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I began to suspect that at night “something” was coming into my apartment. So, I made a trip to Super Wal Mart and I bought 4 wildlife cameras. I read the instructions and practiced using them that entire day. By nightfall I had all 4 strategically located through the apartment and entry from the shop into the apartment. Every morning when I woke up, I grabbed a cup of coffee and then pulled the SD cards out of every camera. Every night without fail I would catch a cat or two walking in or out of apartment but I would also have 5 or 6 shots on each camera that were totally white. The cameras had snapped pics , but again 5 or 6 would be totally white. It was as if someone had turned on the lights and then let the camera snap photos of a blank piece of white card board. I kept them up for another couple of months, moving them around, in some cases even camouflaging the cameras only allowing the motion sensor and camera lens show. Still nothing, cats, occasionally pics of nothing but a open room, then the white photos.  By this time I was living out there alone, my health had really turned to shit. I was spending a week per month in the dam hospital for my heart or other related health issues. Well one night ,at around 3 am., it seemed that a lot of crazy sightings and encounters would always occur at around 3 am. At the time I had no idea why, but I had realized the significance in this time period. Only later did I discover why 3 AM was so important in the world of paranormal activity. Anyway, I was sound asleep when I woke with a start. The first thing that hit me was that I was totally frozen lying in bed. I couldn’t move a muscle. Only my eyes worked. Well, at the end of my bed stood this “Being” the likes of which I had never seen or even dreamed could be possible. It stood about 6 feet tall. Its head was totally devoid of any hair. Its eyes were huge, almond shaped, and looked as if they covered most of its face, curling around the sides of its head. Where ears should have been were simply holes the diameter of a pencil, at least that’s how they appeared. Its nose was barely noticeable, just a small ridge with two holes for nostrils. Its mouth amounted to no more than a slit, no lips. Its skin color and texture was like ours, smooth and tanned in color. By this point I had gotten use to sleeping with my Glock 17 in my right hand at night, round in the chamber. I got to where I couldn’t sleep at night without the comforting feel of its stippled grip in my hand.  As I lay there , screaming in my mind at the horror that was staring down at, with all my might I mentally forced my right hand up, and aiming for its mid torso, I squeezed off one round , striking it dead center. It immediately doubled over and then in a blinding blue flash was gone and I was no longer paralyzed. I immediately jumped out of bed and turned the lights on. All over the foot of my bed, on the footboard and all over the wooden laminate flooring was a yellowish-bluish thick fluid. It was everywhere. Evidently my 9mm round had wounded it, and confirmed to me that what I had seen wasn’t a dream, but “Real”. I thought about what had happened that night as this afternoon I was going thru my clothing and all my blazers had been hit because the 9mm round had gone completely thru the Entity and penetrated my closet door and drilled a neat hole thru dozens of shirts and suits, ruining them. The last 3 years at that cursed airport was terrifying at times.  I dreaded nightfall.   NOTE: The above image is a rendering.


KENS NOTE:  Special thanks to the witness Melvon Stephenson.  I have been in contact with Melvon for a few years now and this is only one of many close encounters at his airport in Texas.  It takes a brave man to come forward and admit to alien encounters.