EDITOR’S NOTE: We received this report of two spinning pyramid-shaped UFOS over Arden, NC on August 9, 2011 from Trey New. Several days later, Trey sent an update explaining he looked at the night sky the following three nights and didn’t see the phenomena again. In his words, “They weren’t there anymore because they weren’t stars.”

I just wanted to let you guys know about something my fiancé and I witnessed around 1 a.m. this morning from her house in Arden, NC. We had been outside and it was very overcast for a large portion of the night. I had noticed something that was very much brighter than anything I have ever seen before! I could see glimpses of it through the clouds. It was golden in color and large; twinkling but throwing rays of light from it in a fascinating way so that I couldn’t stop looking at.

There were even what looked to be squiggly green and yellow webby-looking fields around it a couple of times!!! When I focused on it, it seemed as if I sometimes saw tunnel vision. Everything around me, except for that anomaly, seemed almost fractal in a way. I have always looked up my entire life and seen many crazy things, but this by far is one of the top ones.

The clouds eventually broke for a few hours and we could finally clearly see this bright anomaly. It was a large pyramid that was casting light and spinning wildly. We watched it for hours, and were completely sober by the way.

I tracked stars on the horizon and this item moved against the rotation. It did look like the most brilliant star I have ever seen – times 40!! It stayed in a small area in the sky. If you focused on it, which we indeed did, you could see it move right, or left, or go straight up or go in small circles. There were a couple of times when it appeared to jerk up or down or wobble; and it was all the time spinning wildly!

My fiancé and I were both focused HARD on it! She was freaked out and I admittedly was too. I wish I had had a telescope or binoculars but I had nothing. She was telling me the exact motions I witnessed every time it moved. I would call out what I saw and it was spot on for her eyes as well. It couldn’t be our eyes playing tricks on us at the same time. I even fixated on known stars several times to verify that it wasn’t my eyes. This was a craft that moved in a manner that I have never seen, and displaying technology that we do not know about.

About an hour or so after seeing this pyramid shaped anomaly, another one that had red, blue, green, yellow, and other colored lights going wild all over it appeared. It also was pyramid shaped, but appeared to be stretched and elongated. It was diagonally to the north of the first one and appeared to be at a lower altitude. It, too, appeared to be spinning VERY wildly!!

As it was spinning, it seemed that one corner was fixed, somewhat like a gyroscope, only shaped like a HUGE elongated pyramid. Once this one started “twinkling,” the other one moved its position to a lower altitude and closer to where we were. It was also spinning slowly.

We could both see that it was indeed a lighted pyramid. I could see every “face” of the pyramid. It was just a little off of vertical and tilting to the right and slowly rotating. All of the faces were illuminated. (1) One of them had a green beacon illuminating it in a swoosh curved kind of way. (2) The next side was somewhat glowing all over and had blinking lights along the left edge with two of them that alternated. They appeared white and grey almost. (3) The next side was a dull shine and (4) the last side had a large black area in the middle and was illuminated at top and bottom. I literally sat there and watched this for 15 minutes, seeing each face over and over again as it rotated. It was the most unusual thing I have ever seen.

At around 4 am we had to go to bed. The second one we saw was still spinning wildly and had moved more toward the North. Again, it moved completely against the rotation of the horizon. The first one that was now spinning slowly was high in the sky. It also was going completely against the rotation of the horizon.

We saw these crafts from 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. this morning, Tuesday, August 9, 2011. I was wondering if anyone else reported this to you or if you may have seen it yourselves. NOTE: The above image is real but from another case file.