A Nevada witness at Summerlin reported watching a large, slow-moving craft the size of “several football fields,” according to testimony in Case 90404. The witness left home at 7:15 p.m. on February 23, 2018 and began driving west up the hill on Del Webb Drive to the Summit Clubhouse for an event. “I immediately noticed the large craft in front of my car above the houses in front of me because it was flying too low and I thought it was going to crash into the neighborhood,” the witness stated. “I was going 30-35 miles per hour and the craft stayed the same distance from me, so it was also going very slow. I thought when it didn’t crash into any homes that it
was perhaps in trouble trying to land at the Las Vegas airport. However, it continued to move at the same speed but just a tad higher, all the way to the top of the hill where I was going. When I pulled into the parking lot, I saw that the craft turned a little more to the north since it had been traveling west all the way up the hill. The craft had three red lights – one on the left side, one on the right side and one in the middle. This is why I originally thought it might be a large military aircraft, but it was flying too low and there was not a sound coming from the craft. Then as I attempted to make out the shape, it reminded me of the very large V-shaped object I had seen when the craft was over Phoenix, Arizona. The entire sighting took about 12 minutes and the night was very clear.” Nevada MUFON State Director Sandra Countiss closed this case as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle.

“I called the witness and she was happy to talk about the experience,” Countiss stated in her report. “She was going to dinner at Summit Club in Summerlin along Dale Webb Boulevard when she saw a large, twoto-three blocks wide black plane above her, looking like it would crash into the neighborhood. It made no sound, had no emissions, and had only three red lights on the sides and at the apex of it. It was triangular-shaped, not a chevron, and huge. The red lights were on each side, no wings, and it was going about 35 miles-per-hour, as she was. It did not get ahead of her with speed, just travelled along at the same speed as she did. It was under 500 feet high, close to the ground and just over the roof tops, going from west to northwest. She kept expecting it to crash since she didn’t hear any engine noise and thought it must be going down, but it didn’t. Reminded her of the Phoenix lights, after she thought about it for a while. It went over the summit, changing direction slightly to the northwest, and then was gone. She heard no noise and no emissions were seen. She said she kept trying to make it fit into an airplane or drone mold, but it didn’t, and it was gone when she realized it might not be one of ‘ours’ at all. She followed it for about 10–12 minutes until she got to the club and stood in the parking lot, watching it go over the summit and disappear. Very interesting and good description by witness. “Witness was very descriptive and did not exaggerate at all. Very interesting craft and the third one seen of this nature in the past eight months in this area. We are seeing many chevron-shaped objects.” Summerlin is an affluent master-planned community in the Las Vegas Valley of Southern Nevada, population 100,000. NOTE: The above image is CGI.