his family here in Maine several years ago. He says he does not remember ever going to the Tote Road or seeing any UFOs back in 1968 or any other time.

I live in Waldo, only about three miles in a direct line from the Tote Road and very near the same high-tension power lines where the UFOs traveled. My grandparents are both dead, long ago.

That is all I have to report about this. This is my true statement and I testify upon my oath of honor that the above-described events are true.

Forty-two years have passed and the memory of this incident haunts me.

Perhaps someday I shall undergo hypnotic regression and record the session. Maybe that would disclose further details. NOTE: The above image is CGI.









MARCH 15, 2018 ………………MILO MAINE

I was standing in my driveway smoking when I felt very odd and my hair stood up. I heard dogs barking all over the place. I looked above me and noticed a red/orange sphere about 3,000 feet above me. I initially thought it was a satellite. I then realized it was far to low. I watched it glide over the town of Milo. Once it reached the edge of town, it dimmed down to the brightness of a star and started zig-zagging through the sky. I watched it then shoot faster than anything I have ever seen straight up. A black helicopter from nowhere appeared and circled Milo for 15 minutes. Once the helicopter left the area, it zoomed back by and flared up for a second as it travelled by at an amazing speed. I stood outside for 10 minutes processing what I just saw.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.