Ellen Stofan, the head scientist of NASA predicts that we will find signs of extraterrestrial life within a decade. She also predicts that by 2035 – 2045, we will have definitive evidence that alien life really exists.  She thinks that we’ll have strong indications of alien life beyond our planet in just a decade. These predications were made during a panel event that talked about the presence of water in the universe.  Stofan added that we already know the possible places where can obtain the signs and we have the capability of producing the right tools to help us gather the data that we need. Today’s level of technology and the sheer amount of ideas are the reasons why 10 years all we need to is verify the predictions.  The rest of the panel during the event agreed with Stofan. Jeffery Newmark, the interim director of NASA agrees that we are bound to get clear proof that alien life really does exist. He added that it’s not a possibility but a certain time in the furture.    The first prediction talks about signs of alien life. These signs do not necessarily mean images of alien civilization. These signs could be found on a microscopic level. The obvious signs of life beyond Earth are the presence of microorganisms in planets or moons.  The key tool that will help us look for these signs is water. In our solar system alone, there are several moons that show promise and not to mention our neighbor planet Mars. Europa and Ganymede, two of the moons of Jupiter show clear signs of liquid water beneath their icy shell surfaces. Scientists believe that Mars once was a planet filled with water. Today, seasonal dark streaks could be observed on the surface of the Red Plant which may be caused by flowing water.  The Kepler space telescope has been able to provide us with exciting observations that almost all of the stars that can be observed in our night sky host several planets that may be habitable. Director of Astrophysics Division at NASA, Paul Hertz said that our solar system is filled with water which extends to the entire Milky Way galaxy.  By 2020, another Mars rover will be launched to collect samples that might show indications of past life. By 2030, NASA aims to bring astronauts to land in Mars to inspect the plant of any clear signs of Mars life. It is expected that the astronauts who will be sent to Mars will be composed of geologists, chemists, astrobiologists, and other experts in looking for that definite evidence of life that can be brought back to Earth to be further examined.  Another ambitious mission is to reach Europa by 2022. This mission will help clear the questions that surround the habitability of icy moons. To study the planets way beyond our solar system, a space telescope is being developed set to be launched on 2018.


KENS NOTE:  What planet are these scientist from.   We have already discovered strange life that has been bonding to our satellites in orbit.  We have evidence that life crashed on earth many times throughout the decades.  They crashed in their flying saucers.  It seems to me that scientist are jumping the gun…..why ?   because if a scientist cannot touch it, taste it, smell it, hear it  or see it………it does not exist.  Why the big change in their backwards thinking ?  This is just my opinion but it is shared with millions of people.  You do not have to be a scholar or highly educated person to see the truth.  Anyone with half a brain can deduct that aliens live among us.   Scientist say ” show me the evidence that they exist ”  I say ” show me the evidence that aliens do not exist.  SIMPLE AS THAT…..