I was working outside my shop one night welding. I flashed myself, or so I had thought. I touched my welding rod to the door I was working on accidentally with my mask flipped up. Yes, that’s always abrupt when that happens but this kind of stunned me. I took my mask off rub my eyes and looked up. I am mediately pulled my phone out of my pocket and aimed it to the sky to record what I was seeing. In front of me can only be described as a porthole. And I quickly eliminated the possibility of this being the moon behind the clouds, because the moon was behind me over my left shoulder. Three orbs then fly out of the portal hovering in a triangular shape. This phenomenon was intelligent and was aware of my observing it. It began, to what I say, “vibin’ me”. I could feel a very high frequency radiating through me. And I begin a wheezing cough.

There was a lot of fumes coming out of the porthole. The fumes are what made me cough and I believe how I ingested the alien anesthesia It was induced calming but not like a drug induced calm. It was controlling but not through fear or force. I was doing what it wanted me to do by choice. It was more than just reading my thoughts; it was more like it was doing the data entry or program entry in my brain for thoughts/thinking. I got inside of my truck with an entity under its direction. I didn’t realize it but it was at this time I was abducted, and it was performing its Objective tasks of abduction on me. I felt drugged and I felt like someone had eyes on me watching me. Or there was a presence that I could not see but felt. I remember that I started to kind of enjoy the buzz. Some of the effects were similar to tripping in younger years. I had déjà vu with an experience I had in the jungles of Mexico just a few years before.

As they hovered silently on the hill in front of me each of them had a light and an oval shape on the ground below them. Very strangely there was no beam between the orb and the ground. Just an illuminated area on the ground obviously in perspective with each of the orbs above them. It was then while looking at the light on the ground I noticed an entity standing in front of me. It was camouflaged by not only the darkness of night but with a chameleon affect blending in with the trailer parked between me and the hill where the three lights and we’re illuminating the ground. Once again under control and direction from either the drug or the drug and the entity, I exited my truck and end my phone at the porthole as it closed up in front of me. At the time I did not realize it, but after watching the video, it’s obvious to me that I was following direction and lead to get back inside of my truck. Maybe you can tell this to, but this is where the video ends.

Since that day there are two phenomena. One occurring frequently and the other a constant. Frequently, sometimes even nightly UFOs can be seen in the sky above my shop. Sometimes four hours at a time. They are not camera shy because I have many photos and videos. On two occasions while trying to take a photo or video my smart phone camera either had a fluke malfunction and would not work or completely distorted the camera lens making the Image unable to view clearly. What are some of the more clear videos and images I have of UFOs differ from an orb to a spinning tumbling flashing color changing shape shifting light emitting pulsing ball. It quite literally looks like a disco ball in the sky. It is silent and defies gravity. At other times there is a cube in and inside of the cube what appears to look like a skyscraper building shape.

There is also another craft that looks like a mushroom cloud shape. The constant phenomenon is a condition I experienced since contact that night in my truck. They put something inside of my right hand. I have been to the emergency room twice I have been to two different doctors and finally a dermatologist. Five doctors and none of them have a clue what is going on with my hand. One emergency room doctor went as far as to say it was “bizarre”. Nothing revealed in x-rays biopsies or blood tests. But quite obviously there is something inside of my hand and some thing that comes out of my hand in pieces. I I am experiencing a lot of issues with my health and body I know to be directly related