I need to file a report about suspected alien life that has been able to interact with me physically and mentally by putting pressure on the four major veins and arteries on my medial prefrontal cortex, as well as the sciatica nerve. I’ve researched the matter and am still looking for a reliable way to report the circumstances locally due to the taboo nature of the subject. For the past year, I’ve had something make contact with me, which I can only surmise is alien life. The alien life has continued to show hostile behavior that is harmful to my mental and physical well-being. It has also sexually interfered with my life during the evening, which has been mentally and physically debilitating, as it is an alien species. I worked for a newspaper and used to cover Pulaski County, which includes Fort Leonard Wood, under the Department of Defense, when the suspected extraterrestrial first made contact with me.

I have since moved to a different newspaper in West Plains by Leonardo DRS, a federal contractor, which is the only suspected reason I have behind it following me and continuing to interfere with my consciousness (mental well-being) and physical make-up via touch, facial swelling and heightening and dulling of my other senses. I have my health records all documented via the electronic health records in the hospital systems throughout the U.S. I have type 0 blood, and since a young age, my health has continued to be perfect, including my hearing, smell, sight, taste, flexibility, blood and oxygen levels. Now, it has gotten to the point that the species follows me to my job, and tightens my muscles while making my skin pale in color and my face swell. The species is invisible to the naked eye. Yet I caught a glimpse of it — it seemed metallic, black in color. It also continues to attract insects belonging to the suborder Caeli Fera, such as grasshoppers, as well as anthropoid’s.

The alien life has proceeded to follow me and has continued to impede on my cerebral veins, ultimately causing my mind to slow down, so it’s in an idle state. The species also has put pressure on my spinal cord to cause facial swelling and additional swelling in my body, including my legs, arms and back. Specifically, I’m 5’9 and 110 pounds, and the suspected alien life has caused my body to swell excessively, especially in my face. The alien life then continues to interfere with my blood circulation and oxygen levels, ultimately making my skin pale. For an experiment due to this experience, I began tanning every day because I saw it was somehow interfering with my blood circulation and oxygen levels, causing my skin to pale several shades darker. I darkened my skin to a very tan degree for this purpose, and it has still as of Dec. 20, 2022 — today — continued to impact my skin tone through some mechanism; I’m still trying to figure out how.

This has happened every day since the being started interacting with me over one year ago, but in the beginning, it was less severe. It was trying to establish trust via this mechanism, I’ve concluded. As I type this, the suspected extraterrestrial is still directly interfering with my cerebral veins, specifically the cerebral vein thrombosis. For some reason, the suspected alien life also puts pressure on the four major veins and arteries on the medial prefrontal cortex, as well as the sciatica nerve. It has proceeded to do this at my job. Specifically, the species can directly impact physical health and senses. I currently haven’t been able to smell since it began directly interfering with my life, roughly one year ago. I’ve never had COVID-19 and have had the entire series of vaccines, which I have documentation of, so that has been ruled out as a cause along with other diseases that are linked to loss of smell. It has also tried to impact my vision.

Electronic health records show that my vision has always been 20/30, my height is 5’9 and I have weighed 110 pounds for the past four years. It first started interacting with me in Rolla, Missouri, in August of last year. It has followed me from Rolla to St. Charles, Missouri, then West Plains, Missouri. During the day, it communicates via what I suspect are frequencies coming from the television and radio. It uses frequency to communicate with me through the English language. I’ve recorded it every day on my blink camera. However, it’s not peaceful. It may be trying to contact others of its kind; I’m wondering about its ultimate motive. It has also impacted my sleep cycle for the past year; specifically; I haven’t had regular dreams. I only share all of this with you because of the sensitive nature of the topic, especially pertaining to my career. With it communicating a lot throughout the day, I wonder if I am dealing with one or numerous species of its kind.

The being has had ample time to leave but has yet to. And it continues to try to communicate with me and impact my life in a harmful manner. I also happen to work and write about the universities in Rolla and West Plains. The one in Rolla explicitly has a concentration for engineering students — Missouri University of Science and Technology. I don’t know what else to do because of my job and my family. I can’t take any chances, and the subject is still too taboo to the public. If needed, I have more information, recordings and documentation pertaining to this matter. I’ve attached a video of it recently in St. Charles at my parents’ home. We felt it and sprayed glade in the direction we sensed it at the 17 to 20-second mark, and you can see its outline. We haven’t sent the video anywhere else except to another member of Mufon in Missouri, due to the taboo nature of alien life. We’d really like to see how to get an investigation done at the home since facial swelling is continuing each day along with bodily tissue swelling; and it is continuing to communicate regularly throughout the day. KENS NOTE: The above image is CGI.