At around 2:30 pm on 26th December 2003 in Huntington, Indiana, an off-duty police officer with the Huntington Police Department had just turned the key in the ignition of his car. He was warming up the engine against the cold afternoon winter environment of the American Midwest when he noticed something strange in the skies overhead.

The officer would later state how he at first believed the object to be a “parachute that you can steer. (It was) black and curved”. However, he soon noticed there was no pilot attached to it. Then, it began to roll, “a slow roll” before turning upside down and resembling a “giant set of bird wings”. Following more rolls, the object appeared much “oblong and orange”.

The officer would immediately reach for the police radio. He would request that any other available officers attempt to locate the mysterious object also. Within moments, two other Huntington police officers had confirmed the object overhead.

One of the officers to respond would later claim it looked like a “tire in the sky”. The third officer, who was leaving the police station when he heard the call for attempts to locate the mysterious object. He would claim that “it was so big” that he no problem at all locating it. He would further state that it would “glide, (and) rotate the wide way around” before hovering and turning a bright orange color.

All three of the officers would later state their belief that the orange color was more likely a reflection of the afternoon sun as opposed to a physical glow of the craft itself. Furthermore, all three would agree that the object made no noise whatsoever.

A Distinct (And Strange) Lack Of Public Reports!

By the time the object had come to rest and hovered at would ultimately be its lowest point, the first police officer believed it was “going to get hung up on the steeple of the church”.

What he would also remark was extremely strange was the fact that no calls came into the 911 switchboard from the public. The officer would remark that such an incident would have normally “lit up the emergency lines”. However, not one single report came into their station or any others, including the state police. At least, that is, as a caveat of our own, none that are available to the public.

It would appear that the three police officers, the first of which just happened to look up at the “right moment” would prove to be the only witnesses to such a public sighting, at low altitude in the middle of the day, no less. In fact, so strange was the apparent lack of response that all three of the witnesses would stop speaking of the sighting altogether due to feat that “people would think we were crazy”.

The first officer would lose sight of the strange craft after it made its way behind the church steeple. The two remaining officers would keep the object in their sights, each from slightly different locations (although, in reality, only separated by around 40 feet).

After around 30 to 45 seconds, the object disappeared from all of the officer’s view. Despite their initial promise to remain quiet, however, they would soon change their minds and make an official report of the incident several days later. A public account of the incident would appear in the Huntington Herald newspaper shortly after.

Witnesses And Details Of Reports Appear Credible!

It is certainly an interesting sighting. And one that all three of the officers have no doubt was of a machine that wasn’t “anything (they) could relate to”. Another of the officers would state that they were “never really afraid, just in total amazement”.

Whether the three officers were the only witnesses or whether there was a quick suppression of information is perhaps open to debate, although admittedly, unlikely in this instance.

Even the pastor of the church the object hovered over for several moments would claim, when asked for comment this was “the first (they) had heard of it” and that they hadn’t noticed anything unusual at all on the afternoon in question. Furthermore, much like the police department, he had received no reports from parishioners of any unusual aerial activity.

Initial investigations at the time of the reporting of the incident suggested not only credibility on the part of the witnesses, but also in the details they gave. Such things as the movement of the craft, the rolling and tumbling, as well as the bizarrely slow movement for such a large craft. Not to mention the complete lack of any sound whatsoever.

Two local airfields who might have managed to capture the object on their respective radars, Huntington Municipal Airport and Fort Wayne Smith’s Field, would both claim to have no reports or data to show any “out-of-the-ordinary” aerial vehicles for the afternoon of the 26th December.

What is also interesting, despite the three police officers being the only witnesses to this particular sighting, there were several other similar reports around Indiana during the Christmas and New Year period of 2003. NOTE: The above image is CGI.





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The witness states: I was flying in today, from Dayton Ohio, to New York, (LGA). We were descending, I would imagine we were somewhere over New Jersey.

There are always many aircraft about in the NY corridor, so it’s not uncommon to see different aircraft streaking by, below or to the side of you.

I was flying in an Embrajer-145, 50 seat jet, operated by US Airways Express, Chautauqua Airlines. It was a very clear day today, (11-23-03)

Approximately 2 PM – We must have been about 15 minutes from landing, because I remember the pilot saying as much. We were scheduled to land at 2:42 PM, but because of a tail wind we were going to come in early, around 2:15 PM or so.

Anyway, it seemed we were slowing down, then speeding up, which is not uncommon as you get into the flow of traffic, well, we were in the slowing down mode, when I looked out the window, (I was in a window seat, left side of the aircraft.) and I saw this red circular object pass to the side of us very quickly, then ascend with a lot of speed.

It was traveling very fast, and what caught my eye was the shape.

It was definitely circular and a bright reddish color. I did a double take and tried to see where it went, but it disappeared from view rapidly. I still do not know what I saw, and thought maybe you or someone on your site could shed some light on it.

It just struck me as very odd, the shape of it, I’ve never seen anything that shape in the air before, and from an airplane, I really got a pretty good look at it, unlike the view one would get from the ground.

It also appeared to move in a very jerky type motion, not the fluid way a normal airplane would travel.

Anyway, maybe others have seen something similar. I don’t know. I have been flying since I was a small child, I am now 36 yrs old, and I’ve never seen anything like that.

My first thought was military, thoughts racing as they do when you live in NYC post 9/11.

Like maybe it was a flair or something that was shot.

The object seemed to be flying on its own, but it had that look initially like maybe it was launched from somewhere. I don’t know, that was just my first impression.

But then after following it with my eyes for the brief time I was able to, it definitely seemed to be moving on its own power. I cannot tell you if we turned away from the object or the object turned away from us, or some combination of the two, as my eyes were just fixed on the object and I really wasn’t paying attention to the exact movements of the airplane I was in, for that short time.

I can tell you that the object did ascend rapidly in that jerky weird type of motion, as it passed us.

Again, the object I saw did not seem to behave like or look like any aircraft that I have ever seen. I am at a loss as to what I saw. NOTE: The above image is CGI.








A Washington witness at Valley reported watching a disc-shaped object inside a cloud; moreover, the object appeared to be having trouble with a cloaking device, according to testimony in Case 94350. The witness was sitting outside on a warm, sunny day at 1:07 p.m. on February 8, 2018. “I was looking across the lake I live on towards the southwest sky and watching the clouds and was sort of gauging the wind, which was hardly any, maybe 4-5 miles an hour,” the witness stated. “The clouds that day were various sizes but all oval.” As the witness watched, the biggest cloud started to blink. “One second it was a giant, discshaped craft, then it was a cloud. I kept looking away at other clouds then looked back at this phenomenon, because I was questioning what I was seeing. It looked to me as though its cloaking was not working properly. This was enormous. I could see at least four stories of windows that were along the edge of the craft. The color was a metallic silver/chrome. After about 5-8 minutes it stopped blinking and looked like a cloud again.” Washington MUFON Chief Investigator Daniel Nims closed this case as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle.

“MUFON reports no similar large vehicle sightings in this vicinity,” Sims wrote in his report. “A NUFORC case on January 22, 2018, at 3:30 a.m. reported a similar, large object that seemed to be able to generate a ‘cloud’ camouflage. “The witness reports she stepped out to her west porch to have a cigarette and enjoy a pleasant early spring [sic] afternoon. She saw several strange oval-shaped clouds several miles away to the southwest high in the sky (about 45-degrees elevation). One of the clouds then changed from its cloud look and took on the appearance of a large disk-shaped object, which appeared oval looking at it from the side. The craft had a metallic surface. It also had what looked like four rows of rectangular-shaped windows that went around the craft. (See drawing.) The object was large. The object flickered back and forth from the cloud appearance to the disk-shaped object several times over a period of several (five to eight) minutes.

She says it was like it had a ‘cloaking’ device that was malfunctioning. It finally assumed the cloud appearance. The object stayed fixed relative to the other clouds as they drifted off to the southeast in a mild breeze of a few miles per hour. “No lights were noted. No sound was associated with the object, although it was quite a distance away. “An object this large is too big to be an aircraft. An Internet search was run to see if any airship (blimp) operations were occurring in the northwest. The Internet gave no evidence of that. FlightRadar24 showed no aircraft in the vicinity of Valley for that time period. “The unique characteristic of switching from cloud appearance to craft appearance would not be from any normal aircraft. The disposition of this case is: Unknown – UAV.” Valley is a census-designated place and unincorporated community in Stevens County, Washington, population 146. NOTE: The above image is CGI.








A British witness at Windsor reported watching and photographing multiple triangle-shaped craft with external lighting, according to testimony in Case 90097. The witness was a passenger in a car at 6:30 a.m. on February 4, 2018, driving from Windsor toward Maidenhead. “I saw aircraft lights on my left, which were descending at around 1500 feet, landing west-east at Heathrow,” the witness stated. “I looked again and saw what I thought was another plane with flashing lights; however, this craft was closer to me, much lower and travelling east-west. I observed the craft, which flew across the fields in my direction and then banked left to fly parallel with the road I was travelling along, directly left of me.

The car was travelling at around 50 mph and was moving alongside the craft for quite some time.” The witness got a good look at the object. “At one point the craft was so close I could see its shape was triangular, with bright, white lights at each point. I could see that the craft seemed to have a dome underneath its center. I noticed what looked like gold-colored foil around a domed part underneath that glowed slightly. I also recall that the craft seemed not to be flying flat but leaning slightly to the left for some time. I couldn’t make out much at the top of the craft. I remember that there were red and blue flashing lights around the base of the circular center exactly like the strobing lights on an airplane. I recall there seemed to be more blue lighting more than red. “ The witness thought that the object appeared solid and slightly reflected the glow from road lights below. “It seemed to be a matt gray. I tried to take some pictures through the side window with my mobile phone, but my view at this point was partially obscured by trees and bushes and reflections on the glass, although you can see a gray triangle with a white corner in all the blurriness.

The craft continued in the same general direction, but farther from the road, where I struggled to keep my eyes on its movement due to the houses that lined this stretch of the road. The craft was flying low on the other side of the houses. When I could see the craft, it was moving between the houses.” The witness then lost sight of the craft and continued home, which was only a minute away. “I exited the car and scanned the sky to see if I could see it again. It was then I saw it, this time travelling back towards Windsor. It was crossing in front of me, very close and very low. I was standing in the center of my car park, and it was directly in front of me at around 80 degrees from the horizon. As I went to take photos, the craft turned into an orb of light; the orb seemed to be smaller than when it was in its triangle state. My phone didn’t seem to want to work very well, and it seemed frozen when trying to take the shots. When I next looked up, the craft had changed back to the triangle shape. It took a long time to actually get the shots; the ones that I did get were very shaky, apart from one showing the orb. The craft was silent and very dark this time. Although I could see the blue and red flashing lights, there was no sign of the glow underneath as I had seen earlier. I could still make out the triangular shape of the craft. It moved onwards very slowly and continued flat and straight into the distance until I lost sight of it. As it moved away, I could see two white lights at the rear, as shown on the photos submitted. I thought I saw it a minute or two later in the distance, but it could have been an airliner. United Kingdom MUFON Field Investigator Kevin Gorringe closed this case as Information Only. Windsor is a historic market town and unparished area in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead in Berkshire, England. NOTE: The above image is CGI.







Hi Ken: I was looking at an area of the sky off to the east when I spotted some silver spheres in the sky. The silver spheres where in a cluster at firs t but then spread out and flew around the sky. I watched them intently trying to keep track of them when all of a sudden a large object just appeared from out of nowhere. The object was very strange looking it was a yellow colour and it was wedge shaped with strange black appendages that stuck out from the front it. The object also seemed to be organic in nature and as it hung in the sky the silver spheres seemed to take up defensive positions around the unknown organic mass. I then spotted a smaller yellow object that was at an higher altitude then the larger yellow organic object. I grabbed my Nikon P900 camera and took a photograph capturing all of the bizarre objects at once in the photograph. I watched as the large yellow organic object began performed manoeuvres around the sky followed by all of the silver spheres that I had originally spotted in the sky. I could hardly believe what I was seeing It was like some sort of air show. It was very odd and I really don’t know what th e purpose of this alien air display was but it really! left me scratching my head. These organic craft are definitely not man made and after years of watching and studying the abilities of these craft I can safely say that they are definitely not from our earth. I used to believe that these craft were interplanetary but now I am not so sure. They just appear from nowhere and after decades of research I now believe that we are dealing with extra dimensional alien beings from another level of existence that is parallel with our universe. It would appear that their level of existence is only separated from our reality by only two inches and these dimensional alien beings appear to be using advanced quantum technologies to traverse this two inch boundary popping in and out of our reality at any time with ease. I strongly believe that quantum mechanics hold the key to our complete understanding of these extra dimensional alien beings and their strange craft. The photograph was taken at 11:33 AM on the 13th of May ‎2018 at Newton Abbot Dev on England. All the best John.









The many sightings and reports over the three-day period ran between 16th and 18th March 1952 (some sources list the dates as 17th to 19th March). It would appear that after beginning during the daytime on the Thursday (16th) before continuing overnight and into the Friday (17th) and then overnight to the Saturday (18th), by which time the sightings were slowing somewhat.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing of these sightings, and certainly one of the most detailed, is also one of the first, that of Marlo Webb. Marler would speak to Webb in 2016, relaying that despite his grand age of over 90 years, he still had a very “sharp” mind. And of interest to us here, he recalls in detail the events of that morning perfectly.

He worked in the Parts Department of the Perry Smoak Chevrolet Garage. On this particular morning at a little after 11 am he would notice several people stood outside near the gas pumps on the forecourt. Of more interest, they were seemingly looking and pointing upwards to the sky.

He made his way out of the building, knowing something unusual was taking place. When he stepped outside and turned his gaze upwards, he saw 15 to 20 “objects” moving out of the east and towards the west. Despite the abundance of these strange crafts, Webb recalls they made no noise whatsoever.

Furthermore, there was an obvious intelligence about them as they remained in a purposeful and tight formation, occasionally making extremely tight turns. Perhaps most intriguing was the fact the objects had a “fuzzy outline” to them making it hard to pinpoint any particular color. They remained in sight for around 10 minutes.

An Open Investigation Or An Ominous But Discreet Suppression?

Webb would claim to simply return to work following the sighting. Furthermore, he was visited and interviewed by military personnel in the days that followed. He would claim he was free to speak as he wished and received no threats from his interviewers and has spoken of the incident many times since.

As with many UFO sightings, though, rumors of intimidation and warnings to “stay quiet” would circulate around the area. Whether there is any truth to such rumors is perhaps up for debate. As is whether the local and state newspapers were “asked” to not print any more stories of the incident.

What is perhaps interesting about this last charge is that this request is said to have been issued at some time during 18th March. And while a story had appeared that day in the Farmington newspapers, no follow-ups of the incident seemed to appear.

Perhaps even more bizarre were the claims of discreet warnings from equally discreet government agencies. Using “national security” as a way of encouraging silence, as was the citizen’s duty. Maybe equally bizarre are the claims of all copies of the aforementioned newspapers “going missing” from the stands and stalls around Farmington.

While this is purely speculation, there have been several other cases where “damage control” is put into operation. Including the limiting of what stories appear concerning the incidents. Especially at such sightings where smaller, local newspapers are the target.

Whether these conspiracies of intimidation and information control have any truth to them remains unknown. There were, however, many, many more witnesses with encounters to tell. Many of whom would witness the events of almost 24 hours later.

The Second Day – “Hundreds Of Objects” Over Farmington

At just after 10 am on 17th March, the first reports of a group of “flying saucers” came into police switchboard. Reports ranged from five to nine objects seemingly heading in a northeast direction. By 10:30 am, “hundreds of objects” were visible west from the center of town. As the reports streamed in, several would make reference to some of the objects being involved in a “tussle” or “dogfight” overhead.

Many of the reports featured the objects called “silvery discs”. With several more specifically stating that a larger, red disc was an obvious leader of these apparent battle-ready cosmic squadron.

One witness, 32-year-old, Clayton Boddy, who worked for the Farmington Times and had experience in the Army Engineers was just one who noticed these strange objects. After witnessing several of these strange crafts travel overhead, he was suddenly in awe as the sky filled with these bizarre aerial anomalies. He would state:

Moments later there appeared what seemed to be about 500 of them!

He would estimate the objects were at an altitude of 15,000 feet, although he couldn’t estimate their speed or size. Incidentally, four other witnesses would corroborate the sighting of Boddy.

Later that same afternoon, at a little after 3 pm, came further reports of strange objects flying in tight formations. One such witness, Edward Brooks – a former B-29-tail-gunner – was adamant that the objects were “not airplanes”. He would state:

The very maneuvering of the things couldn’t be that of modern aircraft!

This was something another witness would notice. John Bloomfield would estimate the objects were traveling around “10 times faster” than modern jet planes. He would elaborate on how they “came at each other head-on” only to avoid each other at the last moment.

Virgil Riggs – Objects “From Horizon To Horizon Like A Quilt Of Double-Six Dominos!”

Although he was only 8 years old at the time, Virgil Riggs would witness the objects from outside the Aztec Elementary School – at least on the first two days. He would state over 60 years later at a MUFON presentation in New Mexico that:

All these square-looking formations (appeared) in the sky. They were made up of dots, and the dots would shift from one formation to another. The first day there were a few. The second day there were too many to count, and the third day there were maybe 30 or 40!

Riggs would elaborate that on the second day the objects were across the sky “from horizon to horizon”. He would further describe this scene as looking like a “quilt pattern of double-six dominos”.

You can see a visual representation of how the sky looked to Riggs below.

He would speak also of witnessing objects moving from one formation into another. So forcing one of the existing objects to move as a consequence. This was replicated across the sky as objects forced their way into formations. Almost giving the impression that the sky was alive. Riggs would remember he and his friends “thought it was pretty cool”.

Riggs would further recall, certainly from his perspective, of the children essentially taking the sightings very much in their stride. Even feeling “disappointed when they went away”. He claimed that neither he nor his friends felt threatened at any time during the sightings. NOTE: The above image is CGI.





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Husband and I just left Floresville after having dinner there. Driving down FM 1303, approaching County Rd 121.approximately 9:30, we noticed a green light in the sky, on my left. I thought it was a new cellphone tower. As we got closer, noticed there was NO tower but a green light that was hovering over a field, about 500 ft. Told John to slow down. He did while I took a picture. Should have taken a video. He stopped the car. After I took 2 pictures, it proceeded to travel south. Told John to turn around. As he turned around, I called Wilson County Sheriff to report it. The dispatcher’s response was” it’s probably a drone”and that she would have a deputy drive by. We approached County Rd 121 and it stopped. It then took off at a slow pace towards the Northeast. We then aborted the chase. Odd coincidence, the next day, we heard a good part of Floresville had a power outage. The power station is about 5 miles from the sighting.








Hi Ken: It was a beautiful day and the sky was blue and clear so I had decided to go out and sky watch. I had my Nikon P900 camera set up on a tripod facing north. I was looking through the viewfi nder of my camera when I spotted something t! hat looked very odd but was also very familiar looking. There was a UFO ascending into the sky that reminded me of an old unfolded flip phone. It looked like the one I use to own years ago. I had to do a double take I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The UFO was very unusual looking and I had never seen anything shaped like this before. I was completely transfixed on the UFO and how odd looking it was but luckily I managed to take one photograph of the UFO before it was gone. I have seen many different types of shaped UFOs during the time I have spent sky watching and it really makes me wonder where these things are manufactured. These craft are huge and I definitely believe that they are not from earth. The aliens must be using space platforms or hollowed out asteroids as manufacturing plants to produce craft of this magnitude. The operation must be huge and on an industrial level that we have never seen before. It really is mind boggling. The photograph was taken at 11:38 AM on the 6th of May 2018 at Newton Abbot Devon England. All the best John.







On the evening of June 4, 2019 two people were traveling near the Youngstown side of the Chestnut Ridge not far from Latrobe in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. The sky was clear with good visibility. The passenger in the car suddenly yelled out, “What are those lights”? The driver was watching the road and didn’t notice them until they were pointed out.

The passenger was confused about what she was seeing since it looked so unusual. She saw what appeared to be a glass tube cylinder among bright lights that seemed to be covered with a smoke or haze. The cylinder appeared to be attached to a large V shaped object with several rows of different colored lights.

This sketch of the object was drawn by one of the witnesses
The driver pulled the car over and stopped the vehicle so he could view what the other person was watching. The man said he was amazed when he looked up and noticed the odd sight in the sky approximately 80-100 yards away from the vehicle. Hovering about 60 feet over the trees was a very strange looking object in the shape of a V. The V shape was made up of numerous small rectangular shaped white lights. These lights were glowing but would brighten and dim at times. The driver estimated that there could have been 50 or more lights. The object was estimated to be about 40-50 feet long.

Above the smaller lights were four larger round lights that were strobing and orange, blue, red, and green in color. The brightness of these colors appeared pale compared to the smaller rectangular white lights. These lights seem to strobe from left to right. There was a larger light that produced a beam that was scanning the sky above the object.

The driver lowered the windows as they continued to watch the object. The two observers were amazed that the hovering object was completely silent. As the witnesses continued to watch the object, some odd affects took place. The driver stated that it was as though “the electronic system of the car was having a seizure.” The radio was off at the time, however they suddenly began to hear an odd clicking sound inside the vehicle but they were unable to locate the source. At the same time it was noticed that the dash lights were dimming on and off with the beat of the clicking sound. The driver also stated that soon after he was having a problem with his cell phone dropping the signal several times.

The observers watched the object for about 3 minutes but became very disturbed by the encounter and decided to leave the area and continue down the road. The passenger stated, “we were beside ourselves in and awe.” They didn’t even think of trying to take a picture.

The object was still hovering as they began to drive down the road going about 30 miles per hour. That is when something else strange occurred. About 30 seconds after they left the location of the observation, a deer ran out from the woods in front of their car. The driver of the car is an experienced outdoorsman and said the deer looked dazed and confused. It was moments later that another deer did the same thing. Then just a short distance down the road a bird hit the car windshield and continued on. As they continued for another short distance an even stranger animal encounter took place.

The driver, who is very familiar with the native animals around the area, saw a creature that startled him. He said this creature stopped about 7 feet in front of his vehicle. This creature was directly in his headlights and he got a good look at it. He knew what it was but the animal has been declared extirpated in Pennsylvania for many years.

He is certain he saw a “wolverine.” The animal looked directly at the vehicle and was about 4 feet long from tail to snout. It had light brown hair with dark spots with tuffs of tan and white hair. It had its mouth open and showed its teeth before running off. Its body was thicker than the fishers that have been seen around this area. The witness said he was dumbfounded. As they continued on, more deer quickly exited the woods.

The driver commented, “all of these animals seemed confused and frightened. They were all crossing the road as to evade something that had scared them. I was in a state of amazement at what we encountered. I’ll never forget that strange night.”

In recent weeks, the national news media has been giving some serious attention to the UFO phenomena and focusing on observations made by our Navy pilots. I set up my UFO Hotline in 1969 to report sightings in the Keystone state and my phone never stops ringing with current and past observations. When I began in the field investigations of UFOs and other phenomena in 1965, it became apparent that many UFO sightings could be explained as natural or manmade in origin. However every year, I receive UFO reports from across Pennsylvania that are not so easily explained away.

During my nearly 60 years of research I have investigated multitudes of low level UFO incidents where large structured objects were observed at very close range. Many of these incidents occurred in daylight and were observed by more than one witness. These detailed close range UFO encounters have continued to occur in more recent years. During the last year and continuing into 2019, I have continued to receive reports of aerial objects that are not easily dismissed.

NOTE: from Scott Gordon…The sighting that I have detailed occurred along the Chestnut Ridge. This area has a long history of mysterious encounters. There are commonly annual reports of UFOs, Bigfoot, and other anomalies reported through the Chestnut Ridge area of Westmoreland, Fayette, and Indiana counties in Pennsylvania. If you have any Pennsylvania UFO or Bigfoot incidents you would like to discuss I can also be contacted at: paufo@comcast.net. NOTE: The above photo is real and from another strange encounter in Tracy California.








I took these photos late at night, on a farm, in Southern Manitoba, Canada. It is pitch black there at night. No city lights. No airplanes. No helicopters. Very few people. This object appeared in the sky… it was faint, then got brighter, then fainter, then brighter, then gone.

There was no noise.  There are a few photos, they all look very different. This is all the same object on the same night. I believe I took all the photos in a matter of 5 – 10 minutes.  The photos are numbered so you can see them in sequence. There are red/pink and green and white lights…. so it makes me think it’s earthly. But still VERY weird. 

Thanks to the photographer Cheyanne Dobranski for this UFO report.






The Humanoid Of Gydnia, Poland

One of the most intriguing of these UFO cases of the Cold War are the events of February 1959 in Gydnia in (then) Soviet-controlled Poland. Several people would report seeing a glowing object descending from the sky in freefall, crashing into the icy waters near the docks.

Authorities would send several divers into the freezing waters in an attempt to locate any wreckage. They would eventually return with a shining piece of metal. Knowing that “something” lay at the bottom of the waters, the Polish Navy would restrict access to the docks.

Shortly after midday on 21st February, a “strange silhouette” humanoid would emerge from the water. It proceeded to drag itself to the shore. Dressed in a strange and unknown uniform, the humanoid, who was male, would speak in a language unfamiliar to anyone.

Once at a nearby hospital doctors would attempt to treat the heavy facial burns. They would also attempt to remove the uniform so as to treat further wounds on the body, but nobody could remove the garment. Despite the appearance and touch of the material suggesting it to be thin and light, it proved as strong as steel and could not be ripped or torn.

The strange humanoid eventually died, presumably of his injuries. The body was placed in a “frozen-container” and taken to a top-secret location in the underground systems of Moscow. Although human-looking, doctors would note several distinct differences between humans and the mystery man.

For example, most of the internal organs were drastically different to ours, as was the circulatory system. Each hand and foot also contained an extra digit. Some accounts of this incident speak of two humanoids emerging from the craft. One of who survived and whose whereabouts remains a mystery and unknown. NOTE: The above image is CGI.





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Date: in the year 2000 (I can’t pinpoint more precisely), I was in my early twenties (born in 1977).
Location: city of Lausanne, Switzerland (on the edge of Lake Geneva/Lake Leman).
Recurrence: 3 nights in-a-row, then never again (that I remember).

I was in nursing school at the time, renting a small room in the tower-like school building (next to the CHUV, the University hospital of Lausanne).

At a personal level, I wasn’t doing very good. I was struggling with a problem of bulimia-anorexia. I would have a binge eating crisis every evening, and if, for whatever reason, I couldn’t, I would go into panic mode. Much like a junkie.

But one evening though, while in my room, I became aware that the compulsion wasn’t there. It simply was gone. That was startling, and very empowering. I could feel that “something was different in the air” beside that fact, without being able to say what.

Eventually it was time to go to bed, which I did. As I recall, as soon as I laid my head on the pillow, without going into the phase of getting asleep, I felt myself being powerfully “sucked” backwards, extremely quickly, with a strong vertigo feeling in my stomach. Next, I was aware of being in a circular, dimly lit “room”, with several rectangular “doors” – or what felt like doors – along the curved wall. Unfortunately, I cannot describe the environment more precisely than that. The type of materials, how were the doors exactly, the wall… I don’t remember. I will say though that it didn’t feel like I was inside of a craft. That’s about what I can say about the environment.

I was aware of lying on my back, with a heavy weight on my chest (no respiratory problems felt). I was feeling afraid, but not panicked. I began feeling angry because I wanted to stand up and couldn’t. I was able to move my limbs freely and began struggling mightily to try to get up. I thought to myself, “Gee, I’m struggling so much that when I will open my eyes in my bed, I will see the mess I’m making”.

In fact, I “knew” that I was in two places at the same time. I had the awareness to be in that room, and to still be lying in my bed. I was convinced that the movements I was making in that “room”, I (or my body) was making them in my bed also. I think this is what is called bilocation.

I was aware of the presence of one or more beings, responsible for the weight I was feeling on my chest. I didn’t have the feeling that an entity was literally “sitting” on my chest, though. I don’t remember either the number of beings nor how they looked. To the most, something that I could say would be a color: brownish. But with regard to their shape, height and other details, it’s not in my memory. I don’t remember what might have happened further in that circular “room”.

What I do remember next is opening my eyes in my bedroom, utterly shocked to find myself laying fine in my undisturbed bed. That fact was even more shocking to me than the rest of the experience.

I spent the next day at school trying to understand just what had happened. I knew it was not a dream, it felt completely different. At the time, I had next to zero awareness of ET’s/aliens. Zero awareness of “abductions”. It was making sense to me that we humans were not the only sentient species out there, but that was about it at the time.

In the evening of that second day, I got the sensation that the experience would happen again. I was feeling somewhat afraid, but again, strangely, not panicked nor terrorised. When I went to bed and laid my head on the pillow, it happened again. I thought to myself, “Oh no” while feeling the “sucking” backwards phenomenon. And the exact same scenario repeated: I was in the same place, laying on my back, same weight on my chest, again unable to free myself and stand up. Next thing I remember is like the night prior: I open my eyes in my bedroom, not recalling anything more of what might have happened in that circular room.

Now on the third day, I was feeling fed up. I was mentally preparing for being able, this time, to stand up. I was going to show “them”. :)

I was anticipating the night and the reoccurrence of the experience. So when it did happen again, I was satisfied and all pumped up. However, the same scenario repeated and I was unable to stand up in that circular room. I “prepared” for a fourth occurrence, but it didn’t happen. It never happened again since. On the fifth or sixth day, my eating compulsion came back and my bulimia-anorexia problem resumed. NOTE: The above image is CGI.







In Bastian, Virginia at around 8:30 pm on the 3rd March 2017, an anonymous witness was picking up her 16-year-old daughter from a school function. As they began on their journey home, the witness noticed a “super bright star” to the left of the vehicle.

The witness was driving along mountainous roads at the time. Their home is situated in the valleys of the area. However, the object didn’t disappear from sight as she guided the car down the roadway. Instead, the glowing object appeared alongside the car and began to descend at a similar pace. The strange light would follow the witness for several minutes before finally disappearing. She would later state:

It looked rectangle-shaped and you could see red lights all along its side!

Another strange incident took place several months later. At just after 5 am on the morning of 4th June in Latham, Tennessee. According to the witness, they and their family had seen “lights in the sky for months”. Even descending as “orange balls of light” and actively followed his vehicle.

On this particular morning, after seeing the balls of light in the trees, he would leave his vehicle to investigate. When he walked a little way into the woodland, though, the lights instantly began to head towards them.

He would state that when the “light” was around 20 feet away, he could see that it was a “7 feet tall, grey, smooth-skinned alien-looking being” heading in their direction. The lights, he would claim, were actually the creature’s eyes.

Why Are UFOs Following Witnesses?

Another incident was reported at a similar time – around 4:30 am – on the 31st July. This time in Exira, Iowa. The witness was on their way to work and was driving along F58. Then, they noticed two bright lights heading towards them.

They would pull the car over, thinking it might be a small airplane in trouble. However, they couldn’t make out any other details that would suggest it was a plane. They could, however, see a “big white orb” on the underside of the craft. The object would follow the witness for another mile or so before disappearing.

One of the most recent incidents took place on the 23rd December at around 9:40 pm in Kincardine in Scotland. The witness would recall seeing a “metallic triangle with red and green lights” on the underside. On the underside was a “continual bright white light”. Very similar, perhaps, to the “white orb” witnessed by the driver in Iowa six months previously. The object would follow the vehicle for several miles before the driver lost sight of it while making a turn.

Whether there is a connection between these sightings or not is open to debate. The accounts of a “humanoids” sitting within these strange, glowing orbs, might indeed prove them to be some kind of cockpit. One, if the 2017 descriptions are accurate, are on the underside of a dark, metallic craft. Indeed, it is perfectly reasonable, for example, to suspect that the sightings of these strange, piloted orbs, actually sightings of metallic crafts where only the lit-up orb-like cockpit is visible.

Why are these crafts actively pursuing witnesses – albeit in an inquisitive manner as opposed to attacking? Perhaps that is the area of concern. NOTE: The above image is CGI.





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Time: 11:30pm

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 2

Shape of objects: Orb/ circular

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No

Weather Conditions: Great clear night, couple clouds in th distance, but none where the object was seen.


Description: We were out fishing, it was close to midnight, we were about to leave, as we were bringing in the rods we seen a blue light, like a beach ball? Or something like that shape shoot up over Broadbeach, looked like it was over the water off broady/out the front.  It went up blue, about 1000 feet, changed to red, blue, then changed, like a ring of light were around it. They went from orange/red. Then stopped. Changed to blue then went higher, and changed to red a few more times, then back to blue and went down off in the horizon.  It repeated this 3 times before we decided to drive to the beach to see it up close. By then it was gone. There MUST have been other witnesses ?  Also I was browsing the recent testimonies and noticed someone has seen a similar thing ( from up in Springbrook).  NOTE: The above image is a rendering.





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