I was walking at night, approximately 2:30 in the morning down my street, as I like to take late walks and think. I was walking down my road, where I live is number 3 and I was working my way directionally ascending in house numbers and made it to approximately 23 Northwestern Trail. The sky was clear and stars visible. I saw what I first thought was a comet before realizing it wasn’t disappearing. And it was swaying. The best way I can think to describe is like if there were a helicopter with its ladder down and the wind was causing it to gently swing, and each handle or bar to grab on was swaying. It was a string of blue-white lights, like lightsabers turned vertically, each one perfect in their shape and sort of flat bars but the shape was rounded at the ends, not a perfect square line. And they seemed to sway together gently like the breeze was blowing them. In between each line was a kind of dot of hazy light like a distant star.

It’s difficult to say how far away they were, they were completely filling the sky but the bottom of the ladder was not visible due to a mountain being on the horizon but the size seemed enormous. In comparison to the stars in the sky, each line would be about 5 stars combined. It was like looking at a ferris wheel in the sky while standing a distance away. This is the second time I have seen a UFO in this area, the other time, which I reported and was called to discuss with, I think his name was Bob Spearing, something like that. That was a 40 foot black triangle that flew directly over me, just as 5-10 feet above the telephone pole so maybe 70 feet above my head on Nebraska Trail, it was while I was talking on the phone with a friend whose mother dying of cancer and I would walk late and get in lengthy conversations.

I was in too much shock to think to hang up on him and take a photo. This time tonight, I remembered and took my phone out and typed in my passcode and got the camera ready and the lights and when I looked up the lights were gone. They appeared solid and were descending and I thought I had time to capture it. Very frustrating. Even though I had the close encounter with the black triangle, this shocked me more because I knew it had to be quite far in the distance from where I stood in the street so the size of the lights and the amount of them and the way they filled the sky was beyond belief. I am still in shock, I had to wait for my body to stop trembling to type this and it still feels weird, and my throat and mouth are extremely dry.

I watched these sticks of light swaying their way down like a herd of animals walking down a mountain very slowly, they were moving gently side to side like the breeze blew them and heading down below the horizon line. These light sticks were all the same shape and size, and between each of them was a star-sized ball of light that moved in formation with the sticks like they were all attached. It was like a rope ladder hanging from the highest point in the sky all the way down and behind the mountain and you could see it was moving downward very slowly. And then they all vanished and left no trace of light. There was no sound, and the lights did not flash or flicker. They seemed like solid sticks in the sky, made of blueish white light, similar to stars but brighter.

They were not hazy but the smaller balls of light between each stick had a slight haze around them. And they all moved like they were on a rope and dangling, but also making their way downward. None went faster than the other, it was like they were all connected, that’s why I thought of it like a helicopter ladder like I’ve seen in movies. It was so perfect-looking it was as if they were digitally imprinted on the sky but for the fact that they moved. I watched for about a minute before realizing I had my phone and could take a picture, but they were gone by the time I had got it set up in my hand looking at my screen and then looked back. I ran down the road to try to see if they were anywhere in sight but they were gone.

The only correlation between this event and the last time I saw the triangle is that I was very positive in my thoughts. When I saw the triangle, I was offering extremely positive words to my friend because his mom was in the hospital dying. This night I was in the same headspace of feeling very light and happy and thinking positively as I went out for my walk. Both events created such an awestruck feeling. Very intense. It feels like I just witnessed someone giving birth, a kind of shock and euphoria. This time is slightly different than last in that my mouth and throat are extremely dry, but that could be because the shock is more intense because the sheer size, they were distant so it just seems like they had to be massive, and the line of lights was 30 or more individual light sticks. The only other thing of note was that about 10 seconds after I heard a fox barking about 20 feet away from me. Pretty typical for this area and time of night. NOTE: The above image is real but from another case file.

This case is under investigation by Section State Director Frank Schlesinger of MUFON N.J.