A good friend of mine and I in Falls Church VA were giving a Christmas party at his house and he and I stepped outside to get some fresh air. I happened to look at my watch as I was coming into the back yard and noticed that it was a few minutes to midnight. It was Christmas eve, 1989. Both of us were in his back yard alone and for no particular reason I looked above to glance at the stars, looking somewhat north, and immediately saw a large craft over our heads very close. It seemed to be approximately no more than 40 feet long, but that was an estimate and very low to the ground because we could see details. It was very close to us. It moved quite slowly at what seemed to be a walking pace, and did not make a sound. It came from the east and moved towards the west towards Route 66 in Falls Church VA which goes into Washington DC. Falls Church is only a few miles from Washington DC in northern Virginia. The craft was white / silver in color. At the end of it, was a large black hole in the fuselage but there was no smoke or flames. On the far outside edges of the hole were 4 very bright white lights. The shape of the fuselage narrowed to a blunt point in the front and the 4 lights were so bright that they illuminated the bottom of the craft almost fully up to the front of the blunt nose which was largely dark. The sky was very light because his house is right next to Route 66 where there are highway lights that tend to light up the sky so we could see the craft very well. On either side of the fuselage were 2 wings of the same white / silver color which were almost perfect isosceles triangles and large compared to the size of the main body. There were no markings or other color at all. No signs of lines, rivets, or any irregular shapes on the entire craft as if it were all one solid piece. As the craft moved slowly towards Route 66, it banked to the right slightly and began to move to the right still going over the highway and eventually the sight of it was lost behind trees in his back yard. Before we lost sight of it, we could see more plainly that there was a top fin that came to the back of the fuselage where the large hole was which we did not notice before. The wings on the side came up almost to the front of the blunt nose. During the entire episode which probably lasted no more than 4 minutes because of how slowly it moved, we were in a near panic state and I was repeatedly asking my friend questions about why there was no sound etc. and all he could do was rely “I don’t know”. We were very scared and had no idea what we were looking at. There was a surreal atmosphere to it all as if we were not really seeing this and it couldn’t be happening. Just after it disappeared from view a couple of our friends came out and we literally blubbered for lack of a better word, our experiences to them and they said it was probably an experimental craft and laughed it off. Falls Church Virginia is a heavily populated area in northern Virginia near Arlington VA where Arlington Cemetery is and only a few miles from Washington DC and we could not imagine why an experimental craft that could move that slowly and silently would be flown only perhaps 100 to 150 feet off the ground in a suburb of Washington DC. We gave up trying to convince them and the next day I called National Airport, Dulles Airport, and Andrews Air Force Base and told them what we saw and they all said nothing had been reported by anyone else. To this day my good friend George does not like to talk about it and it disturbed me so much that I tried to put it out of my mind for many years but I could not forget it so that is why I waited so long to report it. I did not like to even think about it for years. Thank you for the opportunity to report this. It has weighed heavily on my mind for a long time.  The above image is real but from Benbrook Texas.