Hi Ken : I was sky watching when I spotted a large diamond shaped object in the sky above me. I watched as the object then began to move away and it flew off in the direction of a approaching passenger plane. The object then started to approach the passenger plane from behind and began to follow the passenger plane as it flew across the sky. I quickly took a photograph capturing the plane and the object as they flew across the sky. I continued to watch and after a while the object finally broke off it’s pursuit of the plane and flew off to the north whereby I lost sight of it. I then turned my attention back to the plane and watched as it safely flew across the horizon and out of sight. What are these strange large aerial objects I keep photographing near passenger planes in the skies above Devon.

I sky watch on a regular basis and I always see them every time a plane is approaching. The pilots of these planes have a clear view of these objects and must be bemused by what they are seeing. These objects come in many shapes and sizes and are definitely unconventional and I believe that they are not man made. There must be extensive radar data of these unidentified object and there bizarre fight paths around the skies of Devon. What on earth are these objects doing observing commercial airliner around this area. It really is quite puzzling. The photograph was taken on the 12th of October at Newton Abbot Devon England. All the best John.







A paranormal documentary filmmaker who explores people’s extraordinary beliefs, has tackled the often ridiculed topic of alien abduction, and the related phenomenon of alien implants. However, this documentary features an actual doctor, a credible alleged abductee and some science. All of which has convinced filmmaker Jeremy Corbell that alien implants deserve a serious examination.

Jeremy Corbell investigating the alien implant case in a scene in Patient Seventeen. (Credit: Jeremy Corbell/

Of all of the fringe ideas in the UFO field, the idea that people are being snatched up by aliens and then returned without their knowledge is pretty hard for many to swallow. Added on top of that the claims some of these people have had implants placed inside of them by the aliens, well, for many, that is bat-poop crazy.

When first asked to document a surgery to remove an alleged alien implant, Cobell responded it was “way outside of my scope of knowledge or interest.”

“It seemed too wild for me to put my mind around,” explained Corbell.

However, since he was asked by friends, and has an interest in extraordinary beliefs, Corbell decided to do it. His experience ultimately resulted in his newly released documentary, Patient Seventeen.

One of the main characters, who Corbell grew very fond of, is pediatric surgeon and alien implant specialist, Dr. Roger Leir.

Dr. Roger Leir post-surgery. (Credit: Jeremy Corbell/

Incidentally, Leir was also skeptical when he was approached years ago with the request to remove a suspected alien implant. He thought it was ridiculous. But when he removed the object, begrudgingly, he said it was unlike anything he had seen before, and became very interested in the topic. He then removed, or aided in the removal, of dozens of the objects before passing away in 2014.

Corbell says Leir passed away while he was putting his documentary together, but it was not so much Leir that convinced him the alien abduction and implant phenomenon may be real.

The suspected alien implant removed from patient 17. (Credit: Jeremy Corbell/

“It was the patient that transformed my opinion,” says Corbell.

Corbell describes the man he refers to as patient 17, the namesake for his film, as an “average guy of above average height.”

He is six foot nine.

He is referred to as patient 17 because he wishes to remain anonymous, and because he was Leir’s 17th patient to undergo an “alien implant” removal. Corbell says patient 17 is a very down to earth person.

In fact, Corbell says, “He was, and remains, the biggest skeptic that this object removed from his leg — that is hands down extraordinary — has anything to do with his abduction experiences.”

The man known as patient 17. (Credit: Jeremy Corbell/

So what is so extraordinary about the object? Well, for the full story you will have to watch the film, but, according to Corbell, some experts have interpreted the data from test results conducted thus far as being made off-world.

Corbell admits more testing has to be done, but he is convinced this thing is really weird.

The object removed from patient 17 under a microscope. (Credit: Jeremy Corbell/

A short version of Patient Seventeen was entered into the EBE Film Festival at the International UFO Congress several years ago. Although I knew Leir personally, the film exposed me to aspects of his life I was not familiar with, such as a beautiful scene of Leir playing a gigantic organ. The scene was very intimate and moving.

As for patient 17, the man. He did come across as credible, and certainly does not fit the mold of what many think of as an “alien abductee.” He came across as an independent professional who did not seem interested in seeking attention.








A large ufo event took place 3-6 a.m. here in Newburgh, indiana that I personally witnessed and made contact with one of the craft using a green laser and we made contact that night and the following night also. (Original story typed around 7pm on 8/24/2017)I went out for around 6 hours last night with friends and as i was returning home around 3 30 a.m I noticed a large ufo above the treetops flashing multiple colors of lights behind and to the southeast of the gas station on stacer road and highway 662. As I grew nearer I could tell it was moving slowly.

I started driving slow south on stacer around 15-20 mph and lost it halfway down stacer. Turned east on pollack and cleared the two curves near the nursing home and I saw it or possibly another one cross pollack near multzer crushed stone and lost it again until I pulled into my apartments on pollack. Went straight to side of building when I pulled in and immediately noticed it far away and it had gained altitude and seemed stationary and resembled the stars we see that flash red,green ,yellow or white and watched it until sometime after 4 a.m. and remembered my green laser and that many people have gotten some sort reaction from ufo s from them .

So I started hitting it for brief moments with no reaction but my hand was shaky and that puts the beam all over the place at distance. Walking to the privacy fence on east side of complex I live in, I put the laser on the fence and put a steady beam on the object that had moved but barely noticeable. As soon as the beam stayed on it steady for 1 second it moved as to where leaves and tree limbs blocked it’s view. I continued this game for around 10 minutes with this craft moving so much I am sure someone would notice besides me. As this progressed the object became what I perceived as agitated and would start doing fast and very tight circle patterns or bounce all around in a very tight pattern. After 9 or 10 times of doing this it did something to me,the laser batteries and I discovered awhile later my phone battery was drained to 7 percent .

The feeling I had when I felt it’d shot something at me or onto me was fear and it gave me tremors in my eyelids that have continued today and drainage from eyes. I saw the object do it when it seemed to elongate and became what was very close to a boomerang shape and craft had a Long row of led looking lights all the way across its shape with no more colors flashing. Then it went back ro the red, green  and yellow flashing .   I continued this with the laser but into only would work for about 3 seconds then shut down and the object would slowly move behind tree cover.  The ufo had reacted 3-5 times where I felt it did something to me and it was the same feeling each time. I also witnessed several large orbs eminating very bright light and it looked like it was over downtown  and maybe 4-5000 feet also multiple fast movers.  They most certainly know when I am watching them.   I witnessed 4 daytime ufos mimicking  birds of prey then disappeared with 2 days ago.  UPDATE…. one single one showed up but it amazed 4 more people from my household and 2 neighbors from across the street.  Everyone was mind blown.   Since my first very close encounter over 2 years ago, I started seeing things but briefly. The  last 4-5 months it has really stepped up. I am going to need night vision to film them.








I arrived a little after dark at a campground in N.W Nevada. I set up my tent and started a fire and did a few other things to set up camp. It was a clear night ,plenty of stars out . After I got everything set up I was sitting by the campfire maybe 20 minutes when something flashing out the corner of my eye made me turn my head ,looking to the west. I could kind of see an outline of some hills/mountains to the west as I looked to where the flashes drew my attention, 2 bright yellow arcs appeared over the top of the hill/mountain . (At first I thought it was 2 objects, I think now it was just 1 ,moving so fast it left a trail , it made 2 arcs flying above the hill/mountain then diving down then back up I guess). It was a bright yellow object , NO flames/jets ,the object itself was glowing yellow, strangest yellow, kind of like a spark shooting up out of a fire, the spark is burning and leaving a trail as it shoots up .  I had never seen anything like this.  I went to my truck and got my phone and turned on the video to record.  I grabbed my chair and was moving it away from the fire to try and sit and get some video if it flew out from behind the hills/mountains .  I wanted to be ready to catch it on video. As I was moving the chair and keeping an eye to the sky, I saw a bright orange sphere, it was also to my west, more to the south of the 1st object. 
I held up the phone to get video of the orange sphere and may have gotten a second or 2 of it on video before it disappeared and but as soon as it disappeared a strange white streak appeared and was gone in a second .  I couldn’t tell if the white streak was the orange sphere moving incredibly fast or if it was something else but as the white streak faded the 1st object came out from behind the hill/mountain heading south, kind of towards where the orange sphere was .  The bright yellow object did not leave a trail this time .  It was solid yellow from what I could see with my eyes and  it appeared to skip but after looking at the video a thousand times ,it was actually zig zaging.  From my point of view it headed south past where the orange object was and then appeared to flash many times and fade from sight (After watching the video I was able to see that after it went south past where the orange sphere was then it actually went west away from me fading out of sight . I kept the video going a few minutes after everything was out of sight in case something else appeared . After all of them were out of sight my knees actually buckled and I finally started to breathe again. I sat with my phone in hand in the chair watching the sky for maybe an hour before trying to sleep.


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Ken Pfeifer[right] is the Chief Investigator for MUFON New Jersey and Founder and Editor of World UFO Photos.  His job is to receive reports of unusual lights, aircraft or other phenomenon that could possibly be evidence of alien encounters.

Ken gets reports from just about everywhere and from just about every kind of person. With the popularity of cellphone cameras and miniture digitial still and video technology, the stories Ken receives often have visual proof to back them up. We have quite a few on viewzone HERE. Ken agreed to answer some of our questions:

viewzone:What is the most convincing evidence of a UFO that you have seen in your work?

The most convincing evidence of a UFO that I have ever seen is the case I investigated in the Alloway Township area of South Jersey. The witness statement is below:

BRIDGETON (NJ) — I interviewed C.S. concerning his recent sightings and he provided this drawing of the flying triangle that passed over his astronomical observatory on October 13, 2006, at 12: 45 AM. He states,”I was confronted with an enormous object clearly defined by ambient light. I thought it was crashing but as it approached my observatory it began to rise. This thing was barely moving forward, and could not have been more than 200 feet above me, probably less. I could make out detail of rivets and bolts in its construction. As the objects rounded nose began to approach me, I was really taken back by its brightly lit windows. I was shocked to see a humanoid form moving as if it were pacing back and forth, in the large port window about eight feet square. As it got closer the figure moved away from the window. The figure is shown in the upper right side of the drawing. I thought there was no one at the controls. I got the impression it was getting ready to hover as its open hatch moved directly over me and I was entertaining some negative thoughts regarding my own safety.”

“It was at least two stories high with two large windows, port and starboard, it had a rounded nose, there were three opaque light type structures, two large turbo type structures, larger in diameter and shorter in length than those on commercial aircraft. Eight flap or stabilizer type structures aft, a very large square black container type structure protruding off center from its belly. An open hatch, and other bulky geometric shapes that I saw but I can only remember they were thick, huge, bulky with an incredible amount of drag that it could not be an aerodynamic possibility. Almost immediately I felt a surge of static electricity that tingled my face and hair on my arms and head. As its tail section was about to pass over me I quickly swung the dome and heard a low pitched roar with the sound of bacon sizzling in a frying pan. Suddenly it was gone, no sound, and I did a 360 degree search but it suddenly there was nothing there.”

KENS NOTE:  I interviewed the witness shortly after the sighting and he was still physically shaken. He was afraid to go out to his observatory for a couple months after his encounter.

I have enclosed a copy of his drawing of the triangle [above]. After months of interviewing neighbors, I closed out the case as “unknown”. The crazy thing about the whole investigation was that the neighbors did not want to talk to us at all. They were all very rude and just turned their back on us and walked away! Even the witness, who knew some of his neighbors, did not get any cooperation from them.  “C.S.” and his wife were new to the community. He had lived there approximately 6 months before the encounter.

It was the strangest case I have ever had. We came to the conclusion that the triangle must of been looking for cows or horses. This area of South Jersey is covered with farms. The large black container under the triangle was probably use for collecting animals.

Then something strange happened  — 11 months after this sighting. The witness, C.J., had another sighting. But this time he had some great photos to show!

9-24-07 Alloway Township New Jersey. MUFON case 8111. The witness statement is:”The night of September 24, 2007 was brightly lit due to a full moon. It was approximately 11:30pm and I was outside with a digital camera nearby. I had nothing special in mind but, due to the bizarre experience I had last October 2006 (this experience has been recorded on the Mufon web site), I always keep a camera on hand when I’m out at night.

A bright light again caught my eye and I observed this rectangular shaped light begin to rise slowly behind a tree line in the south approximately 1 mile away. This object appeared to hover for about 20 seconds and then began to travel west at a very slow speed.

As it began moving west, it seemed to pivot on both the vertical and horizontal axis revealing more detail until it disappeared behind a tree line. I captured this object with my digital and the pictures came out surprisingly well. I use a Canon 20D-A which I use for astrophotography. I have transferred these images to a disc.”

KENS NOTE: This witness had now become an investigator for MUFON because of his first triangle sighting. I was the Chief Investigator and we finally closed out the case as “unknown”. Of course we got no cooperation from the neighbors.

There are many high power lines in this area because they are converging at the Salem Nuclear Plant 13 miles away and Dover Air Force Base sits 26 miles away.  The witness is no longer an investigator for personal reasons. I believe he has mover to Delaware.

viewzone:What do you think the aliens are up to?

Ken:“Personally I think the Aliens are investigating our Earth for a possible place to live or for our resources. Even though we are a very unique planet, I feel there are thousands and possibly millions of planets just like ours are spread throughout the universe. The aliens must of found some way of reaching far destinations in a short time.I also feel our earth has been here for billions of years and we are only one of a thousand different civilizations that have come and gone over the centuries. The big question is, when will it be our turn to disappear?  December 2012 could be the date but I really do not think so. We will still be here, killing our brother and slowly destroying this beautiful planet.

viewzone:What things would you like people to know about UFOs, aliens and such?

KeN:“I feel people have to be educated about alien life. If they can accept the fact that these things exist, it will be less of a shock when disclosure comes. I am glad that people like you and me can spread the word and I am excited that the news media is starting to report ufo sightings all over the world.With everyone basically walking around with a camera or video capablilties with their phones, we are getting more videos every day. We are living in exciting times and I feel I will be alive when disclosure happens. Our world will be changed forever. Some for the good and some for the bad.

Possibly these aliens will have cures for our diseases and better ideas on energy. Fossil fuels must go. Many people will jump out of windows because they will not be able to accept the fact that aliens exist. Religion has contaminated their minds. Religion will be changed, for the good I hope.  Maybe the aliens can answer some of the questions that have haunted us for thousands of years. I am looking forward to it.”