New Year’s Eve, Kansas City, Kansas, 1999

Perhaps one of the best New Year’s Eve UFO sightings took place in Kansas City, Kansas on the final evening of 1999, which would also be the final evening of the twentieth century. On that evening, at around 10 pm, the witness along with a friend was leaving a bar where they regularly played pool in a local league.

It was as they were walking down one of the main streets of the city when the witness happened to look upward. When he did so, a clear “V-formation” of objects was moving overhead. One of the objects was clearly the leader of the group while the others trailed behind, four each on either side. It was as he was studying these lights that he realized he wasn’t watching nine individual glowing objects, but the underside of a large triangular craft.

The more he focused on the object he could see the black outline of it. He wasn’t sure how near or far the object was, but he did mention in his report that this particular triangular object was “much smaller” than a very similar craft he had witnessed several years previously near McConnel Air Force Base.

The witness had remained silent so far, half in awe at the fascinating spectacle taking place overhead. However, just before the craft vanished behind one of the tall buildings of the city, he would call out to his friend to look above him.

Even when he called out, “Look! There’s a UFO!” his friend believed he was pulling his leg. By the time he had turned his attention skyward, the buildings were now blocking it from his view. He grabbed his friend by the arm and urged him to follow, to a space where they would be clear of the buildings currently blocking their view.

By the time they had moved beyond their obstructing view, the triangular craft was perfectly visible, moving slowly overhead. And what’s more, it was perfectly silent too. The witness would describe the object as “drifting, not flying”. His friend, now enthralled and fascinated by this silently, creeping triangular object would comment that it was likely “a stealth” (a secret military project).

This very well could be the case. Many researchers have suggested that UFOs could, in fact, be secret black budget projects of the world’s governments. In particular, it would appear, the black triangular craft.

However, what would fly against the notion that these strange triangular crafts – and certainly this one, with the nine underside lights – not being considered for stealth duty is that very reason. That the under-lights would work against the operating brief for such objects. Furthermore, such stealth vehicles, again for relatively obvious reasons, tend to operate at much higher altitudes and at much faster speeds.

The witness themselves would ask similar questions in his report. It was his closing remarks which were perhaps of most intrigue, though, when he would state that he couldn’t believe “how frequent these sightings are becoming”. NOTE: The above image is CGI.