Was driving home from work at about 8:00 pm turned onto highway 15 at Carleton Place and started south I noticed the object within seconds of making the turn. It was just off to the left and above me. I could see it clearly looking up at the top left corner of the windshield. What was strange was that I was trying to identify it as something familiar and explainable I was thinking helicopter at first but could not fit the shape of what I was seeing with anything that I had seen before. As I drove into the countryside the light pollution diminished and it became much easier to see. It was very large and moved very slowly I was travelling at about fifty to sixty miles an hour and did not seem to be falling much behind it. For the most part I was behind it. The surface of It appeared darker than the night it had what looked like four blue flames coming from each of the rear corners there was a fair separation between the flames. There was a large glowing light in the middle of it which made it difficult at first to determine what the true shape of it was. I was thinking at first it might have been a diamond shape but after watching it for a while I can say with certainty that it was triangular. The illumination of the central light was not that bright but was visible there looked to be a glowing band of orange or red lights that followed the contour of the sides. None of the illumination was strobing and it was constant more like a series of lights or an glow showing up through a series of vents along the sides.

I kept it in sight for the entire trip home from Carleton Place to Smihs Falls when I turned west at the junction of hwy 15 and Roger Stevens Rd. It remained visible as I drove down the main street it slowly made a westerly turn no banking just a change of direction. I kept it in sight as I came to a stop light on Beckwith Street. There was no traffic other than myself on the main street when the stop light changed and I started off I noticed a young guy walking on the side walk I came to a stop rolled down my window and got his attention. The object was clearly visible and still fairly low so I wanted to draw it to his attention, I said take a look to your left and up what do you make of that he said what the expletive is that thing, I told him I had been following it for about a half an hour. In all honest I wanted to make sure that I was really seeing this and it gave me great comfort to know that he could see it as well. I continued down Brockville street and it remained in sight I drove out of town and turned onto my road hoping that it would stay visible long enough to grab a camera and try and get a picture. I had tried to use my phone to get a shot of it but didnt think it would get anything given that it was in the distance and pitch black outside and I was driving down the road at 60 miles and hour. I pulled into my driveway and hurried inside and got my wife and daughter to come out and take a look just so that I would have witnesses and that they would not think I was nuts. I also told my daughter to grab my camera so that I could take some pictures. I took some pics and some video the video was crap because it was to far away to focus, a couple of the pics came out but they are very far away telephoto shots.