JULY 30, 2011

My wife and I set out for a combination job search and camping trip. We loaded our gear and cat into the car and headed to an area named the Bear Tooth Mountains. Somewhere between there and the eastern entrance to Yosemite we struck camp and began to unwind as we awaited a cell phone call from a potential employer. We drove down to get reception every other day for 2 weeks.  (I first had such face to face contact at about age 3 and 1/2 and two more by age 17. I reported the contacts to a medical clinic in 1972 and was then transferred to a US Army experimental facility. In Feb. 2011 the D.o.D. gave me permission to discuss this situation in detail, I have been trying to collect my thoughts in this area for a few months now.) On the evening of the 8th of August I had awoken to natures call and was in an open area in the middle of the forest when I saw three fairly tall men standing side by side along the tree line. I was a little scared that they might intend me harm in some way and also testing myself to see if I was dreaming or sleepwalking. The event had a surreal and trance like quality to it. I was unsure what was happening at that time but I awoke in my tent the next morning with a powerful compulsion to try and document what I felt was going to happen.  While we were in town the next day, I used the ‘interweb’ to post a few things on Facebook and to read up on email and so forth. One of the things I posted was a premonition that I might have another Alien contact  On the evening of the 11th of August we noticed a bright starlike object that seemed to move slightly. I am familiar with satellites, aircraft and the effect we all sometimes have where a lighted object may appear to move when stared at at night. I was sure that it was no aircraft but not certain it was a “fast walker” or UFO. It remained over the top of a tall mountain and eventually seemed to draw up a bit higher in the sky and return to a normal star like configuration. After a while (Both of our watches were not working at this time) I was chatting quietly by the fire and occasionally glancing at the very bright stars and the Milky way when I saw a similar object that was somehow sending what looked like a light towards the West, somewhat like a car headlamp. I asked my wife, K. if she saw it too. We both got to our feet and turned to look up at it. I looked towards the young couple at a campsite about 45 feet from us and they also stood up and faced the south east where it was apparently hovering or perhaps dropping downwards. Suddenly, in perhaps 2 seconds the light had dropped what seemed to be a long distance downward and streaked towards the east, it had a trajectory similar to a meteor until it raise its altitude substantially and passed over the horizon. It had a flattened cone-like shape and i estimated it to be moving at around 8 thousand miles per hour, I actually commented that it looked to be in excess of mach 10. It appeared to have a lighted interior and no visible contrail, smoke or other things such as sparks, just a glow and hand no audible noise except a faint sound like thunder for a few seconds as it dived and then was silent as it increased speed and moved away to the west.  After perhaps 5 minutes K. spotted a circular object moving towards our position at a altitude of maybe 2000 feet and as it was nearing us and passing directly over head we heard a very soft throbbing sound like a modulated humming. I suddenly lost sight of the craft which was disk shaped from our angle and ringed with pulsing lights. At one place at the ‘rear’ of the object we saw a whitish light that was unchanging. I knocked my bill cap off to try and see where it had gone and felt a loss of consciousness as did K. A short while later it reappeared in the same pathway but was perhaps 1 mile further away. I looked to see if the other couple had also seen it and they were still looking up. I had a vivid impression of a light beam aimed at us on the ground before I lost awareness and a sense of contact. I have had about 4 other contacts where Aliens came up to me from landed crafts and until this happened I felt that claims of a light beam “picking up” an observer were confabulations, delusions, wishful thinking or psychiatric disturbances…Doors and ramps i could deal with, this was totally new to me.  The next morning I asked the couple next to us if they saw any strange lights and they indicated they did not. They said they saw no lights at all and we left it at that. A short while later we saw several circles on the side and rear of our car and they were difficult to photograph but i tried to get a good image. Paola Harris later asked if I recalled the circles on the Barney and Betty Hill car. I am unsure why the circles appeared and less certain as to how. I did not wash the car for a few days and allowed it to become very dusty and the circles seemed to not collect dust.  I have left part of this story untold but will eventually tell the rest when I can come to grips with what occurred that night. I felt calm, confident and focused and positive that what happened was not only real but of value to me as a Human Being. We had two
mysterious visitors a few days later, one identified himself as being a civilian contractor from Offutt Airbase, the other was a woman saying she was from Berkley, Ca. and a new age chiropractor. One of our friends camping at a nearby campground said she had asked them questions earlier that week and told them she was a retired prison guard. All in all, this was a very weird vacation. NOTE: The above image is a rendering.
This article was submitted to World Ufo Photos by David Grindstaff.