The La Pampa Province Alien Encounter

An encounter in the La Pampa Province region of Argentina in May 1950 is one of the truly intriguing and darkly bizarre encounters on record. Perhaps working against its potential credibility is that there is only a single witness to the encounter – at least to begin with. It does, though, have small very discreet details within it that show up in other encounters. Ones that are separated by both time and distance. And ones that, realistically speaking, is virtually impossible for the witness to have been aware, or the respective witnesses in future corroborating cases to be aware of the La Pampa encounter.  Furthermore, as we will examine, this area of Argentina has a long history of strange encounters. And what’s more, these encounters still appear to be taking place today in the very same region. That should force us to ask, then, what is special about this part of Argentina that seemingly attracts such bizarre happenings? And do these small but potentially important matching details suggest similar encounters by the same race of extraterrestrials are taking place all over the world? And have been for over half a century ?

A “Flying Saucer” At The Roadside In The Middle Of The Afternoon!

On the afternoon of the 15th May 1950, Enrico Carotenuto Bossa was traveling back from the Bahia Blanca region of Argentina following an extended business trip. As he was making his way along the highway, he suddenly noticed a large “silvery object” ahead. It appeared to be resting on the ground around 300 yards in front of him. He continued to drive towards it, eventually bringing his car to a stop when he was around 50 yards away. He remained in the driver’s seat, leaning forward slightly in order to take in the details of the strange object.  It appeared as though there were portholes along the side of the silver, disc-shaped craft. And the top boasted a “translucent cupola”. At first, he believed he was looking upon some kind of wreckage. However, the more he looked, the more details he would take in. By the time he had left his car and stood only several yards away, he could see the object was a “flying saucer”. The door was lying on the ground at a slight angle, a rise on the ground below forcing its position.  He noticed that what appeared to be a door in the side of the craft was open. It was approximately ten meters wide and was a doorway in two parts. The upper part eventually morphed into the cupola on top of the craft and was cylindrical in shape. The lower section, on the other hand, was an “inverted saucer” shape. As he examined the door, he noticed how polished the chromium colored exterior of the craft was. So polished, in fact, he could see his image reflecting back at him when looked into it.  Satisfied there was no danger, he crouched down and prepared to enter the craft.

The Man In The Chair And The Strange Black Box

He pushed his head into the darkness of the craft. However, all he could see was more blackness. A strong smell of “ozone and garlic”, though, would greet him almost instantly. As his eyes adjusted slightly to the darkness, he could see there was a drop of less than a meter to what he assumed would be the floor of the craft. He pulled himself inside, by now on all fours, and allowed himself to drop down to the strange surface. It appeared to give slightly under his weight but remained stable and solid.  He moved his attention around the interior of the craft, which was an almost perfect circle. It was around two meters high from the floor to the domed roof. Furthermore, he could now see, from this side, the portholes he witnessed when approaching the crippled craft only moments earlier. They seemed to be made from a strange “thick plexiglass”.  By now, Bossa’s eyes were adjusting more and more to the darkness. However, he might have wished they hadn’t when he viewed the scene awaiting him. There, in front of him in the middle of the room was a man, somewhere around four-and-a-half feet in height, slumped in a “strange chair”. He was dressed in a gray-coverall which covered his body leaving only his hands and face exposed. In his hands, he held on to a strange black box, as if he had been gripping it in his final moments. This is a particularly interesting detail. As we have examined previously, black boxes or cubes, appear to show up in some UFO reports over the years. However, there is no real knowledge as to what these boxes are. The only constant detail or memory is that these black boxes appear to be deadly.

More Discreet But Corroborating Details

Bossa remained where he was for several seconds. He took in as much detail of the strange man as he could. His face appeared to be that of a normal human, with a “tobacco-colored” skin complexion. No body hair adorned his face but a blond, sandy shock was present on his head. His eyes, however, were slightly larger than normal, although they were “very dilated and glassy”. Slowly, and with a little hesitancy, he reached out and touched one of the man’s arms. It appeared as though frozen stiff. He briefly touched his hand to the man’s face which was icy cold.  He also briefly touched the grey-coverall suit. It had a feel and appearance of leather and appeared “padded” at the shoulders. When he examined the chair it had a strange, red, metallic quality to it. In front of it, and the man, was a strange disc which resembled the screen of switched-off television. Perhaps of more interest, though, was the presence of “central post” which appeared to run through the chair, reaching from floor to ceiling. As insignificant as this detail sounds, it was one that is repeated in other reports of people entering on to similar crafts. Perhaps, in this instance given the era of its reporting, it is a detail that lends the case a certain amount of credibility?  As he turned his attention around the room once more, he now witnessed two other men. Each was laying on something similar to a sofa. And each also appeared cold and lifeless. He examined the details on each of the men’s faces. Each had wide-open eyes, obviously frozen in fear or terror, while each of their mouths was significantly swollen. Of immediate concern to Bossa, though, was a third seating area. An empty one.

A Missing Occupant?

Try as he might, Bossa now couldn’t shake thoughts from his mind as to where this missing crew member might be. Were they alive? Were they still on board or had they left the craft? And, if they were alive, what would their reaction be to him? Suddenly, for the first time since this bizarre encounter began, he began to feel a real surge of panic and fear run through him. Still, he continued his scan of the interior.  However, when a luminous light on the ceiling began to flash an orange-white light, the panic almost morphed directly into terror. Suddenly, unable to control it any longer, Bossa rushed to the doorway and pulled himself up from the small drop to the floor. He flopped out onto the ground below, taking deep breaths in an effort to calm himself as he did so. In fact, only now he was out of the strange craft did he realize how “heavy the air” was inside the vehicle.  He took one last look around, the potentially missing occupant still very much on his mind. He then got to his feet and made his way quickly back to his car. It would take him several attempts to start the vehicle’s engine but eventually, it would ignite, and he set off. He noticed, however, how “sluggish” his vehicle appeared. As though the battery was almost completely flat. He finally arrived home, though, with no further incidents. However, after telling several friends of his encounter, he persuaded them to follow him back to the site so they could investigate further.

Reduced To A Smoldering Pile Of Ashes?

After waiting for a particularly heavy thunderstorm to pass, he and several close friends set out for the lonely spot along the roadside just outside of town. The strange craft was seemingly no longer at the place Bossa believed to be the site. However, a ring of silvery-red ashes which stood around two-meters high and almost five-meters in width was. What’s more, there was faint but very definite smoke rising from this strange deposit. Bossa would reach his hand out toward them only to pull it back instantly such was the heat. When they managed to get a rough temperature, they discovered it to be over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  Although none of them could later recall exactly why, the small group of men would suddenly turn their attention to the skies above them. All would see a distinctly saucer-shaped craft pass over them. Bossa would attempt to obtain a picture. As he did so, he noticed a second saucer, both of which, incidentally, were identical to the apparently crippled craft he had discovered earlier.  Of more concern to the men, though, was a “cigar-shaped” craft, at a much higher altitude than the two smaller discs. What’s more, these silver saucer-shaped crafts appeared to be ascending towards the much larger apparent mothership. As they climbed, their color changed from silver to a rose-shade. After several seconds, with the cigar-shaped object also beginning to move, the two discs “joined” it. It then vanished in a flash of lightning speed.  Was one of these discs that which Bossa had climbed aboard only hours earlier? Or was the huge pile of ash the remains of ruined craft? And what kind of power would it take to reduce something of that structure to that state in such a short space of time?  NOTE: The above images are CGI.