Our family had just come to America about 1 year before. I was 10 years old then. We eventually moved to Southern New Jersey, in a town called Millville. The house was old and in need of many repairs. I helped my dad clear the overgrown weeds in the yard, and in a few days the yard looked pristine.

About a week later I awoke from a sound sleep and bright lights were shining into my room from the back yard. I got up and looked out the window into the yard and I couldn’t believe at what I was seeing.  There appeared to be two translucent spheres just sitting still inside our yard. They had a soft white glow to them. I quickly went downstairs and went out the kitchen, which led to the backyard. 

I simply could not believe what I was looking at. Two shed sized spherical objects were hovering inches off the ground, right next to each other, they made no sound, and there was no recognizable writing anywhere on them. 

I reluctantly touched them, and they felt warm to the touch, and very smooth, you could almost see inside them but not quite, like they had a light frosted texture to them with a familiar shadowing. That made it difficult to completely see inside them and this may sound crazy, but they both completely resembled like our moon. Let me repeat that, the shadowing was a perfect match for the shadowing of our moon, craters and everything, and if I didn’t know any better, I would swear they were miniature replicas of our moon. I know how bizarre that sounds, but that particular fact haunts me to this day.

There was enough room for me to walk between them as I touched them and I know this is going to again sound as crazy as this story, but I felt as if my brain was being flooded with some type of incomprehensible information, at least incomprehensible for the time being. I can’t recall exactly how long I was out there but, I do remember my feet getting wet from the patches of grass that had already grown. It was a summer night, and the air was muggy.

It seemed like I was out there forever, but if I had to guess i would say, for at least 20 minutes. At one point the intensity of the light of both spheres intensified to a much brighter hue and, I instinctively backed off several feet. Without any other warning both spherical objects both shot straight up, and in a fraction of a second totally disappeared, leaving me in the dark.  I stared at the night sky for a few minutes trying to process all of it. I had a sense that this was an experience of a lifetime and, felt lucky.

With that, I made my way back through the kitchen door and looked at the clock on the wall, it was exactly 3:30am. I grabbed a towel from the closet and dried off my feet and, laid back in my bed. I couldn’t go back to sleep, I just kept thinking about what had happened and I never uttered a word of it in the morning to anyone. I went out in the backyard and looked where the spheres were located but there was not even a hint of a sign, that anything had been there. This event made me seriously think about all the images that ran through my head as I was touching the spheres.

I had no idea that the information would make sense years later. This particular encounter has been key to come to a most logical conclusion about the birth, life, and death of our known part of this observable measurable universe. I have placed a generic picture that most closely resembles what I witnessed, coincidently I found a picture of multiple moon looking UFOs and, I zoomed in to recreate my encounter.  NOTE: The above image is the witness rendering.









“I’m right on the east coast here… we do quite a bit of fishing in the spring in Raritan Bay for striped bass. This year they’re a little slow coming in. We’ve had a pretty harsh winter so far we’re still getting snow but, anyway, this happened about three years ago. The majority of the Bay where we fish we have two ammunition pier. One is called the Leonardo Ammo pier. It’s to keep submarines launched there. They also keep in housing a plane or two and on the other end, this is in the bay, on the other end, of the bay, when the mouth, when you open it up, you have Sandy Hook right there. They have the Coast Guard base. We’re fishing in between there. The majority to bay is between 32 and 28 and maybe sometimes it will hit 45 to 50 feet of water. We try to stay in the channel that they use to bring these boats in and out to the marina and you’re thinking about 98 feet or so it shows on the depth finder.

We’re drifting one night. Very very calm. It’s about 11:30 at night. We’ve got an incoming tide and what we would do is turn the motor on. Go straight out two miles, hit the marker, the bully marker and shut off the engine and just drift in with the tide with our baits and fish. A buddy of ours, there was three of us in the boat, he turns around and says, ‘Hey, did you see that?’ I said, ‘What?’ He said, ‘The light.’ ‘No, I didn’t.’ He says, ‘I could have sworn that somebody just shined a giant light behind us from another boat or something.’ I said, ‘Now maybe it was a boat turning around and, you know, you caught its spotlight or something.’ And he said something and just as he said that, the interior of the boat and the rest of the boat lit up and we all turned around and looked and it was maybe 300 yards away and it appeared to be about fifty feet above the water or the horizon of the water, anyway, I would say there were two lights. They were just perfectly white like you would see a headlight of a car. In fact, it looked like the headlights of a giant boat coming at us so we were getting ready to pull anchor and start, you know, getting out of there, thinking this boat don’t see us, he’s gonna run us over and, all of a sudden, and these lights that we were looking at were about the size of a Sedan, a four-door, you know, car and they’re about 15 feet apart and, like I said, maybe 300 yards away and about maybe 50 feet above the water surface. We thought for sure that it was a barge or a boat coming at us and just that fast it went straight up in the air, both lights at the same exact time, and that’s when we realized it was one exact craft, attached, both of those lights were attached to one unit. It took off straight up in the air and when that happened, we looked at each other and the radio lit up like crazy because there was another dozen boats out there doing the same drifts that we were, fishing, and they lit it up and there was: ‘Anybody gonna call the Coast Guard?’ And the Coast Guard is right out there. Somebody says, back over the radio: ‘We have one of the state police here checking our records and making sure we’ve got, you know, the limits of fishing and what not and they’d seen it. They’d seen it, as well, and they said they’re taking a report right now.’

Well, for the next week we heard about it in the bait and tackle shops. You heard about it on the beach. We heard about it in the local gin mills but it never made the paper. It didn’t make the local news and we were, you know, kind of worried about that, like, well, why? So many people seen it including the police that were out there checking, you know, license and permits and whatnot, they seen this, as well, and it never showed up. Like I said, I can’t say for sure that this thing came out of the water. I know that it was above the water. It made no sound. NOTE: The above image is CGI.