My 7 years old son was sleeping with me in our guest bedroom which faces the front of our house. I was dreaming that my son was playing rough with a friend with toy swords and sticks, so I removed a sword from my son’s hand and woke up with him sitting up on the bed next to me screaming noooo. His hands were up in the air exactly like the dream I was having. He was sitting up on the bed and very agitated, so I hugged him and lowered him to his pillow and soothed him back to sleep. As I lay him down I was thinking how weird and crazy this was., since it looked as if we were both having the same dream. That is when I saw these weird lights in the sky. I looked at them for several minutes, pinching myself, rubbing my eyes, questioning my sanity, but no matter what I did the lights were still there. They were far but I could clearly see 3 circles that were together making a triangle. I think there were a couple of other tiny lights spots in the sky as well, but my focus was on the 3 circles because it was zigzagging up and down and I could not think of what that could be.

The circles rotated, but the object zig zagged. I moved my head in all directions and the light was still there. It was moving but not going away. I finally told myself that it must be an UFO, which I don’t know anything about, and went back to bed saying: “there is something out there, but I am not scared and if they want to contact me, they know how, and I was thinking …dreams” I know what I saw and I am just curious if anyone else reported lights like that around here last night. I am also super curious about my dream and my son’s response. I have a lot of weird vivid dreams, but last night I was having what I would call a regular dream until my son’s reaction. Before getting pregnant of my son, I dreamed that I was visited by an extraterrestrial being and one touched my forehead with his pointing finger, which lighted up and made my forehead warm and bright. He was tall and greyish. I woke up and could feel the heat on my forehead for a few seconds. I thought the dreamed was so realistic that it changed my temperature but I did not have a fever nor was sick…anyway I can go on about crazy dreams but I know this should be about the lights I saw and not the dreams I have.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.






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