UFO Sighting Date: 09/25/2021 Time: 2100 hours Central Time I wanted to provide a narrative of an amazing sight that I witnessed in the sky. To provide some background, I am a trained scientist and work as such. I am familiar with (up to date, available academic knowledge) physics (including projectile motion, quantum, astrophysics), chemistry (inorganic, organic, and biochemistry), and biology. I have an long term, ongoing interest in astronomy, and I am a sky watcher (nearly every single night, weather permitting). Prior to the last three years, I had never been witness to anything that I considered in any way unusual or unnatural. I do not drink alcohol. I do not use any mind affecting legal (or illegal) substances. I have not been incapacitated in any way by any acute or chronic illness. I do wear glasses because I am near-sighted, and I was wearing them (and they were clear and clean). It is not possible for any vehicle lights from nearby streets to reflect off of my glasses because of where my residence (and I) were positioned. Plus, no vehicles went past during the circumscribed time period – in any direction that I recall. If they had, I would have enjoyed at least one other witness. Finally, I had a fully rested night of sleep the prior evening and I was standing and completely awake. I live in west central IL, in an area roughly between Industry, IL and Macomb, IL.

My residence is surrounded by cornfields on 2.5 sides (I can provide the specific coordinates upon legitimate request, but I will not specify otherwise in order to spare myself any professional (or otherwise) ridicule). In summary, I saw what had to be the MOST advanced aircraft ever (military?) in the sky, flying over the fields due south of my residence. It was not a drone (way to big, with no sound), or a fighter plane (I have seen – in person – the stealth fighter, stealth helicopter, and stealth bomber at air shows and in the skies near Camp Legune in NC). This was like NO other aircraft that I have ever seen (except in fiction). Here is the 100% “facts-only” of my experience: At approximately 2100 hours (9 PM central time) on the evening of September 25, 2021, I walked outside to get some air. I stood in my driveway, leaning against my wife’s vehicle, and looked into the night sky directly due south. I was noticing how bright Jupiter was, and looked at the two stars below and to the right of it, then looking at Saturn, then back to Jupiter, going back and forth. Adjacent, and to the right (of the field across the street – south of my house) is a community building that has flood lights on (all night) that interfere with my sky watching. So, I usually hold my right arm up a little to block out the flood lights.

I had been out there for about 5 minutes – so my eyes were fully accommodated (ie. adjusted to the change in light – going from inside to outside). As I went visually left to right, from Jupiter to Saturn, I noticed a “red smudge” developing below and to the right of Saturn. I fixated on it and blinked a couple of times – thinking that maybe my eyes were watering a little from the light breeze that was blowing. Suddenly, out of the “smudge” there appeared four lights – as if out of the ether. And, they were not very far off at all! In fact, they were positioned right above the field, about 2 – 3 stories up. The lights were part of a larger aircraft. The craft was positioned at a height just above that of where I normally see a helicopter flying. The best analogy that I can come up with is that it was like seeing the tail lights of a truck, positioned about two to four car lengths in front of you – if you were driving on the road. But, they were in the sky! The lights were on the back of a dark triangle shaped aircraft (or, I guess it could have been a single, deep, large flying wing with a thickened rear end – it was difficult to exactly determine in the short time I was able to view it). I was looking at what seemed to be the back part of it – as it was flying due south. The lights on it’s tail-end were round, and were comprised of a glowing red circle within another glowing red circle (similar to the tail lights you would find on the end of a car – two lights on the left separated by two lights on the right). One of the most unusual features of the entire F.A.S.T. (Flying /Aircraft /Stealth /Triangle – I guess I coined a term) seemed to be that it was entirely outlined in a thin glowing red line – as if a person had a red glow-pen, and they were to trace all of the outer edge surfaces (and overall outline of the craft) The red glow was identical to that seen in the tail lights.

This the the only way that I can describe the motion of the craft: 1.) Either the F.A.S.T. was moving at an extremely rapid speed, suddenly slowed down (as if the tail lights were being briefly tapped – causing the entire craft to become visible), only to then hit the accelerator again, and causing the F.A.S.T. to seem to completely disappear, or… 2.) The F.A.S.T. had been completely cloaked against the night sky, then became uncloaked for only a fraction of a second – when it suddenly slowed down (again, as if the tail lights were being briefly tapped – causing the entire craft to become visible), only to again to become completely cloaked and invisible against the night sky. But, here’s the thing. This F.A.S.T. did not appear to have any engines moving it at all. There were none of any kind (at least – no engines that I am aware of) that were propelling it through the sky. And, eerily, It made ZERO sound as it moved through the air. In addition, there was no exhaust visible. There was no trail of any type emanating from the craft. It was merely there, briefly, and then it just disappeared. It was as if somebody had taken a brush, and simply wiped it away from the night sky. I stood there afterwards, shocked. I remained in place, eyes fixed, checking to see if there was any moving mass that would blot out the stars in a directional path ahead of where this craft seemed to be going forward. Nothing! It completely vanished. It was a very surreal experience. I was so unnerved – yet fascinated – by what had happened, that I literally ran inside to tell my family members. I could barely speak. I had goose bumps on my entire body, and every hair on my neck and arms was standing straight up (this can be verified by my family – who wondered if I had just “seen a ghost, or something.”) That is a testament to just how shocked I was by the whole brief, but extremely noteworthy, experience. NOTE” The above image is CGI.