January 11, 1966 Infamous UFO at Wanaque Reservoir, NJ. I want to share my Uncle’s sighting which has been in the family for many years with everyone. This actually started me to be interested in the UFO Phenomenon. I was 5 years old living in Passaic County, NJ. I remember the phone call that we received from my uncle that night who lived in Wanaque, NJ, on Snake Den Road.

I remember my father answering the call and my very excitable Uncle was talking to my father about him seeing this object over the reservoir that was very bright and changed colors with a beam shooting to the ice covered reservoir with no sound. As my uncle who was talking a million miles a minute, I remember my father telling him to calm down many many times!! My Father replied: “I can’t understand what you are saying!! as my dad was laughing”..

My dad finally pick out pieces out and figured out that my uncle witnessed the “UFO” or “Object” hovering over the reservoir just North of West Brook Road Bridge..

Anyone familiar with West Brook Road will know that this part is a short small skinny lane what appears to be a dam that crosses the reservoir.. As my uncle was driving North from Pompton Plains on Ringwood Ave. then attempting to make the left onto Westbrook Rd he saw the Object in the sky with many onlookers parked around the area.

My uncle watched this object sit there and beaming a “Light” on the ice. My uncle insisted that the object was not any aircraft or helicopter or balloon.

I’m not sure what happened after that but the object departed. South towards Ringwood Ave. My uncle was so excited, he drove to our home the next day and told us the story. I was amazed and stunned as any 5 year old would be. So, as my uncle was explaining what he saw and witnesses it was something to hear that day and I was somewhat part of a historical sighting of a UFO.

Joe Rocks recently sent an e-mail to Jan Harzan at MUFON HQ.

I setup that interview with Linda and the NY Reporter back then Michael Kuzmicz. I wanted to do a documentary on the Wanaque UFO incident, since I am a native of Wanaque. Myself and Mr. Kuzmicz spoke on the phone a few times and he e-mailed me some information. He is a very nice man. I had an incident happen to me and I think he got a little scared not sure because he said maybe we were being watched. This was right after I left the Wanaque library to make copies of all the articles of the UFO incident. When I first got to the library there was a black car parked facing the street with a older man inside he looked as if he was watching me. So I went inside and asked where I can find all the Wanaque UFO articles and newspaper clippings.  They said it was downstairs and another person handed them to me. I was at the copier making copies and this man who was in the car came downstairs and he looked like he was looking around for someone.  He then found who he was looking for I assume when he saw me and watched me making copies the whole time. I wanted to say something but I didn’t.  I gathered my copies and left the library. This felt a little uncomfortable as I was thinking men in black for some reason. Maybe a mile down the street my Silverado got rear ended hard, hard enough it pushed the bed of my truck in. Shook me up a little bit then police showed up. I know almost every cop in Wanaque so this officer was a friend of mine. He asked if I was ok and I said yes, so I proceeded to tell him about the documentary I was going to do about the Wanaque UFO and this man watching me at the library.  The officer said maybe you are being watched. I laughed but in the back of my mind I was really thinking maybe I was being watched.  Was it coincidence or not? I’ll never know. NOTE: The above image is CGI.