The addition of this account to MUFON is late. Originally the information was reported to NUFORC in January 2022, which obtained no traction. Quantity: Single Craft, pie-wedge shaped, thicker at the rear and tapered at the front Angle of view: approximately 65% Myself, my wife, and a friend were enjoying a chat on the back terrace on December 29th, 2021 at 9:35pm, while leaning back in our Adirondack chairs and gazing upward at the clear night sky and a full array of stars, when our friend took notice of something moving cross the sky almost perpendicular to our viewing point. She directed our attention to it and asked, “is that a satellite?” An initial visual assessment quickly determined that it was not a satellite (the craft had two yellowish-white disks; presumably the propulsion drives glowing solid on the rear), nor was it a civilian or commercial aircraft (no running or blinking lights of any type). While we were so focused on watching this extraordinary event, I gave no thought to capturing an image of it until it was quite a distance past us, and then took a still image.

Triangular; with a ratio of what appeared to be a length of approximately 1.2 times to that of its width (ration of 1W:1.2L). The height of the craft appeared to be tapered from taller at the back to a shorter front. Similar height across the width at any particular cross section. Best estimate for the height at the back is that it was approximately 1/5 of the back’s width. The crafts underside had no visible lighting attached or providing illumination; however, the underside did appear as a medium gray and was visible to view because of what I believe to be refracted artificial night lighting from the populated area below. We were able to discern that the underside appeared to have a textured surface (I hesitate to make reference to fictional materials, but the texture looked similar to the appearance of external surfaces on the Star Wars type crafts). Size was difficult to determine (I would estimate that the crafts length when overhead was approximately the size of my thumb and forefinger spaced with a 1/2” separation and held at arm’s length), but the “feel” or perception was that it was large and that the clarity of the details we observed relating to the craft were not as a result of it being at close distance (low altitude), but rather because of its voluminous size. It had a presence in that manner.

There were no discernable sounds that we could associate with the craft (noise pollution in our vicinity was minimal). The two yellowish white discs on the back of the craft (assumed to be the means of propulsion), showed no evidence of flame or other substance “tailing” from the openings. Their margins were clear and crisp and unblinking. The images show the color to be more yellow in comparison to what we saw, which to our eyes was more white with a yellowish cast. The crafts course was approximately due north to south (there were no shifts in direction), maintained a consistent relatively slow speed (the duration from when the object was sight overhead to when it was lost to view on the horizon was approximately 2 minutes, during which time we never lost visibility). Altitude was difficult to estimate (as stated above), however a best guess would have placed it above 10K ft and as high as possibly a low orbit as I was able to compare the height of the craft to a commercial airliner flying perpendicular to the craft and down the coast on approach to what I suspect was RSW airport in Ft Myers 40+ miles away.

I would bet the pilots saw this object as well on their radar (if it was within the range of the equipment) and probably with their eyes, as it crossed ahead of them and they were closer (at least my perspective) to it than we were. As a point of comparison, the aircraft is visible only in the image because of its running lights, which create a wavering line in the image due to cameras lengthened exposure setting, while the UAP craft is visible not only by the two parallel orange elliptical rings which identify the spacing of the two drives at the back, but also the nose and left-side edge of the craft which remains just-visible and still easy to see in the zoomed image. The craft is at a further distance than the airliner based on our position. My guess is that (using the image as a basis for perspective and with the understanding of the airlines typical flight path down the coast) the airliner was approximately 3-4 miles away from us and the craft was at least several times farther (if not significantly more) than that.

In summary, I am a 59yo male, who has never filed a UFO report, nor have I experienced anything prior that is similar to this occurrence. I am not a conspiracy theorist and although I believe in the possibility for other life in this universe outside of what we have on Earth, I do not have any predisposition to believing aliens are flying over our heads and walking among us. My daily life is that of a forensic inspector, who observes and gathers data relating to specific types of failures involved with the industry I service and assesses their causes. While this is not my area of expertise, I believe that my aptitude for making relative observations and gathering supporting data is of good quality and has been detailed above as accurately as possible. My wife and friend concur with these details and are also professionals, who have never seen or filed a report relating to this type of experience. I would appreciate a response as to what additional information can be found relating to this event.