A Christmas Eve Sighting Of A “Bluish White Disc!”

At a similar time of 7 pm on Christmas Eve in Heltonville, Indiana, another interesting report would enter the public arena. The witness in question, again under anonymity, would report that they were doing some work on a house they were due to move into in the new year. The property was “just south of Lake Monroe”, which is perhaps an interesting detail when we recall the number of UFO sightings that occur near such large bodies of water.

As they were in the bathroom of the property, however, a bizarre encounter would unfold. The room was unlit but did have a skylight allowing whatever light could penetrate in from outside to do so. However, without warning, the entire room suddenly lit up “like (it was) daylight”. Intrigued and more than a little unnerved, the witness grabbed their coat and rushed outside the property.

As soon as they did so the unnerved feeling turned to one of shock. Not only was most of the surrounding area also under similar “daylight conditions”, but the apparent source of this bright and urgent lighting was also a huge “bluish-white disc” that was moving slowly overhead. The witness would later estimate the object was no more than 200 feet from the ground.

The strange craft would ultimately make its way toward the woods that surrounded the property. As it did so, “shots of bright lights” would “shoot down” from the underside of the craft into the woodland below.

The witness would watch the object until it disappeared from their view. Upon returning inside they would immediately check a clock. Much to their relief, there were no signs of missing time, although an explanation remains seemingly out of reach.

A Bizarre Find During A New Year’s Eve Computer Repair Turns Into UFO Sighting!

Almost exactly a week later, at 7:30 pm on New Year’s Eve in Kempton in Tipton County, Indiana, another equally bizarre and unexplained incident would unfold. And what’s more, it would unfold after the witness – a computer repair technician – noticed strange activity on a home computer they were repairing on the day in question.

In their report they would state that not only was the system’s hard drive “not responding”, but the “CMOS BIOS settings (were) all wrong”. Only somebody going into the computer to alter such settings should result in their current state. And the owner of the home computer was themselves barely a novice. Certainly not with the knowledge or reason to carry out such system alterations.

The witness would recall that they would even joke to the owner of the computer if there had been “any UFO activity” in the area. Ultimately, due to the late hour, the witness would offer to take the system back with them so it could be fully tested and repaired, to which the owner allowed.

It was as they were loading the home computer on to the back seat of their vehicle that they noticed a “bright white light” in the skies ahead of them. They would claim that several of the trees would limit his view initially.

So curious was the computer technician at this point, that instead of making their way home, they would set off from the computer owner’s property in the direction of the strange light. NOTE: The above image is CGI.





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Hi Ken : I was in the back garden and I had just set up my Nikon P900 camera on a tripod, when I spotted a passenger plane far off in the distance. I looked through the viewfinder of my camera and began to watch the plane as it flew across the sky. Then to my amazement I spotted an object that seemed to appear out of nowhere. The object flew up near the passenger plane and stopped for a moment before it began to move again. I could hardly believe what I was seeing the object was saucer shaped with a small black dome on top. There was no doubt in my mind it was a flying saucer. It was extremely fast but, because I had already gone to the trouble of setting up my camera I was able to take two photographs and capture the flying saucer before it was gone. I have seen and photographed so many UFOs in this area I really can’t understand what is attracting them to Devon? The photographs were taken on 1st of July 2019 at Newton Abbot Devon England. All the best John https://ufologist.yolasite.com







JANUARY 24 2018


A Montana witness near Great Falls reported that a contact on the Malmstrom Air Force Base described a 10-minute power outage after a circular-shaped object “over a half-acre in size” hovered over the base, according to testimony in Case 89785. The event occurred on January 24, 2018. “My base contact described the object only as black,” the reporting witness stated. “If contacted, Malmstrom AFB will confirm the power outage but nothing more. Investigators are on their way. Last sighting was in May 2017. This source is reliable and confirmed as am I.” The witness describes himself as a retired police detective “not given to exaggerations.” The filed report indicates the object was black in color with no structural features. The object size was larger than 300 feet. No exterior lights. No emissions. The object was hovering at less than 500 feet in altitude. The object was over one mile away from the witness. No landing was observed.

Investigators contacted the media relations department at Malmstrom and did not receive a reply. “Ruled out for astronomical or weather anomalies,” Cisneros and Gagnon stated in their report. “Ruled out for bolides or fireball activity. Ruled out for obvious hoax. “Our conclusion: Unidentified object. Size, shape, flight pattern and path do not fit with known conventional aircraft. Because this was reported by someone other than the witness, this case has to be filed as an Information Only unless further information is forthcoming by the witness.” Malmstrom Air Force Base is in Cascade County, Montana, adjacent to Great Falls. It is the home of the 341st Missile Wing (341 MW) of the Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC). As a census-designated place, it has a population of 3,472

NOTE: The above image is CGI.







JANUARY 24, 2018. . . . . . . . .DROITWICH SPA ENGLAND

A British witness at Droitwich Spa reported watching a black, triangle-shaped object under 100 feet, according to testimony in Case 89780. The witness was driving at 10:30 p.m. on January 24, 2018. “I was travelling from the Swan Pub at the top of the lane,” the witness stated. “As I started down the lane towards the Copcut Pub, I noticed a white, static light come over the tree tops, and over the top of my car; thinking it was a shooting star, I looked up to see a triangle, jet-black craft going overhead. A light was at each corner. Its length was that of a large plane. I thought it was one. So I wound the window down to hear no engine noises. As it passed quietly overhead, I slowed to watch it move at speed about 100 feet up…in a straight line, heading away towards Redditch…only seeing the rear corner light as it went… the others were not visible. I clearly saw the shape and its body was dense black…to blend in with the darkness… but the city lights showed its shape as it kept away from our town…travelling across country in the dark. United Kingdom MUFON Field Investigator John Noyce closed this case as an Unknown-Other.

There is a large airport (Birmingham) 26 miles southwest, if the aircraft were to fly over the witness position, they would be higher than the sighting. And there are no takeoff and landing flight paths in that direction. There are no military bases of interest in the area. The witness did mention there were high power electric cables that seem to run in the direction of the sighting, and upon checking with Google Earth I found this correct.” Droitwich Spa is a town in northern Worcestershire, England, on the River Salwarpe. NOTE: The above image is CGI.







APRIL 22, 1976. . . . . . . . . ELMWOD WISCONSIN

At around 11 pm on the evening of 22nd April 1976, George Wheeler would spot what he believed to be an orange glow from a fire near Tuttle Hill in the small town of Elmwood. Around 60 miles from the Mississippi River and with a population (at the time) of just over 700 people, Elmwood was typical of its era of small-town America.

Wheeler himself had over three decades experience in policing, having served with state departments in New York and Wisconsin, as well as acting as a “one-man police force” in Elmwood before “retiring” to a reserve officer (essentially, filling in the current one-man police force was away). It is perhaps also important to mention that Wheeler was an experienced Second World War pilot who had seen combat on several occasion. In short, it would appear the relief police officer was a reliable and credible witness.

On this evening, however, thinking a fire was about to rip through the small town, he jumped in his vehicle and made his way to the location. Upon arriving, though, he wouldn’t find any flames of an uncontrollable blaze. Instead, he witnessed “a strange glowing object”. What’s more, this object was approximately 100 feet above the ground.

Wheeler would estimate he was around 500 feet from the hovering craft. He could see “six bluish-white lights” as well as several “windows or portholes” along the side. Even more intriguing and concerning at the same time, were the moving shadows suggesting that someone was inside this mammoth, silver-colored aerial vehicle.

A Brilliant Orange-White That Was “Like Looking Into The Sun!”

He continued to watch the scene develop. He noticed an open side-panel which allowed him to glimpse inside. Wheeler could see something “revolving slowly” which reminded him of a turbine. As his focus shifted to the bottom of the craft, he noticed several “legs” protruded from the underside. However, more prominent was the “black, hose-like appendage” which connected to the bottom of the main part of the craft.

He would radio his report to the sheriff’s department in nearby Ellsworth. As he was doing so, however, the craft suddenly rose with alarming speed. In sympathy with the sudden movement, a “bluish flash” hit the area, perhaps even the patrol car itself, causing the radio to cut out instantly. The car’s lights and engine also went out without warning.

When the radio came back to life a short while later with a voice asking Wheeler if he needed assistance, he would reply:

My God, it’s another of these UFOs or spacecraft!

Wheeler would take a few seconds to clear his thoughts. He would estimate seeing the object for no more than a minute, most likely around 45 seconds. He would also recall a “whooshing” noise as it zoomed upward into the night sky.

Wheeler would further recall that the main exterior of the craft was indeed a metallic silver color, the top was a brilliant glow of orangey-white. In fact, he would claim staring at this top part was “like looking into the sun” such was the brightness. Furthermore, it was huge. At least around the size of a two-story house.

An Attempt At Extraction Of Natural Resources

Perhaps of most interest was the black hose-like appendage. Wheeler claimed it projected downward into the trees below. Whether it went all the way to the ground is unknown. There are, however, several close-contact UFO sightings featuring similar “black tubes”. Most often, these devices are seemingly used to extract water from a supply on the ground, either a water tower or even a lake or river, for example.

If we accept, just for a moment, that the black tube that Wheeler witnessed was similar to these other sightings around the globe (with many of them, incidentally, seemingly taking place between the mid-1960s to the early-1980s), what was it attempting to extract?

There was a farmhouse nearby owned by the O’Bryan family. This means there will likely be a water supply tower too. However, it would appear that no direct activity was reported by the family. Mr. O’Bryan would claim that a little after 11 pm, the television reception went dead but quickly returned. This would likely match when the object took off into the sky knocking out the police radio and car engine.

It is also worth mentioning the testimony from a witness from another farm in the area, a 9-year-old boy would claim his sister returned to the family home that evening from “some doings in town”. Of more interest, however, was the reaction of the family dogs as she did so. Instead of running to her as they would do normally, they would purposely keep their distance and bark repeatedly.

Perhaps, then, we should turn our attention to the limestone quarry which resides in the immediate vicinity of the sighting. Might this have been the target of the apparently cosmic craft? Several contactees have claimed Earth’s natural resources are the target of such UFO activity.

“Hit” By A UFO!

Shortly after the incident, 36-year-old dairy farmer, David Moots, was returning home from dropping off the family babysitter when he saw Wheeler’s squad car parked across the road with the lights out. He pulled over his vehicle and walked over the Wheeler’s car to see if the long-time Elmwood police officer needed assistance.

Moots was aware of a past heart attack suffered by Wheeler. So when he saw him struggling to get out of his squad car he, at first, believed he might be having another similar episode. The closer he got to the car, however, he could clearly see there was something wrong with Wheeler. He called out to the relief police officer, asking if he was OK. Wheeler replied that he had been hit.

Now growing concerned once more, he asked him if a car had hit him Wheeler’s reply, however, was perhaps the last thing the dairy farmer expected to hear:

No, one of those UFOs!

The use of the word “those” is interesting, suggesting that UFO sightings were common knowledge among the residents of the town. When Moots was interviewed later and asked about this, he would claim that “a lot of people” claimed to have witnessed UFOs and strange objects in the area. So much so, that he didn’t think twice Wheeler mentioning one too. What did surprise him, though, was the claim of being “hit” by one.

Moots would further recall how “dazed” Wheeler appeared. And how he was not at all like himself.

An Orange Half-Moon Over Tuttle Hill – Corroborating Witnesses

There were, of course, several other witnesses to the evening’s events. For example, housewife, Mrs. Wergland, was at home just outside of Elmwood when her cuckoo clock announced it was 11 pm. She would make her way to the kitchen in order to take her regular shot of medicine. As she did so, however, she would happen to catch a glance out of her kitchen window.

There, opposite her home, was a “bright, orange moon-shaped” object hovering over Tuttle Hill. She would watch the object for several minutes before simply going to bed and going to sleep. When asked why she did not report the sighting or even wake her husband she claimed she had seen lots of strange objects in the area. And furthermore, her husband usually claimed they were likely “just the moon”.

Another witness, however, Paul Fredrickson would report his sighting. Fredrickson, the administrator of the Heritage of Elmwood Nursing Home was at home when he received a phone call. It was the wife of the police chief who asked that he might go to the front of his house and look out of the window. When he did, he would see an “an orange glow, like a moon cut in half”. What’s more, the object appeared to be over Tuttle Hill.

Fredrickson would quickly dismiss the idea that the orange glow was a blaze of some kind as there was no flames nor smoke. By the time he returned to the phone, his wife was now awake and downstairs. By the time they returned to the front window, the glowing object was no longer there. NOTE: The above image is CGI.





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“14 years ago myself and my 2 kids saw something very similar. We were driving to Seattle in the middle of the night to beat Thanksgiving day traffic from our home in Kalama, Washington. We took the 512 McChord Air Force exit and a few miles later I saw a gigantic black triangle a mile or so ahead of us hovering low in the sky. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I’m a skeptic so I was trying to figure out what kind of military craft it was. My 16 year old daughter spoke. I thought she was sleeping so I looked at her. She asked me, ‘WTF is that Mom?’ ‘I don’t know,’ I said. We all three turned to stare. My son woke because we were talking. Anyway when we looked again the thing multiplied, there were 3 now. The other 2 were smaller but the same shape, all had lights on the outer perimeter. We stared for a good 5 minutes because I slowed down to get a good look. After going straight under it we saw military jets banking hard and heading straight for it. Suddenly they all disappeared. I don’t know if they just hit the lights out or if they left. All three of us are sceptics so to this day we aren’t calling what we saw alien aircraft but definitely a UFO.” RP NOTE: The above image is CGI.






CNN Reports Peruvian Air Force Confirms UFOs at Lima Airport

Back in February 2019, two UFOs were reported in writing by the airport staff at Jorge Cavez International Airport near Lima, including the ground crews for two planes that had been on the runway and personnel in the control tower. At the time, this was part of a series of both confirmed and unconfirmed but leaked reports of UFOs at or near the Jorge Cavez airport. Now, nearly four months later, the Peruvian Air Force has confirmed the February 27 sightings to CNN Espanol. Has Peru beaten the U.S. to the UFO disclosure punch?

“The occurrence that you refer to -in fact- existed and for this it is necessary to point out that at that time air operations, both civil and military, were never at risk because of the location and location.”

CNN Espanol quotes major general of the Peruvian Aérwa Force Robert Baxerias Vucanovich and points out that the incident was also verified by the Information and Aerospace Interests Directorate of Peru (DINIA). CNN says its investigators also spoke to Marco A. Barraza, the principal investigator of the office in charge of the case, who confirmed that more UFO sightings are under investigation, although he did not say which ones. The “occurrence” on February 27 happened at 1:30 am. Two luminous UFOs were seen about 5 nautical miles away at an approximate height of 2,400 meters (1.5 miles) by, among others, the crew of the aircrafts LANPERU2437 and LATAM ECUADOR 1442, which were on the taxiways. The UFOs were observed for 40 minutes and were recorded on radar screens in the control tower.

That’s it. Case closed. End of discussion. The Peruvian Air Force confirms the existence of UFOs at the Jorge Chavez airport in February 2019. Right?

“Since we have an anomalous aerial phenomena office, a man from CNN writes to me saying that some writings had been leaked, where a tower controller had seen a light in the sky, and he had reported it on his relay sheet, then, I respond by mail because, when you see something flying, the FAP has the obligation to investigate, but at no time did I say UFO.”

OK, Major General Robert Baxerias Vucanovich told the media site Peru21 that he didn’t say “UFO” but Marco A. Barraza confirmed they were UFOs, right? Well, the major general claims that his five-paragraph summary of the information Barraza sent him did not say “UFO” either. Peru21 checked with Barraza and he had this to say:

“In the heavens there is a series of occurrences, objects and events that have and are investigated, but as long as they do not presuppose a threat or a risk to civilian or military operations, they go into ‘another’ different category.”

Something seems to be happening in the airspace around the Jorge Cavez International Airport in Peru. Let’s hope CNN Espanol and Peru21 do their jobs and continue to investigate these “occurrences” and report their findings to the public. Evasive action belongs in the air, not in the press conference.








Several months later, on 25th April in San Jose, two scientists were driving to their place of employment (a private unnamed company) when they witnessed a strange object traveling through sunlit skies overhead. The time was a little after 11 am when biochemist “Dr. W.” and bacteriologist, “Dr. Y.” were driving along the road. They continued to follow the strange aerial anomaly until they arrived at their company car park. There, they would exit their vehicle and take a closer look.

Over the road from their location, directly over the building that resided there, was a “small metallic-looking silver disc”. It was at a tilt of approximately 20 degrees and was rotating. One of the witnesses would later describe it as “like the motion of a disc in a water meter”. They would estimate the width of the disc to have been between four and five feet.

Neither of them could hear any particular sound from the object, certainly not what you would associate with conventional aircraft of the time. They also noticed no sign of exhaust or any other type of fuel emission. Suddenly it would burst into motion again. It would move through the late-morning sky in an arc-like motion. When it was over the railroad, it turned in the air and moving around ten miles per hour, it would head in their direction.

It was then that both witnesses noticed a much larger black object, much higher above at around an altitude of 10,000 feet. They would estimate it to be at least 100 feet across and simply hovered silently with a strange authority. Moments later, two identical large black round objects appeared as if out of nowhere.

Second Thoughts Of An Official Report

With their attention momentarily on the much larger discs above, the two doctors noticed the smaller, silver disc was now much closer. It was still approaching, and still at its calm, leisurely pace. Then it stopped moving and spinning at the same time. It remained still for a second or two before moving off at a much faster pace, climbing higher as it did in the direction of Mount Hamilton. In sympathy with it, one of the large black objects moved away in the same direction.

The two men remained where they were next to their parked car. The two black objects continued hovering before one of them set out towards the north and the other shot directly upward disappearing into the waiting cloud in the upper reaches of the atmosphere. The men checked their watches. It was 11:15 am – only fifteen minutes had passed by. Each would quickly make their way to their respective offices to immediately dictate accounts to their secretaries. Dr. W originally planned to make an official report to the nearby Moffett Field air base. However, while waiting on the line, he suddenly had visions of public ridicule from his colleagues. He hung up the phone.

Although they wouldn’t make official reports, they would speak privately and under anonymity with UFO researcher James MacDonald. The sighting, by two respected professionals no less, is certainly intriguing. And is one that would be replicated several times in sunny California over the next several weeks. NOTE: The above image is CGI.





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A Massachusetts witness at Attleboro reported watching three orange lights followed by a helicopter, according to testimony in Case 92641 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was in his living room at 10:30 p.m. on June 10, 2018.

“I heard a very strange noise,” the witness stated. “I went out on my front porch to see what it was. I observed at first a helicopter through the trees coming from a northwest direction. As soon as it came over the tree line, I noticed it was tailing three extremely dim orange lights. They didn’t seem connected. As in it didn’t seem as one object. But maybe three separate objects. The sound was extremely powerful. I could hear the helicopter but could not distinguish the sounds emitting from the other objects. I could see an outline of the chopper. But no outlines on the other three, just the dim orange glow.”

Massachusetts MUFON State Director Eric Hartwig closed this case as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle.


A Massachusetts witness at Blackstone reported watching a low-flying helicopter following three objects flying in formation with a dim, green-ish light, according to testimony in Case 92653 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was home watching television at 10:27 p.m. on June 10, 2018.

“Heard a low-flying helicopter approaching from the southeast,” the witness stated. “Went out into pool area and watched three objects in formation with dull green cockpit lights fly overhead with the helicopter following closely. Objects made no sound and could not make out a shape. They were very dark other than the dim green light. Watched as they flew over until they flew past. Objects were not traveling super fast or high.”

Massachusetts MUFON State Director Eric Hartwig closed this case as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle. NOTE: The above image is real and from MUFON case files.







In the early afternoon hours of 14th October 1972, at around 1 pm, Airman First Class Steven Briggs and Airman Dennis Hillsgeck were making their way from McChord Air Force Base in Pierce County, Washington to the Tactical Air Navigational (TACAN) facility. The site was around eight miles from the base itself but still under the control of the United States government and, in turn, the US Air Force who were responsible for it.

The journey to the facility wasn’t a long one. Upon arriving, and after opening the strictly locked fence, they would enter the area before heading for the TACAN building itself. Once inside, and after performing all necessary security checks, the pair would carry out their preassigned systems checks of the TACAN facility.

The operation was running smoothly until around 2 pm when Briggs noticed a high-pitch sound coming from outside. He would later recall how it sounded similar to a small plane engine. However, as soon as he stepped outside came the realization that he wasn’t witnessing a small plane or any other type of conventional aircraft.

There in full sight, hovering over the top of the TACAN building was a “saucer-shaped object”. Furthermore, as he continued to watch, the began to descend to the ground, landing south of the main compound.

It was then that Briggs quickly stepped back inside the main building to alert Hillsgeck.

“Intruders” Attempting To Break The Boundary

After having composed himself mentally while inside, both Briggs and Hillsgeck were more than alarmed to see “two creatures” heading towards the fence which ran around the entire complex.

Once more, Briggs returned quickly inside the base, this time to alert base security and request backup. The person on the switchboard that afternoon was Sergeant David Holmes, who listened to Briggs state with alarm that, “intruders” were trying to enter the base.

A two-man unit received orders to attend the facility. Sergeant Dwight Reid and Airman First Class Michael Tash would arrive 17 minutes later. The scene around the compound was one of confusion and concern.

They would find Briggs and Hillsgeck both seemingly “in a daze” as they stood, almost aimlessly next to their vehicle. When the new arrivals to the scene asked the men what had happened neither of them could speak. Of more concern, however, was the burn marks on his face.

Reid examined the men further and made a request for a USAF Ambulance. Tash would begin to examine the surrounding area.  He would discover strange markings in the soil, itself soft from the fall conditions.

Then, Reid’s voice rang out from behind him telling him to look up. He did so, and witnessed a saucer-shaped object, presumably the same that Briggs and Hillsgeck had witnessed. Reid would attempt to communicate further with the security police. However, his portable radio was essentially, dead.

Realizing all four of them were in potential danger, Reid would order Tash to help bundle the two dazed men into their vehicle before driving away from the scene with great urgency.

Six Shots At Close Range

Around a mile from the base Reid’s radio burst into life again. He would request further security police to attend the scene, which they duly did. One of these additional security police officers was Sergeant Darren Alexander along with Champ, his military dog, who would immediately head towards the TACAN compound to conduct a search. When they were around 400 yards from the base, however, Champ would begin to bark loudly.

When Alexander looked up he witnessed “two creatures” near one of the remote power stations around the complex. Unsure whether they would understand or not, Alexander called out for the strange figures to freeze and “raises their hands”.

Instead of doing so, though, they would begin walking towards him. He saw a strange device in one of the creature’s hands. Fearing it was a weapon he pressed down hard on the trigger of his revolver, firing six shots. He was unsure whether he had hit either of them or not. He returned to his vehicle to radio a report of the shots and to request further backup.

Security Alert Teams were swooping on the base within minutes. They would, with complete procession, search the base and the grounds. It was as they were conducting the operation when they suddenly noticed the saucer on the ground itself.

They would approach the craft cautiously, circling it slowly before reporting to their supervisor and awaiting further orders.

A Thorough Investigation Quickly Made Top-Secret!

Several moments later Captain Henry Stone would arrive at the base. The saucer-shaped object remained on the ground with the rest of his men, at a considerable distance, stood around it. Stone would take a step towards the object. However, when he got to a certain distance from it, the object would take off and disappear out of sight.

According to Collins, officials from the special investigations department would soon descend on the compound just outside McChord Air Force Base. They would gather molds, take pictures, and even take the shells from Alexander’s revolver.

They would also take full statements from all those involved. Then, following their investigation, they would label the incident “Top Secret”. One, officially unsolved but not to be spoken of or even acknowledged.

As we mentioned in our opening, there are many who cast doubt on Collins’ version of events. Despite his apparent connections to other whistleblowers such as Richard Doty, who as we have examined in previous articles, have, intentionally or not, seemingly become intertwined with disinformation.

However, as in other such cases, some of the smaller, seemingly trivial details would appear to be of importance in weighing up the credibility of the case. For example, radios mentioned in the report were claimed to be HT 220, which were most definitely produced just prior to the incident in 1969, meaning they were very likely to be used by the United States military.

Furthermore, the revolver used by Sergeant Alexander was an SW Model 15 .38 Revolver is also a detail that would check out with what the US military would have issued at the time.

Skepticism And Controlled Psyches

What should we make of the apparent battle with alien creatures at the compound near McChord Air Force Base? The skepticism of some aside, many details of the account ring true with others. Not least the apparently intense interest these creatures – whoever or whatever they might be – seemingly have in the military installations around the United States. And indeed, other similar military facilities around the world. NOTE: The above image is CGI.





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On the morning of 22nd September 1964, Robert Jacobs prepared to oversee a test launch of an Atlas missile. It was perfect conditions for viewing any aerial object in the sky. While it was still dark on the ground, objects at a certain altitude in the sky above would catch the rising sun’s light and glow magnificently against the still dark background. And what’s more, this is the case for objects hundreds of miles away.

These conditions were very much present on this morning. And further still, only if viewed from one spot – Big Sur, to the “north and west of Vandenberg”. The brief that Jacobs and his team were working too was to get “side-on” shots of the missile launch and more specifically its climb and “stages of flight”. Specifically, Jacobs would state that their mission statement, in part, was to:

… (provide information) on the minute events following propellant depletion – at a distance of from 300 to 800 nautical miles!

In fact, so serious was the desire to capture such fine and detailed imagery that the Boston University telescope was literally hauled onto a truck and transplanted to a very specific spot at Big Sur.

Incidentally, we should note that Jacobs was unsure of the exact date, but subsequent research suggests the 22nd September is accurate. Whatever the date, the events that would follow were very real. And what’s more, according to Jacobs, would “inspire an official government cover-up and provoke an investigation and search for the filmed record”. A search which continues still.

Missile And Anti-Missile Technology Against The Back Drop Of The Cold War!

The small team gathered at a safe distance, ready to watch the events they were about to record on the monitors. The launches themselves were part of the Nike-Zeus project, which looked to develop “anti-missile” technology – at least officially. Against the ever-present threat of the Cold War, such experiments and projects would face very little questioning.

The team could hear the mechanical-like countdown for the launch of the Atlas missile. Then: Ignition…..lift off…..

And with that, a blast of flames and smoke burst out from under the missile before it began its steady ascent. All eyes, including that of the Bost University telescope camera, focused on the commotion. And what’s more, as was perfectly obvious to Jacobs and the team, as the missile traveled in excess of 100 nautical miles, the conditions and the focus of the shot could “not have been more clean”.

In fact, it was perfectly obvious that they had achieved their objective to the letter. As they shook hands, offering and accepting congratulations from each other, the 35mm film continued to film. Jacobs would take this film with him in the two metal “cans” to the processing laboratory back at the base. He would process the film immediately so it would be ready for his superiors to view the following day.

However, before he could bask in the sense of achievement that was quietly building inside of him, he would receive a phone call at his desk.

The Movie Projector And The Men In Plain Grey Suits

On the other end of the line was Major Mansmann. He would order Jacobs to the headquarters building where his office was immediately. Upon arriving there, Jacobs noticed two strange men waiting with Mansmann. He also noticed a movie projector, very purposely set up for this meeting in the middle of the room.

Each of the men donned “plain, gray suits” and although they said little, their presence was almost palpable. Within seconds of the office door closing, the lights dimmed, and the projector was clicked into action.

Artist’s impression of the Atlas rocket launch

On the wall from the light of the projector, the footage they filmed from Big Sur played. Despite the bizarre nature of the events unfolding, Jacobs remembers feeling a further sense of achievement at how clear the footage was. He continued to watch the footage. When it neared the end, however, Mansmann would tell him to “watch carefully now”.

He did and immediately saw what the men were drawing his attention to. He would state:

Another object flew into the frame, from left to right. It approached the warhead package and maneuvered around it. That is, this…’thing’…flew a relative polar orbit around our warhead package which was itself heading toward the South Pacific at some 18 thousand miles an hour!

Then, an already bizarre incident took an even more bizarre twist. At approximately the “four compass points of its orbit” this strange object emitted “four distinct flashes” towards the missile. In fact, the flashes, Jacobs would argue, must have had sufficient power and intensity as the flashes were clearly visible, almost like a “strike” which caused a “halo” to briefly form.

A “Classic Flying Saucer” That “Shot Down” An American (Dummy) Warhead!

Furthermore, as the object “departed the frame” back in the direction it entered it, Jacobs could see it was “a classic flying saucer” with a clear dome in the middle of the top part, from which the beams of light had emerged.

However, the missile itself, or more specifically, the warhead, “tumbled out of suborbit” falling to the ground. He immediately understood the gravity of the situation. As he would later state:

…This…unidentified flying…’thing’ had apparently ‘shot down’ an American dummy atomic warhead!

Jacobs would later attest his belief that the technology on display was obviously highly advanced. However, in the room, the lights would suddenly come on and Mansmann would enquire whether he or any of his team were “fooling around up there at Big Sur”. When he responded that this certainly wasn’t the case, Mansmann would ask, “Then what the Hell was that?”

It was then that Jacobs, perhaps without thinking, replied as a matter of fact:

It looks to me like we got a UFO!

The silence that would follow his statement was almost deafening in itself. Both of the mystery men continued to stare at Jacobs without saying a word. He noticed Mansmann looking at the men also. Then he turned his attention back to Jacobs, stating:

Let’s just say it never happened. You are to say nothing of this footage to anyone! As far as you and I are concerned, this never took place!

Jacobs flipped his attention back to the two men for a moment, perhaps hoping against hope that the whole situation was some kind of bizarre joke. Their rigid, serious manner told him it wasn’t.

The “Most Fantastic Event Of My Life” That “Did Not Take Place!”

Jacobs wasn’t sure how long he sat there staring into space. It could have been a few minutes. It was most likely only a few seconds as he relayed everything that had happened over the last 24 hours to this very surreal moment now. He couldn’t escape the feeling that what was “the most fantastic event” of his life was something he was being asked to not only keep secret but to deny altogether. NOTE: The above image is CGI.





THANKS TO MARCUS LOWTH AND https://www.ufoinsight.com