“In December of 2003, Afghanistan, we were preparing a raid on a small village in Khost province. Looking for a high target ID. It was around 0330hrs and were stationed just outside the village that was around 9,000ft. high in the mountains. What I witnessed that morning was exactly the same account that the people from Phoenix, Arizona witnessed back in March 1997. That only difference was that I had NVG’s and a Thermal nuclear scope. That early morning it just finished snowing and the sky had just cleared up. I could see all the stars in the sky. There a few clouds as far a my eyes could see. I was a gunner pulling guard on top of a vehicle so I had a 360 degree view. That morning I saw what I believe to be a fighter jet flying over us since we had air reconnaissance, they were our eyes in the sky for this mission. But what I witnessed right after was breathtaking and shocking at the same time. The first thing I saw was a dim white light coming from behind us at a very slow speed almost like a floating balloon, moving very slowly. My first instinct was it was one our ours. But then the more I saw it moving I realized it wasn’t one of our aircrafts. So I pull down on my NVG’s to take a closer look and what I realize was that this light, as it was moving forward it was covering all the stars in the sky. So I looked up and behind me and I could see a triangular shaped with three dim white light on every corner as far as my eyes could see with the exception of a fourth light which was much bigger and brighter of an orange color. This orange color bright light was center to the triangular shaped object.

And from this light I could see something burning like a white phosphorus light going from bright white light to bright red and then orange. And every time this happened a light was shooting down and it kept doing one after the other as if smaller light were flying off this colossal object. I try getting the attention of my squad and bringing it up to my NCO so I explain that there were some weird lights in the sky and he quickly dismissed it as of: we had air reconnaissance flying over us. So my next instinct was to dismount the Thermal nuclear scope I had on top of my cursor weapon so I could aim it at the object. What I saw with this scope was thousands of small fragments of lights following this object. It was like a scene coming out of a science fiction movie. This object covered at least 3/4th of all the sky and covered at least 3/4th of all the stars in the sky. Whatever this thing was, was enormous. To this day I have never seen anything like it. Just as it came, it left making no noise what’s so ever. Like it never happened. I related my story to my wife many years ago and stand firm on the testimony I have written.” – Freddy Fernandez NOTE: The above image is CGI.