It was about 11 pm on a hot summer day in Early August and we were in the house elevated up higher on a hill over looking the back pasture and barn area when the horses were alerted to something that stressed them. My mom noted it and asked me to go with her to investigate . We moved our vehicle from the front of the house driving down to the road that crossed our creek to the back pasture area and barn. I parked the vehicle with the head lights pointing out to the tree line about 40 feet away then got out standing in front of the car. I noted a dark object just above the tree line and is was massive and hovering with the slightest sound being emitted like a whir or hum but very low. The horses were gone to the far East of the pasture evading and trying not to be close to the object but upset. I had my mom out front with me to the left now as she watched with me towards the tree line for about 1 minute and then a very bright light projected down from the craft above lighting up an area below the craft the size of a small car at best. Within seconds after an entity appeared standing on the ground looking at us.

It was about estimated 10 feet tall at least with the light from the craft now reflecting off of it a various points. It’s skin was silver / grey in the lights and the part I later figures was its neck was long as were its arms down to its knees and legs long an lanky. One feature it had was this huge head shaped larger on top and narrowed at the chin are with eyes that reflected the car headlights with a bright red reflection but the shape was elongated / oval and big about the size of a tall drinking glass. It stared at us both and I noted it was like hairless just pasty grey skin all over and shiny in areas reflecting some light like the neck, arms, legs, and body. The body was small relative to the size of the Entity / elongated but thin. I swung my arm back to get my moms attention on the Entity now below the craft and it was thin air beside me. I looked her way and she was already gone sprinting to the house to get my dad but leaving me alone. I was about 16 at this time typical teen fearless, but this thing spooked me good so I bolted after her leaving the car running doors open and head lights on. I passed her before she could make it to the back deck stairs and informed him of what we just saw and what was upsetting the horses. He sort of hurried to go out and investigate but when he got back to the same area he saw nothing and it was gone.

He bought the car back up and said nothing more. To this day it still spooks me thinking of what I saw and what she did also. We had during the same time frame out black cat go missing just after and we did not find it until the spring time in front of the barn area just laying above the dirt line. It looked like it had been buried half way in the ground laying on its side, but when I got a shovel to dig only half the body was laying stuck to the still frozen ground. This was early spring now and the half cat was still frozen stiff. When it popped off the ground we flipped it over and everything was there in place but just cut perfectly in half, right to the tail and through the nose . This was in 1981 and back then lasers were just a new thing but I noted it looked like that was what cut him in half, just perfectly No other explanation could account for the precision. Not long after this incident our small poodle dog went missing also and was found in the back yard but it had two shave areas or circles, no hair and puncture marks like perfectly round through the ribs cage and no blood to be found period on it or the ground. It was bled out completely and died this way. Until this day not explainable either. NOTE: The above image is CGI.