At back door to the house letting my dogs out for a wee at 03:00 a.m. U.K. time and place in a little village called Whitwell Nottinghamshire between Sheffield and Nottingham. (Activity has happened at lot more frequently in this certain area). It was a clear sky and was looking at the stars waiting for the dogs to finish their business and this large object caught my eye has it moved in to my field of sight in an instance a little like a shooting star without a tail. I had no idea what it was but I know it wasn’t a drone, plane, helicopter or planet/star mainly due to the movements and  speed,accelerations, de-accelerations it was making. The instant it came in to view it looked like a bright intense green and orangish orb with a four pointed star around it, as it stopped dead in to a hovering position (slightly swaying in an upside down arc motion) each point grew and was different, the 2 points on either side of the object was long really long a few hundred feet (judging from rooftop in the foreground) and they was bright green pulsating kind off, it’s easy to explain by drawing it.

The point coming from the top was orang/red not as bright as the green. And quite short 50ft or more (guessing) and the point coming from the bottom of the craft was bright blue/white, again shorter than the points from the side and longer than the one on the upside of the craft. The blue/white point on the under side grew in length straight down and the bottom of the beam was blocked by houses in the foreground. It changed shape and I took a lot of pictures, some from burst shots with sequences using my iPhone 6s+ The camera wasn’t good enough to catch any stars in the sky even zoomed full. The whole time of sighting, lasted around 40 mins it shot straight upwards with amazing acceleration I could see it still at a good height because of the clear sky it just kept shooting up now just after it looked to have turned course at a right angle it flashed bright like a blink of light can’t explain it well enough and it was gone. I put my iphone in my pocket and came back to bed. I heard a helicopter in the distance (maybe) once I was back in bed. At the time of the sighting it was dead quiet but it was only 03:30 in the morning. I kind of felt like it knew I was watching it (hard to explain!). I’ve got loads of pics which I showed my father mother and wife later on in the day I zoomed in to the pictures and changed the saturation and highlights etc…! They look amazing you can clearly make out a shape some sort of field around it perfect shape and lights and colours in the pics.  I only used the standard iPhone editing software on the phone, I’ve kept all the originals untouched by using screenshots and zooming in. I’d love to know what somebody with the right equipment could see the pictures are great they’ve really shocked me!

Any body can have copies sent to them if they tell me how and where too..! I’d love to see what’s in the pictures what I can’t get to see, but the other thing is as I looked closely with my family they pointed out another in the pictures at the west of the one I knew I’d caught you can see these change shape and colours on the burst shots and also see windows or doors around the craft…! I’m so proud of getting these shots but the craft looked different to the naked eye as the pictures you can see that the object is metallic as it’s reflecting light on one side of it which would have been my right…! Underneath where it was hovering would be trees, a limestone quarry with water in part of it and a Neanderthal site known as Creswell Craggs which has a lake and ancient caves with surrounding area consisting of fields and woodlands if it was further away than I estimated it would have been above a place called Clumber Park which is a massive woodland are again with a huge lake. I only have the option of leaving 5 photos I took around 159 and I don’t which are the best without going through them all. I’ve included one edited taking saturation and highlights etc, one zoomed in of the original, one original, one showing reflection at a point and one photo bust of 20 or so if it sends as that…! Hope somebody sees them who can shed light or enhance the pics I’ve got the rest stored on my phone where they’ll stay until somebody asks me but they’re available free of charge I’d just like some light shedding on this please..