1. I was just laying in the garage on a kot with my dog and was about to go inside but decided since the moon was out and facing to the west lighting up the property, I’d go sit with her under the pine trees to the west of the property 2. I decided to glance in the sky like I normally do to spot shooting stars and I glanced south and when I did seen about 8 to 10 very distinguished lights 3. I was thinking they were some planets showing because of how bright the moon was, I figured those planets were shining too, so I looked away then glanced back thinking it’s impossible for all the planets to be aligned in that way without hearing it on the news 4. I watched and it seemed like they were moving to the south not losing much spacing so I figured it was aircraft maybe military or some strange civs doing air formation flights but why are they doing it at 4:50 in the morning I thought 5. There’s been lots of strange civ planes and by weird I just mean some tiny aircraft that look like they could have been unmanned drones, but they’re just tiny aircraft, anyway they’ve been in the area so I figured it was either planets, or aircraft so figured I’d watch them fly over past my view of the horizon if it was aircraft flying close together like that, but as I tried fiddling with my phone to focus and looked at the lights, one by one the lights on the furthest ends started to fade out then off completely one by one almost in unison on the ends and then the center lights faded out and I couldn’t see the lights any more. I had my phone out the entire time trying to use my camera but it wouldn’t focus and when it finally somewhat focused, it would lose focus again then the battery died. 6. One by one the lights on the ends went dark and I lost them in the mess of star light. Please be advised, the image I’m attaching isn’t an actual image, it’s an image off google with similar lighting to the time of sighting, the dots in the top right corner are more or less EXACTLY what I seen, the amount of lights however may be inaccurate as I’m terrible recalling numerical things from memory, however its fresh on my mind as of typing this.






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