First let me say that my husband & I are college-educated, professional people, both working for, (what was then) Bell Laboratories. We were sober, and quite alert – we had our 2 yr. old daughter wth us, coming home from visiting friends. The whole occurrence so astounded us, we called the Army, Navy, Air Force, police & a UFO Research facility in Illinois. We called the friends we had visited, we drew pictures of what we saw immediately upon entering our home. My husband thinks that what we encountered was possibly new, secret technology. After speaking with a number of research scientists and engineers at Ma Bell, I tend to agree with them: we haven’t yet cultivated or harnessed enough energy/magnetic power… But I jump ahead…My husband & I were travelling north on Rte. 206, heading home. It was a clear, starry August sky and I noticed a particularly bright, large, “star” in the sky straight ahead.

I pointed it out to him (he was driving). As I did, I noticed it was moving due west. It was an odd, yellowish color & stood out as being different from the stars & planets. We chalked it up as being an airplane – but I couldn’t stop checking it out. At the light in Chester, we turned left, heading west to our town, Long Valley, on Rte. 24. I lost sight of it with the trees. But as we approached the edge of the valley, there is a long hill going down into it. At this point, I saw it again, still out with the stars but bigger and moving faster, it seemed to go the speed of the car. As we reached the crest of the hill, it came TOWARDS us. The light got bigger & bigger, so big that my husband thought we were about to get hit, head-on. He swerved off to the side of the road. At this point, “the light” seemed to slow down, and we could see that it was tilting up above us and that it was actually 2 large circular lights – side-by-side. We jumped out of the car (curiously no one else was driving on the road, but with my 2 yr. old in the car seat, I didn’t want to leave the car).

My husband proceeded to walk (backwards)from the car down the middle of the road, staring up at this HUGE aircraft directly above us. It had a smooth, white surface, with blue, green & red rectangular lights along the perimeter of its underside. The lights dimmed as it hovered overhead. It was shaped like a stingray, with wide, rounded wings and a bobbed backend. It seemed as comfortable in the sky as a fish in water, like it was swimming. The “nose” (where the two big lights were) wasn’t white, but appeared to be glass. It was moving no faster than he was walking, so it “hovered” just above him. We were in awe – but spoke to each other the whole time. We discussed its parameters, using the aforementioned descriptions so we’d agree, outloud, of what we saw. We calculated that the nose could hold about 50-100 people. The wingspan was 3 football fields in length. It made a very low, quiet hum and seemed to be just above the trees. We agreed that we could throw a stone up and hit it.

(We didn’t, however, neither of us wanted to look away) It was mesmerizing in that it was travelling so low to the ground with no wind, and barely any sound. We decided to wave a friendly hello, figuring that whoever was IN it, was watching us too (we were feeling more comfortable: we reasoned that there were no markings on it, it was so amazingly advanced and quite simply, beautiful to watch. My husband didn’t appreciate my humor when I yelled “Beam us up, Scottie!” He was still tentative about being under the thing…) My daughter woke up in the car with my yell and said, “Mommy, whatcha doing?” “Watchin’ a spaceship”, I said, without diverting my eyes. We figured our conversation lasted about 3 minutes as this craft stayed above my husband – he was quite far from the car. We couldn’t calculate the width of it until this point: I noticed headlights in the corner of my eye, a car was coming. I yelled to my husband to get out of the road. He came running toward the car & this aircraft slowly turned to the south and then, in two blinks of an eye, took off. No sound, no wind.

Gone. A car came flying by, seemingly ablivious to what had happened. So, we drove home, checked the time, didn’t lose any. Drew pictures, discussed it, called our friends (who told us we left our camera at their house!) and they suggested we make the calls to any authorities. Needless to say, everyone laughed except the local police who said that Long Valley was a “high activity area” for that kind of thing. When I went to work, I told everybody! My husband didn’t tell a soul – after all, with working at Bell Labs, he reasoned, these people are the country’s top brains – they’ll think I’m nuts. Not me. I was SO amazed, I decided I had to find out anything I could on aircraft power. Three days later a group of research engineers came to my office because they’d overheard my story (through the grapevine). They took notes, asked questions and told me that the ONLY kind of power that could fly an aircraft that low, with no wind or sound would be through magnetic energy. To that date, in 1982, scientists had only been able to harness enough magnetic energy to fly a one-man hover craft, at 60 mph, about 100 miles max with NO capabilities for stopping on a dime and turning directions.

I’ve read some since then, regarding magnetic power, and Canadian scientists seem to be continuing research…they had hoped to sell one-man hover crafts by 1995!! Still don’t know what we saw – was it a government project? I asked these scientists. They shook their heads, chuckled and said THEY work on government projects and there’s just no way that kind of technology exists – yet. They said we were no way near figuring how to harness that amount of power – for that huge a craft. We were babes in the woods. What do you think? Know where I can read more on magnetic power? NOTE: The above image is CGI.