I was always at least open to the idea of something we don’t understand exhibiting a presence here from time to time being a possible reality, but had a hefty skepticism of most reports I had heard/seen over the years, until the evening of April 15, 2014, into the morning of the 16th. Myself, and several friends had gone to a party at a friend’s place, as that night there was to be a total lunar eclipse, and we were smack in the middle of the area to have the greatest visibility at its totality. Partial eclipse was to begin at about 11 pm, reaching totality at 12:07pm, and penumbral ending completely at around 3:40am or so. We were all out on the roof of this old Victorian house in which my friend rented the topmost of three floors, all bundled up with blankets as it was a little chilly that night. It was partially overcast (which becomes important shortly), but luckily, not in such a way that it obscured the moon at all. As we all sat out there sipping beers and smoking cigarettes (I wasn’t drinking as I was the DD for the night, which is lucky for me because if I had been this whole story would be immediately discounted by anybody who heard it), of course we all had our eyes trained on the sky.

The eclipse began, and the moon slowly turned a ruddy shade of dark red, to much “oohing” and “aahing” from my gathered friends. Just as the eclipse reached its totality, I noticed something. It was odd, as I didn’t see it “arrive” in any way, it was just there as though it had been the whole time and I only just now noticed it: there was a MASSIVE acute triangle, hovering silently, and completely black against the night sky. No lights, no sound, not moving. I know it was huge, probably bigger than a couple football fields in length, because it was behind the clouds. I could see them passing in front of it quite clearly. In fact, the only thing that belied its presence at all was that it was blacking out a triangular shaped portion of the stars behind it. Honestly I was lucky to have seen it at all. The moment I noticed it’s presence, I point up and said, “ holy sh*t, does anyone else—“ and two of my friends that were closest to me, Jesse on one side of me and John on the other, finished my sentence with variations of “what the hell is that?” I immediately felt both relieved, and terrified. The fact that my friends saw it as well meant that I wasn’t having a stroke, but also, that whatever it was, it was physically present in whatever capacity that it was visible to more than just me. As soon as I was conscious of it, I also became aware of a “buzzing” or vibration of sorts… not a sound exactly… to be honest it seems like what I have heard infrasound describes as being like. We simply stared quietly up at the object for about a minute, maybe more (hard to say how long, it felt like forever but the eclipse was still in or near totality by the time it was over). Out of nowhere, and before anyone could do anything to stop him, John pulled out a relatively powerful green laser pointer (the pen variety one can get on Wish for about $20), and, in his infinite wisdom, pointed it directly into the sky at the Stygian, starless triangular void, and hit the button.

The green, pencil-thin beam lit up the sky, brightening where it passed through some thin clouds, and landed on whatever surface was up there. Immediately, without anything to denote movement or acceleration, it was gone. It didn’t fly away (that we could discern, at any rate), it didn’t punch a hole in the clouds (which makes sense as it was above them anyway), it was just gone. In a fraction of the blink of an eye. Soundlessly, and leaving no trace that it had ever been there at all. The second it was no longer present, the buzzing/vibration also ceased. But in that instant, a good handful of stars that had been missing from their place in the night sky winked back on as though someone had flipped a cosmic light switch. We have John a lot of crap for doing that…. to this day, I wonder what might’ve happened had he kept his impulse in check… I also feel that somehow he put us all at risk by doing what he did, although I can’t explain why… as far as I know, nothing happened to any of us afterwards, but I still feel in my gut that wasn’t a terribly wise thing to do under the circumstances. But it did absolutely provoke a reaction, which was extremely interesting so I guess there’s that. So yeah. There’s my story, do with it what you want. Honestly, I don’t talk about it much, and have only told the story a couple of times since it happened, and never as publicly as this. I don’t really care whether anyone believes it or not, but I feel like it’s important to at least put the knowledge out there. Maybe it will open a mind or two, and we, the human race as a whole, can move a little closer towards whatever comes next for us. NOTE: The above image is CGI.









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