Location: Near Latacunga, Ecuador
Date: September 3, 1966
Time: sunset

Manuel Pereira, 15 and Jose Sotuyo, 14 were walking along a path high in the mountains when they saw strange lights maneuvering in the sky. Manuel frantically signaled the UFO with his flashlight, using International Morse Code he sent the following message:

“Friend, please land.” He repeated this message several times. A few seconds later they heard a faint whirring sound and the UFO descended to within a few feet from where the boys were standing. The craft settled just above the ground and three long tripod-like supports telescoped downward. The glowing of the UFO dimmed until it was a dull white light, and then a ramp opened and lowered to the ground. Then three tiny man-like figures emerged from the craft and began to walk stiffly down the ramp. The frightened boys were tempted to run but remained there. Just then they heard a loud voice that sounded strangely metallic speak: “Do not fear us. Stay and talk.” Manuel and Jose, speechless, nodded. They stared in utter astonishment as the three little men in their suits of shiny brass-like material came toward them. A voice that seemed to come from all directions at once, asked them: “What are you?” The boys asked the little men where they were from but the question was ignored. For nearly an hour the questioning continued. The boys answered whatever the voice asked but whenever they asked a question they got no reply. Finally the voice inquired, “Would you like to come aboard our space craft?” Both boys agreed to go inside. The little men in their gleaming brass-colored uniforms and pear shaped helmets led the way up the ramp. They kept turning around as if looking to see if the boys were following. Their features in the helmets were obscured because of a cloudy vapor, which they seemed to be breathing so the boys had no idea what they really looked like. When they entered the craft they were surprised at the roominess of the interior. All around the craft were hexagon shaped sections like small cubicles. Tiny lights and buttons were to be seen on a console panel in the exact center. They saw no other little beings, although they had a strong feeling that other eyes were closely observing them. The little men asked the boys if they would like to go with them, and added that they would not be harmed. But the boys replied that their parents would be worried. After several more questions by the little men, the craft began to make a loud humming sound and the voice announced that it was time to leave, that perhaps they would visit them again. Manuel asked for a souvenir from them to prove their encounter. There was a peculiar high pitched humming noise and one of the little men came forward and held a small cylinder in his hand. They were told to take it as a token, that it was a small hand held light, that whenever they wished for the light to come on, they merely had to squeeze it. The little men demonstrated. There was a brilliant light form the lens. Manuel removed its own flashlight and gave it to the little men, as an exchange. Several minutes later on the ground the boys watched the saucer-shaped object rise up noiselessly and vanish in a wink. Just as the boys began to hurry toward their homes several helicopters swooped down from the night skies overhead, playing searchlights over the area. At the same time three Army jeeps came down the path at breakneck speed. They were interrogated numerous times by the military personnel and their strange flashlight device was examined and then taken away. Manuel Pereira and Jose Sotuyo vanished from their homes about a week before Christmas 1966, and were never seen nor heard from again.  NOTE: The above image is CGI.