Hi Ken,

I’m so glad to find your site. Ever since I saw the most amazing occurrence, I can’t get it out of my head and I get the feeling that no one really believes me. It is beginning to gnaw at me and I need to finally tell someone without being thought of as delusional or grandstanding.

Saturday evening after 8pm, Sept 15 2012… Hammonton NJ

I usually walk my dog the 5 blocks to the cemetery every evening around 8 or 9pm. There I have a very clear area for sky watching. Over the years I have seen some wonderful occurrences in the skies; comets, meteor showers, etc., but nothing that I ever thought was a UFO. However, on this particular night I didn’t feel up for the walk. So I stood outside on my back deck, and thought to myself “why can’t the meteores shift a few blocks so I can view them right from my back deck?” The big dipper hung low in the horizon toward the west, and the milky way was out and glistening. It was a beautiful night for sky watching. Here comes the most freaky mind blowing experience…

About 5 minutes later, I was leaning against the railing on my back deck, facing east/southeast. I saw a white star curve up and drop down, I got excited thinking it was a meteor. However, it wasn’t dropping straight down, I realized it was getting bigger and heading straight toward my direction. As I watched, it dipped a bit more, than a white light expanded then collapsed, then suddenly it curved up and was paused straight up over top of my back deck, perhaps a mile high give or take my lack of spacial direction.

It was a round ball of fire, (about 12 inches or more round in sky, pretty big) bright whitish yellow toward the front of the ball (according to the direction it was traveling) and rippling arc shapes of orange reddish around the perimeter, and toward the rear there was also a light greenish bluish see-thru like rippling then a short fat tail (same size wide as the round fire) of whitish bluish smooth (dust-like, but not?) perfectly shaped in the form of a flounder fish without the head and fins. It stayed there for about two seconds, then it blinked out, and all that remained was the short fat tail which ended almost to a point, splitting apart from the center line (creating 2 halves) and evaporating like a hand print leaving a cold window.

I looked right into the ball and let my eyes circle the edges and tail and this image is imprinted in my mind so much so that since then, I can’t stop thinking about it.

There was no sound. The entire length from ball to tail tip was about 3 feet or maybe a bit longer.

Please share with me if you are able, your opinion of what I saw…at first, I was dis-oriented and believed it was perhaps a rare meteor where the path curved up and down due to entering our atmosphere/pressue, etc., but each time I shared it with anyone, they said it sounds like a UFO. After replaying the image in my mind a thousand times (probably more) I realized that the tail was not that of a meteor, and meteores just don’t “blink-out”, curve, speed up and slow down. I have never seen anything do what this thing did. Perhaps I was looking at the bottom thrust, and if I were above it, I may have seen the actual vessel? I now believe I witnessed my first UFO at age 52. It was so surreal and my mind keeps replaying it over and over…it is such a strange feeling in my head that hasn’t left me yet.

Oh one more thing. Last week I went on a site given to me by one of my friends;, and there was a grandmother who was sky-watching with her grandaughters and she reported seeing something similar (from side view) to what I saw right above me. Her report came from Monroe Twp, which is 20 minutes from Hammonton.

If you got this far, thank you so much for taking time to read this. I wish I could find a machine where they can hook me up and extract the image from my mind, so we all could see what I saw…*sigh

I’m still having trouble wrapping my thoughts around this and finding a place for it to settle in the archives of my brain. NOTE:The above image is a rendering.

KEN PFEIFER WORLD UFO PHOTOS …..  Special thanks to Liz Danya for her sighting report.